About Us

_____ About Us

Welcome to Garuda Casino, and we hope you have a great time with us! We are a group of casino game enthusiasts. We are constantly updating this site with new information and reviews for helping you to enjoy the gaming experience!

_____ Mission

Garuda Casino’s mission is to make gambling very easy and accessible for everyone. With the long-term and stable collaborations with the reputable game developers and gambling site, our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and updated information. 

As much as we value a good collaboration with game developers, we prioritize our readers to have a good time on this platform. It will give us the best bonus offers and learn more about their favorite casino games!

_____ What are we doing?

We are a guide and information medium for online casinos and gambling in Malaysia, players are our only priority.

We are here and are a trusted site that provides useful information to help players gamble. So it is safer and you get joy in every bet.

Continue to grow and improve the platform for a useful source of knowledge. Helping anyone to find the right and suitable online casino to choose. Our list of recommended sites has gone through a complex review process and complete data.

The news, blog articles and guides we publish are content like no other, all information is based on data, independent, bias-free and the most updated.

_____ Why trust us?

We guarantee that every online casino review has been researched and backed by data-based research, and the expert knowledge of the reviewer. Corrected again by the editorial team to provide up-to-date, honest and independent information.

If a casino doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll call them out and you’ll find them on our list of sites to avoid. This helps you know who to trust online.

_____ Team Garuda Casino

Garuda Casino help anyone to know more about the world of gambling. Share experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence to better enjoy modern gambling betting games.

Aslan (Founder)

Aslan is the Garuda Casino founder and the one who works to build this site. Always interested in the new casino game, and testing them out as soon as they come out. He has a lot of experience in this industry, as he spends a lot of time trying to improve this site by adding content to it. He will make sure you are getting news and reviews as soon as there is something new to publish.

Adelaide (Author)

With over 5 years of experience in writing about casino games, Adelaide spends her days testing the new releases and taking notes on what happens in the game. She knows what players should care about most, and makes sure to provide all the information you could need. Then, you can decide on what casino games are worth playing, and which best online casino Malaysia you should be signing up with. 

Ferdinand. P (Author)

Ferdinand. P is a pro casino games reviewer. He loves analyzing new releases, as he can turn all his expertise into the article that could help all the reader. He never misses a thing, not even the littlest detail when he does reviews. Moreover, he will inform you from the basic information to the depth of how to increase the winning. Most importantly, he is the person to turn to for unbiased casino reviews. 

Armando (Web’s Designer)

Armando is the web’s designer, the one who works on making the site all pretty for you. From the interface to the graphics and thumbnails, he designs the images that are helpful to make the site easy to navigate and the articles more informative.