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3 Steps on How to Bet on Baseball for All Levels

If you love to bet on sports betting, then it is a good idea to learn how to bet on baseball. When opening a sportsbook app to sweep the options for betting on baseball, bettors will see a combination of traditional and newer markets created from the legalization of sports betting in the USA. 

For the experienced baseball bettors who understand how to bet on this sport and who are cautious of the classic moneyline, run line, and totals runs markets, baseball bettors have many alternatives when it comes to player and team props. 

Well, this might all be completely even for bettors who have experience betting on baseball or MLB. Our guide is for all levels of experience in terms of baseball betting. With our hope you will gain some valuable information and it will be more than just placing a bet on baseball. 

How to Bet on Baseball for All Levels

With baseball season always going or immediately coming, it is a good time to revisit some of the basics on how to bet on baseball. Here are some strategies that can be used throughout the season for bettors of any level’s experience. 

1. Avoid Parlays 

Even though Same Game Parlays can be far to whittle down the odds of a high money line favorite, it is not recommended to parlay two or more high moneyline favorites to try and reduce the odds. 

Yes, baseball is a game of amazing high variance, where the worst team on how to bet on baseball can beat up on any top line starting pitcher when he doesn’t have his stuff that night. 

There are nightly underdog upsets in an intensely long 168-game regular season. So, the thought of piling up some favorites is not as likely to win compared to other sports. 

2. Underdogs Bark

As we mentioned above, daily and nightly “upsets” of teams will be going against each other in a 3-game or 4-game series, is not surprising nor noteworthy. It is not a regular occurrence in a drawn-out baseball schedule. Then, when is the right time to choose an underdog on how to bet on baseball? 

In most cases, it will be more difficult to defeat at the same time 3 or 4 days in a row. Therefore, it is important to identify when the lesser of the two teams has a realistic opportunity against a stronger opponent. 

Picking against a team’s 3rd starting pitcher instead of the team’s No 1, Ace pitcher will have a better chance of cashing in. When a team just had a 3-game series in New York on Monday through Wednesday, they have to travel to Texas and have a game on Thursday night.

Perhaps, that is a night where a lesser team can catch a tired traveling team. 

If a bettor thinks an underdog has a good chance to win on how to bet on baseball, he also might be interested in betting the run line. Getting 1.5 will run in a game a bettor thinks a team can win outright makes a great buffer of having a close bet go your way. 

3. Weather Matters

For those interested in betting on totals, becoming a beginner meteorologist might be a fruitful endeavor. 

Although it may seem simple at first, knowing whether the wind is coming from a “hitters’ park” or that balls will have more opportunities to fly over the wall in warmer weather than in cooler weather can help predict how many runs will likely be scored in a given game. 

A 350-foot fly ball in Atlanta in June might seem to be a home run compared to it being a long fly ball out in September. That is why, wheather is a matter of how to bet on baseball.

Types of Baseball Bets

To help you understand more about betting on baseball, here are some of the most popular types of bets that you can decide during the game:


The moneyline on how to bet on baseball is the simplest and most popular bet. They will only variable to figure out is the number tied to the two teams playing. This is when you place bets on the team that you think will win the game. 

Over or Under (Total)

In an over or under bet (or totals) on how to bet on baseball, you can decide whether the total number of runs scored in a game by both teams will be over (O) or under (U) a number set by the bookmaker. 

Moreover, this type of bets has odds attached (known as the juice or vig), depending on the implied probability of the score going over or under the set number.

The main keys to making an opinion on the total in a given baseball game include starting pitching, weather, and any momentum, positive or negative that a team might be sustaining.

Run Line

The run line on how to bet on baseball will take the same format as the point spread in sports like football. The run line in baseball is typically set at 1.5 lines. When making your baseball betting selections, you will see a set of the numbers like below:

  • Dodgers -1.5, +120
  • Giants +1.5, -140

When you decide to bet on the favored Dodgers, you can choose to handicap the result by deciding the Dodgers can win by two or more runs. With that allowance, you will get more favorable odds (+120, means a MYR 100 bet returns MYR 220, or a MYR 120 profit). 

On the other hand, when you bet on the Giants +1.5 runs, you will yield -140 odds (to win MYR 100, you have to risk MYR 140). In this case, the Giants can lose by one run and their backers will still win the +1.5 bet.


Parlays on how to bet on baseball is where you combine the different picks in the similar bet and all bets (legs) need to come through in order for the parlay bet to be successful. In addition, the payout is much bigger, however, so are the risks. An example of parlay will be to take 3 favorites together:

  • Dodgers -130 over the Giants
  • Yankees -125 over the Red Sox
  • Mariners -108 over the Angels

Taken as one bet (all 3 legs must win), this will return odds of +513 (bet MYR 100 to win MYR 513).

Final Words

Now, you already know how to bet on baseball or MLB. It is not as hard as you think, however, you need to be a new meteorologist, who makes all aspects matter. Your research skill is required here. So, take your time to understand each team before placing a bet. 


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