What is 3:2 Blackjack and How to Better Read Payouts

Are you curious about what is 3:2 blackjack? Of course, blackjack is hands down a well-known gambling table game, it is also known as Pontoon or 21.

The relatively small house edge in blackjack, or if you prefer, a high RTP (return to player) percentage, is one of the reasons players like the game. The most pleasing moment in blackjack is when you are dealt a natural 21. 

Not only do you beat the dealer, but also you will get the highest payout on the table that is 3 to 2. This ratio can be confusing when you are getting started with online blackjack, so here is a handy guide to help you accumulate your winnings quickly and easily every time. 

Blackjack 3 to 2 Meaning

Understanding What is 3:2 Blackjack

Understanding what is 3:2 blackjack is crucial as it refers to the amount received when the player has a hand amounting to 21. You will find it written in big letters on most casino tables. The statement refers to one of the most standard rules of the table game. Simply say, the pay rule means that you will get MYR 3 for every MYR 2 bet, or a similar percentage. 

That rule is somewhat better than simply having a better hand than the dealer’s. This latter case has a 1 to 1 rule. So, if you beat the bank with a hand that hits short of the 21 value, you will get the same as your bet. 

Why is the 3:2 Payout in Blackjack More Significant Than Other Bet Types?

BetsStandard Pay
Non-Blackjack Win1:1

As you can see from the table, the standard rule pay amount is lower than that for other side bets. Its cruciality comes from the fact that, as opposed to side bets which are optional, what is 3:2 blackjack is always “on the table”. 

Furthermore, most results that end up in a winning side bet have low odds of occurrence. However, from the basic blackjack theory, the probability of getting a natural blackjack is better. Here are odds for a 3:2 payout: 

  • One Deck of Cards – 4.826%
  • Two Decks of Cards – 4.779% 
  • Four Decks of Cards – 4.756%
  • Five Decks of Cards – 4.745%
  • Six Decks of Cards – 4.749%
  • Eight Decks of Cards – 4.7454%

How to Better Read Payouts 3:2 in Blackjack

To better calculate what is 3:2 blackjack, you need to understand how to quickly figure out how much money a profit bet returns. The 3:2 payout has a good format that might prove difficult to read for players unaccustomed to blackjack games slang. 

You have seen that for a MYR 2 bet, you will get MYR 3, however, there is a simpler way to find out the return for any bet amount. Understanding to read payouts correctly will help you quickly tell apart a bad from a worthwhile one. You can lower the general process to a few simple steps of what is 3:2 blackjack:

  • Understand the blackjack payout for the bet
  • Split both numbers by the second one
  • Multiply your bet with the first outcome

This process will reveal the resulting return. You have seen how the pay format works for low bets. Well, how much will you get for a MYR 25 bet based on what is 3:2 blackjack payout?

You will start by splitting the numbers by 2. You receive 1.5:1 instead of 3:2. Then, you multiply your first bet by the first number. So, you will get MUR 25 x 1.5 = MYR 37.5. This way will work for any payout format that is given in the right formulation. 

Blackjack Payout Chart: 3 to 2 with Deviations in the Rules

The house advantage for the standard pay rule games remains to increase by 0.213% per hand and 0.188% per your bets. This change is one of the highest hidden effects per a single rule.

On the other hand, in the specific case of what is 3:2 blackjack, the ability to split a pair of Aces in blackjack reduces the bank advantage by a value between 0.166% and 0.187%. 

Nevertheless, the biggest advantage you can have at such a table is the 2 to 1 pay format for suited 21 hands. This added rule will lower the overall house edge by a whopping 0.567% per hand and 0.337% for bet. 

In the standard rule setup for what is 3:2 blackjack, you will effectively make money in the long run. These cases will be important for choosing your right table, however, the following rule effects are still to be considered.

Steps to Understanding the Game

Now, you already know what is 3:2 blackjack. You have effectively started your journey to figuring out the table game and playing in an informed and safe manner. Our experts in the subject will also provide some steps you need to follow up with now:

  • Understand other blackjack rules and table game basics
  • Learn the table game odds of successful runs from fact-based sources
  • Get a thorough advantage on the basic strategy. Beyond the choice of your table options, this will be the main way in which you lower the objective house advantage
  • As part of this previous step, you need to memorize the basic strategy charts in blackjack for the rule variations you play with
  • Once you have some theory on your hand, visit the best live casino Malaysia sites. Keep in mind to pay attention to the rule variations available and the betting limits
  • Spend some time with online games you selected and practice your skills. Ensure to stay in control of your gameplay

Final Words

In conclusion of what is 3:2 blackjack, it is the term in blackjack where a player will receive MYR 3 for a MYR 2 bet. Blackjack 3:2 favors the player, offering better payouts, a lower house edge, and more strategic chances. 

It is a good choice for those who want to increase their winning chance and enjoy a rewarding blackjack experience. Then, the next time you step up to the blackjack table, keep in mind that 3:2 is your ticket to better odds and more big winnings.


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