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How to Bet on UFC Fights, Rules, and Type of Bets

Of course, before you decide to place a bet, you need to learn how to bet on UFC fights. Since the first event in 1993 that kicked off the MMA phenomenon that thrills sports bettors today, the UFC has dominated supreme. 

As betting is bigger than ever nowadays, our teams have made a complete guide on how you can bet on UFC fights. You will understand the best way to place a bet and avoid losing big money. 

Rules in UFC Fights Bet

To help you understand more about how to bet on UFC fights later, it is important that we first have an idea of the rules. So, let’s take a look below. 

  • UFC fights will take place in a ring or cage that is common fenced off
  • The fighters have to wear mouthguards at all times
  • Regular UFC fights generally run for 3 rounds
  • Main UFC events and bigger fights commonly go longer and last 5 rounds of 5 minutes each. Here, the fighters will have a none-minute rest between rounds
  • Outside the ring, 3 judges view the match from unique angles. They will look for techniques used by the fighters, including grappling, defense, aggressiveness, control of the cage, and striking. Then, the judges score the fighters using a 10-point system
  • In the ring with 2 fighters is the referee, who controls the match
  • There are some fouls fighters can carry out. Among these are offenses like head butting, hair pulling, and throat strikes. A fighter should engage in several of these acts, the ref might site a disqualification or DQ. In other cases, fouls will cause a fighter to lose the points

Since how to bet on UFC fights is more than just a physical sport betting and uses mental agility and alertness, the fighters will often use those rules to their advantage. Some of them tend to skirt the edges rules to define and determine their fighting style. 

However, a firm grasp of the rules makes it simple for bettors to identify a fighter’s technique and how the judges will score them, making it simpler to predict the result of a fight and place more big bets when visiting online sports betting Malaysia sites.

How Does UFC Fights Betting Work?

Before we get into how to bet on UFC fights, it will work by following the similar format as any other sports betting. Here, bettors take a look at the betting odds offered for specific fighters or matches provided by the various online sports betting. 

Once the bettors have found an odd they like, they will choose their preferred betting line or type of bet they want to wager. When bettors have done that, they put down their money and place their bet. Lastly, waiting for the results of the fight to see whether they win their bets.

Understanding How to Bet on UFC Fights

Now, you can follow this guide on how to bet on UFC fights. It is incredibly easy to bet on this sport event and sportsbooks are so intuitive that even beginner bettors will not have a problem finding their right market. Let’s take a look below. 

1. Sign Up and Deposit to an Online Casino

Before you can place bets in UFC fights, you will need to choose an online casino and sign up for a new account. After that, you can make a deposit to bet with. Always remember to choose an online gambling site that is certified by many online gambling licenses like PAGCOR and UK Gambling Commission.

2. Bet Live for the Best odds

On how to bet on UFC fights, there are unique odds advantages to live betting rather than pre-fight. The oddsmaker will approach live odds differently and you will often get far better-in-play odds for the similar markets you would have covered before the fight started. 

3. Avoid to Often Bet Big on the Favorites

Well, upsets are not uncommon on how to bet on UFC fights. It can happen all the time. Therefore,  you need to avoid just putting a big bet on a heavy favorite thinking you can make a big win by betting a lot of money. Remember to bet with your head, not the odds. 

4. Think Strategically

On how to bet on UFC fights, you need to consider the factors such as age, stance, reach, and fight styles. You can think about how the fighter will try to put others on the defensive. For instance, in Ultimate Fighter 13 final, when Anthony Pettis dominated with a crazy kicking game, Clay Guida somethere him by keeping him on the mat.

5. Don’t be Biased

Nowadays, the fighters are genuine characters and it is somewhat hard not to expect your favorites to win. However, you can’t let your personal biases impede your judgment when you are betting. When all signs point to your favorite losing, either bet against them or decide not to bet at all.

6. Remember to Always Consider the Location

Yes, travel can ruin the fighter’s conditions in particular climates are important, too. For instance, at UFC 188, a day before the fight, when Fabricio Werdum had set up camp and been acclimated, a gassed-out Cain Velasquez showed up in the high altitude of Mexico City. 

Werdum successfully stopped Velasquez. That is why considering the location is very important on how to bet on UFC fights. 

Type of Bets in UFC Fights

To understand more how to bet on UFC fights, you will need to figure out the differences in betting types available to you. Below, we explain the most common types of betting lines that are available at major sportsbooks in Malaysia. Of course, these are different from other major sports with the exception of boxing. 


The classic moneyline bet is an option on which fighter will win. Most sportsbooks will offer this market as a 2-way selection. Then, a tied bout will result in a stake push. You will get your money back when there is no winner. For betting a straight-up winner, this will be the bet to choose. 

Round Betting

Round betting is a simple bet type on which a round will conclude the bout on how to bet on UFC fights. It doesn’t matter how the fight will end. You will simply need to choose the right round regardless of whether the fight ends in a knockout, disqualification (DQ), decision, or submission. 


This type of betting will allow bettors to choose the method of winning in a single fight. For instance, in the UFC you are allowed to choose from KO/TKO/DQ, submission, or decision. You can increase the odds by placing a multi-way method of winning prop by selecting which fighter will win and or which round the winning will come.


A parlay on how to bet on UFC fights is a bet in which multiple single selections are pooled together in a single bet with multiplied odds. Every selection has to win for the bet to be successful. 

Over Under (Totals)

A part of betting on which round the fight will end on, you are also allowed to bet on how many rounds will take place. For instance, an over 2.5 rounds bet will mean the fight will need to reach the 3rd round for the bet to be successful.

Final Thoughts

In the end, learning how to bet on UFC fights can boost your entertainment and excitement to your MMA experience. By understanding the basic rules, considering some factors, and exploring different types of bets can enhance your chance of making successful bets. 

Before deciding to place your bets, remember to always stay informed, set your limits, and you can enjoy the thrilling world of UFC fights betting responsibly. It will be more than just entertainment!


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