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4 Ways on How to Play Sic Bo and Strategies

If you are new to the casino world, then you need to learn how to play Sic Bo. It is a casino dice game where you can bet on the outcomes of dice rolls. There are three dice in play and more than a dozen different betting options. 

It will take some time to figure out the various bets, however, all in all. Sic Bo is a somewhat easy game to pick up and play. With this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Sic Bo, before you make a deposit at the best online casino Malaysia.

The History of Sic Bo

Before we explain how to play Sic Bo, it is good if we start the history of this casino game. If you assume Craps is a bit overwhelming due to its table features and different betting options, and Roulette is fairly perfect when it comes to your excitement, then Sic Bo may be the game you expect to play.

This classic casino game also popular with the name Tai Sai, Dai Siu (mostly in Hong Kong and Macau casinos), Big and Small, or Hi-Lo (popular in Philippines) was originally founded in China and is widely popular in Asia. 

The game was introduced to Western countries like the United States by Chinese immigrants and can be played in most American casinos, including Las Vegas. Moreover, the United Kingdom version is called Grand Hazard, while the US version is called Chuck-a-Luck. 

Learning how to play Sic Bo can be somewhat seen as the combination of the complexity of betting chances found in Craps and the simplicity found in Roulette.

How to Play Sic Bo for Beginners Guide

The result of the game is simple. Like in the most popular casino games, all players will make a bet. In this case on specific dice results, and based on the numbers seen on the dice, they will win or lose. On how to play Sic Bo, the gameplay can be divided into three simple steps:

  • Player will make a decision on what bets to place on the board
  • Based on the casino version you are playing, either the real dealer shakes the container where the three dice are in, or online casino’s software will do the job ada reveal the results
  • Depending on the bets the player placed, either the predictions result in a win or a loss

Now that the path to win is clear, let’s explore some details. Apart from the luck used from the rolling of the dice that you can’t control, your goal as a player is to predict on either the exact number or set of numbers displayed, or the total of the results. To do so, there are few different betting options available, they are:

1. Small and Big Bets

Beginning with the most basic ones on how to play Sic Bo, a player is allowed to make Small and Big bets on the result of the total of the three dice. When one bets on the result of the dice total being between 4 and 10, including these two numbers, it is called a Small Bet. 

Meanwhile, if the player bets that the total is between 11 and 17, also including these two numbers, that is known as Big Bet. Remember that the total of 3 and 18 are not included in these bet-winning results. It is due to the fact that they count as triple bets elsewhere on the board. 

Moreover, these are the bets most new players and more risk-averse players to start with, since it will give the highest chance of winning – 48.61% on how to play Sic Bo.

2. Total Bets

On how to play Sic Bo of Total Bets, a player is allowed to choose a specific total between 4 and 17, including the two numbers, and bet on it. Based on the total chosen, both  the payout ratios and house edge will be different due to the different possible combinations that are available to reach a specific total. 

3. Single Bets

Regarding the Single Bets, one wins when the chosen number from 1 – 6, will end up displayed in any of the three dice. It means that when a player bets on a number 6, when 1, 2, or even 3 of the dice land on this single number, it will result in a win. 

On how to play Sic Bo, the payout differs depending on the different dice the selected number is displayed. When it is one dice, it will give the highest payout ratios. 

4. Two Dice Combinations

In the last, a player has a chance of betting on Two Dice Combinations. This kind of bet outcomes in a win when one predicts that two dice will show a specific combination of two different numbers (e.g. a 3 and a 5).

Sic Bo Strategy

There is not too much you can do to increase your chances on how to play Sic Bo, as it is a game based on luck. However, we do have a few suggestions. You can use the following tips to at least can minimize your losses:

  • Play the even, odd, small, or big bets in Sic Bo. These are as close to even odds (or a coin flip), as you are getting to get. These bets have the lowest house edge
  • You can find the casinos with the bigger payouts. This will also lower the house edge

That’s about it! Some experienced players suggest using the betting strategies, especially on these near-even money bets. However, you need to remember that these betting strategies will not guarantee your winnings or losses in the long run since they don’t change the odds or result of the game. 

Final Words

That is all about how to play Sic Bo. It is a simple game like Craps or Roulette. Yes, just choose a number or result and let it rip. Amazingly, this is one of the harder games to find online, especially for American gamblers, and that seems to be the case offline too. 

Between that and the fact that you will not be able to earn some promotions playing Sic Bo. It is possible only hardcore players or the insanely curious will want to play. 


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