What is Perfect Pairs in Blackjack, How to Play, and Odds

Understanding what is perfect pairs in blackjack is important for all players, especially for beginners. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games. It features various betting options, including side bets to make the things interesting. 

One of these bets is perfect pairs. Yes, blackjack is a game of chance, however, strategy does come into play. There is less planning and more chance and gamble in the side bets. Therefore, let’s take a look at how the perfect pairs bet will work and how much they will pay. 

Perfect Pair in Blackjack Meaning

Understanding What is Perfect Pairs in Blackjack

To give you an understanding about what is perfect pairs in blackjack, is an additional side bet in the traditional blackjack game that you can make on the chance that your first two cards will form a “perfect pair”. A perfect pair means that both cards have the similar value and suit. 

For instance, if you are dealt a pair of 8s of Hearts, that can be considered a perfect pair. You will need to place the side bet before the cards are dealt, and it will be separated from the main blackjack bet. You can place the perfect side bet based on the outcome of the main blackjack game. However, the game can be played the same as classic blackjack. 

Moreover, when making a perfect pairs bet, the objective is to correctly predict whether your first two cards will make a perfect pair, coloured, or mixed pair. If your prediction is correct, you will get a payout based on the paytable. However, if the prediction is incorrect, you will lose the side bet. 

How Does Perfect Pair Work in Blackjack? 

One can make 3 types of pairs as the part of what is perfect pairs in blackjack. Each comes with its individual odds or mathematical probability, also different payouts too. The three types making up a perfect pair side bet are as follows:

1. Mixed Pair

A mixed pair includes the similar numerical value or face-card value, however, with a different suit and color for the cards. For instance of this would be two Kingsm a King of Hearts and a King of Spades. 

2. Coloured Pair

A coloured pair  involves the first two cards being of the similar rank, in the same color, however, with the different suits. An example of this pair would be two Jacks in the suit of Hearts and Diamonds. 

3. Perfect Pair

Yes, what is perfect pairs in blackjack once again includes cards of the similar rank, however, the cards are the similar color and the similar suit. An example of this pair is two Queens of Hearts. 

How to Play Perfect Pair in Blackjack

You just figured out what is perfect pairs in blackjack, now it is the time to understand how it can be played in the game. As you may already know, the basic rules for playing perfect pairs side bets are similar to any other hand in blackjack. 

The similar rules apply: a player gets two cards from the dealer, chooses to hit or stand, the dealer’s card might be dealt facing up or down and so on. All you have to do is place the side bet at the beginning of the game, the difference to any games is therefore marginal. Then, the steps of what is perfect pairs in blackjack go something like this:

  • Set the main bet as you usually do
  • Set a bet on the perfect pairs option, placed next to your betting box when sitting at the table
  • Grab your two starting cards as dealt by the dealer
  • Check your hand. If your cards have been dealt as a mixed pair, coloured pair, or perfect pair, the bet will be settled. If not, the bet will be lost. The payout is based on the combination
  • Based on whether you win perfect pair, the main game carries until either the player hits 21 or the dealer does

Odds of Perfect Pairs in Blackjack

Now, you already know the mechanics of what is perfect pairs in blackjack, let’s take a look at the odds of this side bet. The odds will be paid out broadly defined unilaterally across various operators. However, keep in mind that there might be slight variations, so double check before making a decision to play perfect pairs in blackjack. 

Type of PairOdds

For instance of what is perfect pairs in blackjack, let’s take a game featuring 8 decks of cards. Out of 415 cards within the dealer’s shoe, 7 combinations make a perfect pair. It means there is a one-in-59 opportunity the card that wins the side bet comes up. 

A pair might come up once, in an estimated average of every 60 hands. Naturally, the games of chance show that nothing can be discovered, so it might come up less than that, or more times. However, as the number of cards in decks, and the amount of decks used, the frequency of a pair should estimate that average. 

Comparing this payout of 30:1, the advantages of using to play of what is perfect pairs in blackjack are pretty evident. Unlike the side bets that are attractive to betting veterans used to the strategic odds, perfect pair will bring a good dose of fun to the side bets that burnish your favorite blackjack table at your favorite online best live casino Malaysia.

Strategy and Tips for Perfect Pair in Blackjack

When it comes to the house edge of what is perfect pairs in blackjack, there is no side bet strategy that can reduce it. Rather, a perfect pair strategy is more similar to insulating yourself and your bankroll from the possibility of damage when going after one of those big payouts. 

To do so, it is suggested to budget, and set aside a separate set of betting units at an equal value to the payout received from the perfect pair. In addition, you must always remember that a perfect pair falls at any point between 1 and 60 hands. 

If this happens within the first 25 hands of a game, it is possible that the bet will pay a profit in this case. If the bet is no win, the amount lost is equivalent to your side bet bankroll. 

It is also important to not let the side bet throw you off your game. What is perfect pairs in blackjack have no relevance to betting in a blackjack main game. The house edge sits somewhere around 1%, even though this might depend on other rules found in variations of the standard game. 

Final Words

To sum up everything about what is perfect pairs in blackjack, it is an unusual touch to the game with a house edge that is relatively high. Managing your money, budgeting and setting the limits are always good things to do in a casino. 

Moreover, a perfect pair doesn’t impact the chance of the game, they will help the game fun by adding a layer of caution to any bets you would like to make when playing it in blackjack. 


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