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What is Rollover in Betting and How to Calculate It

Learning what is rollover in betting is important when it comes to sports betting. It is a term linked with a betting bonus to describe the amount you need to bet (playthrough) to change the balance from your bonus into the cash out.

Most betting bonuses should have a rollover attached and it is crucial you know how it will work before you claim an offer. In our article, we will look at the meaning of rollover in betting. It will help you figure everything out before putting money on a bet. 

Rollover in Betting Definition

What is Rollover in Betting Actually?

To help you with the question about “what is rollover in betting”, it refers to a specific requirement that has to be met before a bonus or any associated winnings can be withdrawn from the betting account. It is a condition fixed by the bookmaker to make sure that bettors engage in a certain betting level activity before they can access the bonus offers.

Generally, when you get a betting bonus like a sign-up bonus or a deposit match, the bookmaker will require you to bet a specific multiple of the bonus amount or the deposit and bonus combined. This multiple is called the rollover requirement. 

For instance, you register with a bookmaker that offers a 100% deposit match bonus up to MYR 100, with a 5x rollover requirement. So, if you deposit MYR 100 into your betting account, thet bookmaker will match it with another MYR 100 giving you a total of MYR 200 in your account.

In that case, to meet the 5x rollover requirement, you have to bet a total of 5x the combined amount of your deposit and bonus. Then, 5 x MYR 200 = MYR 1000. It means you will have to bet totaling MYR 1000 before you can cash out any bonus offers or associated winnings.

It is important to remember that different bookmakers of what is rollover in betting may have different requirements. In addition, they may also place certain restrictions on the types of bets that will contribute towards meeting the requirement.

How to Calculate Rollover in Betting?

As you know what is rollover in betting, it is also important to know how to calculate it. Because you need to know the specific terms that are set by the bookmaker, which generally include the bonus amount and the rollover multiplier. Here is an example that can help you understand to calculate it:

For instance, you get a sign-up bonus of MYR 50 from a bookmaker, and the rollover requirement is 3x. It means, you have to bet a total amount that is 3x the bonus before you can cash out any winnings. To calculate the amount, you will multiply the bonus by the rollover multiplier:

  • Rollover Amount = Bonus Amount x Rollover Multiplier

The rollover amount will be:

  • Rollover amount = MYR 50 x 3 = MYR 150

Therefore, you need to place bets totaling at least MYR 150 before you can cash out any winnings generated from the bonus offers. 

It is important to remember that the calculation of what is rollover in betting might vary depending on the certain terms set by the bookmaker. Sometimes, the requirement included both the bonus amount and the deposit amount. In that case, you will add the deposit and bonus together before using the multiplier. 

For instance, if you made a MYR 100 deposit and got a MYR 50 bonus with a 3x rollover, the amount will be:

  • Rollover Amount = (MYR 100 + MYR 50 = MYR 450)

In this case, you will need to make bets totaling at least MYR 450 before you can cash out any winnings. 

How to Find Rollover Requirements

Besides what is rollover in betting, you should also know how to find the requirements regarding this term. Some sites are simpler than others. Importantly, the bettors will find the rollover requirements linked to any bonus offer within the offer’s description and terms & conditions. 

The best bookmakers typically have separated pages that provide comprehensive details about their bonus offer and requirements. These details commonly include the rollover requirement, the bonus validity period, and other important details. 

As you know what is rollover in betting, nothing is worse than claiming a bonus with a deposit, only to find that it has an unreasonable high requirement. Of course, as a bettor you want to find a good bonus with a fair rollover requirement. 

For example, a MYR 200 with a 2x rollover is better than a MYR 500 bonus with 10x betting. You will only need to bet MYR 400 to fulfill the former, when you will need to bet MYR 5,000 online rollover bets to fulfill the latter. 

How to Claim Bonuses with Rollover?

One thing you should know from what is rollover in betting, claiming bonuses with rollover is usually straightforward and easy to follow. Once you find the online sports betting Malaysia site bonus that interests you, you must register a new account (if you don’t have one). 

With the available funds, you can start making bets toward fulfilling the betting requirements. You can choose how you will fastly fulfill the requirements. Some bettors will take quick high-risk bets, while others will be conservative. If you meet the betting requirement, the bonus size and any winnings will become yours! Then, these bonuses will be available to you. 

Be Aware of the Rollover in Betting

As mentioned above about what is rollover in betting, it is crucial to be aware of this term, especially when taking advantage of any other bonus. 

One big reason you must be aware of rollover is that they can impact your  winning chance from the offer in the long run. Here are some of the main reasons why you need to be fully aware of rollover in betting: 

It Will Limit Your Betting Options

One common trend in sports betting sites is that deposit bonuses and other offers don’t apply to all bet types. Most usually will restrict the bets that count towards the betting requirement to certain types. If you are not careful, you might not get to place the bets you are interested in. 

It Will be Stressful

Due to the requirements of what is rollover in betting, you might need to place many bets. Of course, it can be stressful and time-consuming. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you already know what is rollover in betting in the sports betting industry. Even though the bookmaker wants to attract as many bettors to their sites, no sportsbook can afford to give out free money without requirements. Rollovers exist, so bettors can’t just claim a bonus and instantly withdraw them. 


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