10 Best JILI Slot Game with Highest Payout (up to 4,000x)

As a Malaysian player, you must be interested in playing the best JILI Slot game. It is a popular provider in the world of online slot machines. With a wide range of games and interesting features, it has gained popularity among gambling players. In this article, we will introduce some games from this provider. Be ready as we are going to the richest world!

Best JILI Slot Game to Play: Highest Payout

JILI creates a wide range of services for different industries. This provider started their operation in 2018 and has already proven to be a trustworthy partner business of all sizes. They were built with the vision of becoming a one-stop solution provider. 

In addition, the company aims to simplify processes and offers innovative solutions to help companies stay ahead in their respective industries. As you have understood what is RTP in slots, here, we recommend you some of the best JILI Slot game.

1. Bonus Hunter Slot

Bonus Hunter

In our first best JILI Slot game, every time you win in Bonys Hunter, you will receive +1 Multiplier until the end of the round. The free game will even continue to increase until the end of the game. What will shock you is that the Multiplier is unlimited!

Eliminate the golden frame to turn out the Wild symbol in the game. You can keep eliminating, keep taking bonus, and the Multiplier will be increased! Try and feel this refreshing of winning 2,000x from your bet!

2. Super Ace Slot

Super Ace

Another best JILI Slot game is Super Ace. This game has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 payline. In this game, when Super Aces and Golden Cards match and are eliminated, they will become Wilds and multiply the Elimination Multiplier winnings! 

After triggering the Free Game, then the Elimination Multiplier bonus will be doubled. You can pair with the Golden Cards to win unlimited winnings of 1,500x from your bet!

3. Medusa Slot


Medusa is popular, she takes together many desirable details, such as fame, beauty, and wealth. Come to Medusa to feel an extraordinary life. The higher bet in the game, the higher of the Symbol odds. There are even two Free Game to choose from! You can collect a variety of different Scatter to win big winnings, Free Spins eliminate low-paying Symbols. 

In addition, a special Medusa symbol will also occur in the Free Spins to increase your winnings up to 2,000x. Extra bets also will have the Medusa effect in Free Game, making good use of the Medusa Gems (Scatter) since you get to pick the most suitable gameplay for you!

4. World Cup Slot

World Cup

Our next best JILI Slot game recommendation is World Cup. This slot machine has 2×2 and 3×3 big symbols that randomly appear in 2 and 4 reels. The big symbols are visible Stack a big number of the same symbol to greatly increase the number of lines and payouts! (all symbols will have big symbols)

As long as the Bonus symbol occurs, you will get a bonus. The more you get, the higher the bonus. During the Free Game, the Multiplier of winning points up to 5,000x will be randomly gained in every round. All winning points can get a Multiplier effect!

5. Happy Taxi Slot

Happy Taxi

Exploring through the quiet night with the happy taxi departs from the best JILI Slot game. You can take a taxi to the Gate of Wealth, and the old driver will take you to fly! Starting from the 2nd to the 4th round, the Wild taxi will rush out. After that, the Multiplier will be multiplied again after winning the lottery!

In addition, the Multipliers are X2, X3, and X4, and the Multipliers are multiplied up to X4 so the bonus will go straight to X36! In the Hurricane mode, you can calculate the Multipliers on the car X.05, X1, X2, and X3. 

Moreover, the Multiplier of all the Card will encountered by the drivers is +0.5 and the Rolls-Royce will collect all the Multipliers on the grid! What a crazy old driver, don’t hurry to get in the car! Well, take a taxi, relax yourself, and make money with 1,500x from your bet!

6. Bone Fortune Slot

Bone Fortune

Another of the best JILI Slot game that you can play is Bone Fortune! On this special day, we will celebrate and party all night under the influence of the moonlight! In addition, the guitarist will perform passionate music and join the money ceremony together! 

The Wild symbol will appear and give you Free Respins! In the Respin, the Sticky Wilds move down until there are no more Wilds symbols on the reels, and the Free Respins will end. Crazy Free Respins will be with you until the end of the game!

7. Charge Buffalo Slot

Charge Buffalo

In Charge Buffalo as the best JILI Slot game, there is an unlimited number of Free Games and Wild Card multipliers will be added on level after leave. Moreover, the winning points of 4,000x multiplying when Wilds Symbols appear, there is unlimited to the number of Free Games. Endless winning is waiting for you now!

8. Mega Ace Slot

Mega Ace

The best JILI Slot game known as classic Mega Ace is launched! The 6×6 super big grid and there are also 46,656 ways of win in total. The more you play this game, the more Multiplier you will get! A lot of crazy combinations are waiting for you as well as amazing Multipliers for winning 1,500x! 

The main game X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 Free Games will double X2, X4, X6, X8, and you can get up to X10! Don’t forget that there is also an Extra Bet in Mega Ace. After spinning, you will get the Multipliers from the second stage. 

Remove the gold card group to get the little Joker Card (Wild), and get the big Joker Card (Wild) randomly after the little Joker Card is removed! After the big Wild card occurs, it immediately replaces 3 – 5 symbols on the grid with a single Wild card!

9. Magic Lamp Slot

Magic Lamp

There is a random chance that a lamp genie will occur in every round of this best JILI Slot game. It will greatly increase the number of Lamp Genie symbols in the reels, and greatly increase your winning of 2,000x and jackpot chances!

In the Magic Lamp slot, when the Wild appears with the lamp genie in a free game, you can win scores without having to connect the lines. The more lamp genies, the higher your chance of winning the prizes! This one of favorite games that can be played on slot game online Malaysia casinos.

10. God of Martial Slot

God of Martial

In our last recommendation of the best JILI Slot game, be prepared to take on the challenge as the high chance to win All-of-Kind prizes! In the Special Battle of Red Cliff mode, it will improve the chances of getting Free Games and All-of-Kind prizes. God of Martial is a popular slot that also offers you 2,000x in a spin!

Well, those are our recommendations for the best JILI Slot game that you can play at the best online casino Malaysia. Which one is your favorite? Or are you going to play all of the slots from its provider? It is a great idea! Make sure you manage the bankroll wisely to avoid bankruptcy!


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