4 Tips How to Find RTP on Slots for the Highest Payout

After knowing what is RTP in slots, you must be wondering how to find RTP on slots. RTP stands for Return to Player. It’s a percentage that tells you how much of your total waged money one can reasonably hope to get back over time in the future (mostly expressed as %). The higher the RTP rate, the better chance you have on winning back or at least breaking even.

But how can I know the RTP of a slot game? Why should I pay attention to the RTP before playing? This post will answer both questions while also teaching you how to find RTP in order to get the highest payouts on slots. Also discussed will be how your winnings and losses are affected by RTP, as well as what other factors need careful consideration when choosing a slot game.

How to Find RTP on Slots for the Highest Payout

You might rely on various sources of data regarding a specific videogame. Here are a few common ways on how to find RTP on slots.

1. From Paytable Slot

Paytable Slot

It is one of the easiest ways how to find RTP on slots. The game’s paytable is a screen that displays what all the symbols are and what they pay, as well as any special features and rules of play for this particular machine. Almost all slots have a button or link which takes you to this screen with the payout structure in it, usually at bottom or off to one side.

The paytable could also show the game’s RTP in percentage or fraction. For example, a payout ratio of 96 % means that each MYR 100 you bet will give you back on average MYR 96. If the RTP is 1/20, it means that for every MYR 20 you bet, you can expect to get back MYR 1 on average.

Still, not all slot games will display the RTP in their paytables. For those that do, it may be hidden away to some extent among other information on that page (like in very conspicuous footnotes) or even right at end, somewhere nobody thinks anyone reads, let alone look closely at after they have picked up their table and left the machine alone. In such a case you’ll have to seek out other sources of information.

2. From Developer’s Website

Spadegaming RTP

Another way how to find RTP on slots is to visit the designer or game’s manufacturer’s website. The developer is that company which creates and designs the slot game, while the provider may be described as a firm that supplies and licenses the game to online casinos. Sometimes developer or provider are one and the same firm, though not always.

On the developer’s website, there might be a section which has a list of all their slot games and their RTPs. Search the name of the slot you want to see whether it has an RTP. Some websites will also allow you to search the various categories or to filter the games by their corresponding odds down as well.

However, RTPs of the game aren’t always on a dev’s website, and some might only give these to online casinos or bodies like regulators. At that time, you’ll have to find other sources of information.

3. From Article Slot Review

Article Slot

Another tip on how to find RTP on slots is by reading online articles or reviews about the game. There are numerous websites and blogs specializing in reviewing and rating online slot games, they often give database RTP the games of which they write about.

If you look for the slot game you are interested in, along with its name and the word “review” – such as Al Kivowitz, said Once you find it, one of the entries immediately before or after techniques that he explores in this book will likely concern itself with what you’re seeking. Alternatively, you can browse through categories and rankings: check out those games with highest RTPs.

However, not all of them are reliable or true with some being biased or even out of date. Therefore, one should always crosscheck what site posted the review and the date when it was posted before believing a particular review by comparing with other options that are pro-all independent probably.

4. From Slot Forums

Slot Forum

The last thing you can do on how to find RTP on slots is by joining to follow online forums or communities, where people who play slots converge and share their experiences as well as opinions about the games they engage in. Our recommendation is AskGamblers.

You may directly ask other players if they know the RTP of the game you are interested in or take a look in case there is already a thread or a post discussing its RTP. Alternatively, you can browse through the topics or the comments and look for the games with the highest RTPs.

Though not everything written and posted in these forums can actually be considered trustworthy and have a factual basis since some are even based on personal anecdotes or preferences. Check on the facts and who posted it and compare with other sources of information.

How RTP Affects Your Winnings?

After you have learnt how to find RTP on slots,you may be curious about how RTP impacts your wins. In general, the higher the RTP rate the greater chance that you’ll win or at very least lose less long term.

RTP is a theoretical and statistical metric representing the average result of many spins over time. It does not guarantee that you must win or lose X amount in a single spin, session or day. 

In a low RTP game, you can win very big money and similarly lose large sums of capital off the slots. Slot games are based on true RNG, giving independent and unpredictable outcomes for each spin of a reel. 

Therefore, as any proven scientific mathematician will tell you, even in an RTP game you can win big or lose a huge chunk and there is no mathematical relationship between the two probabilities.

However, RTP will impact your earnings in the long term: if you play the very same game over a sufficiently long stretch of time, the total ought to converge towards the RTP.

For instance, were you to play a game in slot game online Malaysia casinos with a 96% RTP indeed for something like 100,000 spins, then on average one can expect to receive back MYR 96,000 irrespective of the amount and frequency of your bets. 

This approach on how to find RTP on slots represents an ideal world where you have an infinite bankroll and time; such action is beyond the scope of most gamblers. It is therefore not. RTP is just one of the factors that determine the choice of game. 

Final Words

Understanding how to find RTP on slots is crucial before engaging with any slot game. RTP, or Return to Player, denotes the percentage of your wagered amount that you can anticipate reclaiming in the long haul. A higher RTP enhances your prospects of either winning or reaching an equilibrium.

Nevertheless, RTP isn’t the sole aspect to contemplate when opting for a slot game. Volatility, bonus features, and theme are equally significant. These elements influence your risk and potential gain, as well as your overall satisfaction and contentment.

Some ways on how to find RTP on slots, like perusing the paytable, exploring the developer’s website, delving into online critiques, or becoming part of virtual communities. It’s crucial, however, to authenticate the data and compare it across diverse sources, as not all outlets are dependable or precise.


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