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Draw No Bet Meaning with Real Example

Do you know what is Draw No Bet meaning? In the most popular betting markets, its term is known for reducing risk. It is a market that can be available across multiple sports, and used commonly by smart bettors to remove the draw result from markets like moneyline bet

Don’t worry, we will show you the full concept of how the bet works, offer real-world examples, explain how to bet, and include in-depth betting strategies. 

Draw No Bet Definition

Draw No Bet Meaning You Should Remember

To give you an explanation about Draw No Bet meaning, it changes three-way betting markets like moneyline, and adjusts them to two-way markets by removing the draw (or tie) as a result. 

You can check out the top online sports betting Malaysia to bet on your favorite game. If the betting on this market, when a game ends as a draw, the stake will be returned. 

Furthermore, soccer is the most commonly associated sport with a Draw No Bet. It usually adapts the 1×2 market that is a home win, away win, or draw, and changes it to a home or even away win. As mentioned above, the stake will be returned if a bet is placed on a home or away win, and the game outcomes in a draw. 

The odds in Draw No Bet meaning reduce quite significantly over 1×2 bet. The risk you will take as a bettor is quickly lowered as you can’t lose with a draw result. Whereas, with a 1×2 bet, if you bet on the home or away him, a draw plus the opposing outcome will mean there are two ways your bet can lose. 

The Example of Draw No Bet in Real-World

The best way to explain the Draw No Bet meaning is by understanding the real example. We have included an international soccer match between Brazil and Argentina. 

Draw No Bet Example

Before we look at the odds of Draw No Bet, it is a good idea to remember the odds for the 1×2 market, which on Bovada noted as the “win” column. This game is close in the betting market, with no evenly-matched sides. Brazil has a slight favorite to win at +135, with an Argentina win, and the draw price is at +205. 

At the bottom of the picture above are the odds of Draw No Bet meaning. These are now quickly reduced as we remove one of the possible outcomes from the game. Brazil is priced at -145 and Argentina at +120. Keep in mind, if it is a draw, we can get our stack back. This table below shows the returns from MYR 100 bet across all three results:

ResultsOddsReturns on MYR 100 Bet
Brazil Win-145Total = MYR 168.97 (MYR 68.97 Profit)
Argentina Win+120Total = MYR 220 (MYR 120 Profit)
DrawN/AMYR 100 stake returned

It is important to remember that this market is not similar to double chance. This is where you have two options that can win from the various combinations. These combinations include:

  • Home win & away him
  • Home win & draw
  • Away win & draw

Moreover, this bet includes the draw as an outcome of all three combinations. The Draw No Bet will remove the draw for both outcomes and refunds stake. 

Spots that Have the Draw No Bet Market

After knowing Draw No Bet meaning, the markets are more often than most people think with US sportsbooks. Some bettors don’t have an idea about it because of the lack of association with the NBA, NFL, and other US-based sports, although some sportsbooks promote this market. Below, we have compiled sports where the Draw No Bet is common. 

1. Soccer

Most soccer games have access to the Draw No Bet. This sport has more coverage than all other sports combined, and it is also rare to see a sportsbook that doesn’t provide the market. 

Soccer Draw No Bet

The example above is from a Premier League match between Manchester City vs Liverpool.  You can see the main betting markets for this game is from the “Win” column, and the Draw No Bet odds listed below. It is worth seeing how much the odds will change here, as it is pretty dramatic. 

We also want to take your attention to the bottom market, listed as Draw No Bet meaning first half. This is where your bet will only be connected to the first half of the game, and markets are settled at the half time. The process is similar to that you are betting on one team to be ahead at halftime, and you will receive your stake returned if it is a draw.

2. Ice Hockey

To give you a clear idea about Draw No Bet meaning, ice hockey is one of US-based sports with much selection in the tie no bet market. You will only need to scroll to see its popularity, with markets commonly tagged right at the bottom. Compared to soccer, where it is the first after the 3 main markets: moneyline, spread, and totals). 

It is not too popular because ties or draws are not really a thing in the US. Games will go to overtime and only in extreme situations will the game finish in a tie. To use this, the bet is connected to the regulation play. Therefore, the result is the one at the end of the 3d periods, regardless of whether there is any overtime. 

3. Cricket

Draw No Bet meaning plays a big role in cricket, most importantly with Test and First Class games. However, this market will allow bettors to remove the draw result and focus on a win for either of the teams. Not all cricket games will involve this market. 

T20 and 50-over formats commonly play to a result, which includes a super-over where needed. However, like ice hockey, there might be sportsbooks that allow you to receive regular time markets, however, there are rare. 

Final Words

While it might seem that 1×2 bets will give better odds, when figured out deeply, you will know that the draw certainly skews your chances of winning. The option in Draw No Bet meaning allows bettors to be able to place a bet without worrying about the impact of a possible draw, especially poignant when one considers that soccer experience will draw 25% of the time!


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