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What is Double Chance in Betting and 3 Variations

If you have never heard about what is double chance in betting, don’t worry because we are here to guide you through everything you need to know. This is known as the most popular forms of bets, as it can help stack the odds in your favor. Read this article below to find what you need. 


  • A chance where a player can cover 2 or more results
  • The variations of 1X, 2X, and 12
  • Involved in parlay betting

What is Double Chance in Betting You Should Know?

For those of you who are wondering what is double chance in betting, it is one of the most simple options. In sports betting, a double chance bet will cover two of the possible three outcomes. It will give players a bigger opportunity of winning, even though the odds will be shorter than usual. 

In addition, a double chance bet comes with 3 types: 1X, X2, or 12. This bet is suitable for backing a team that you wish to win the game, but don’t exclude a possible draw. The 12 as the third variation is suitable for betting on matches between in direct knockout tournaments. In the rematch, the loser from the first fixture has to pursue a win to qualify, so a draw will seem less likely. 

How Does a Double Chance Bet Work for You?

After figuring out what is double chance in betting, you must be wondering how it works. Alright, you just need an active account at your preferred online sports betting Malaysia site to bet on double chance. This bet has traditionally been in the main markets for betting on soccer. It will be easily found when choosing your preferred soccer match. 

You can look at an example above. The match is Southampton vs Chelsea to be played tonight, and the visitors are chosen the favorites with odds of 1.6.1. A draw is priced at 4.00 and a win for Southampton is 5.25 here. 

After a thorough study of head-to-head matches, the news about both teams and statistics, you believe that Southampton has a good chance to win. However, Chelsea has a solid squad and lately is playing stronger away from London that makes you believe a draw is also a possible result. 

With that example, your bet should be on Southampton to win and draw. To prevent making 2 separate bets, the bookmakers will offer a double chance market to combine the two possible results. 

In that case of what is double chance in betting, you should place a double chance 1X bet or Southampton to Win or Draw for odds of 2.20. On the other hand, if you are convinced that both teams will not end in a draw, a good option is also double chance 12 with odds of 1.22. 

The 3 Types of Double Chance Bets

As we mentioned earlier about what is double chance in betting, there are 3 different options. Each offering a unique way to cover multiple results of a match. These bet variations are categorized as 1X, 2X, and 12, and they will open up a world of chances for soccer gamblers. 

1. Double Chance 1X (Home Team to Win or Draw)

A 1X on what is double chance in betting will allow you to bet on either the home team to win or the match to end in a draw. This is a good choice when you have confidence in the home team’s strength, however, are not totally sure they will secure the win.

For example, if Manchester City is playing at home against Everton, a double chance 1X bet will cover you if City win or if the match ends in a draw. 

2. Double Chance 2X (Draw or Away Team to Win)

The 2X on what is double chance in betting will allow betting on either the away team to win or the match to conclude in a draw. Commonly, this is used when you think the underdog has a chance to secure an outcome but don’t want to commit to an outright win bet. 

For example, if Leicester is playing away against a powerhouse Liverpool, a double chance 2x bet means you will win if Leicester wins or if the match ends in a draw. 

3. Double Chance 12 (Home Team or Away Team to Win)

The 12 variation on what is double chance in betting is an option for those matches where you can see either team winning, however, don’t want to predict the draw. It is important to bet on the match ending in a win for one of the teams, regardless of which one. 

Moreover, double chance 12 for gamblers where both teams are motivated to secure a winning, maybe late in the season with the implications or to choose an European competition spot.  

Can Double Chance Bets be Included in Parlays?

Besides what is double chance in betting, this form of betting can absolutely play a valuable role in your parlay strategies. In addition, these bets are obviously useful when you are dealing with matches where the result is uncertain or when you want to balance your risk. 

For example, suppose you are making a parlay involving soccer games. Instead of picking a team to win outright, you may opt for double chance bets that will cover two of the three possible outcomes. 

However, while double chance bets can add stability to your parlay, they can also reduce the chance of winning compared to choosing a team to win outright. In addition, as with any parlay, if even one of the bets in your parlay loses, the total parlay is unsuccessful. So, when double chance bets are a useful tool, it is important to strike a balance between risk and reward. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion about what is double chance in betting, it is a type of sports betting where a gambler can cover two out of the 3 or more possible results in a game or event. Of course, it can increase their chances of winning. In addition, it will also allow you to bet on the two results simultaneously to lower the risk compared to traditional; single result bets. 


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