6 Omaha Hi Lo Rules with the Hands and Stakes

It is not too late to learn Omaha Hi Lo rules this year. Due to its exciting game structure and a chance to win the big pot, Omaha High Lo has become one of the most popular types of poker around the world. 

As compared to the other poker variation, this game is unique, and considered a must-play game. A player’s experience is rather incomplete without playing the game of Omaha Hi Lo. 

Well, if you also want to improve your poker game experience and want to try another variant to your journey, then let ust start to learn all the rules of Omaha High Low in this article. 

What is Omaha Hi Lo?

Omaha High Low Definition

Before we explain Omaha Hi Lo rules, it is a good move if we start from the overview of this game first. In this variation, players will be given 4 private cards which are also called the “hole cards”. 

Unlike the community cards, these private or hole cards will only belong to that player. So, 5 community cards will also be placed face-up on the board or the poker table for the players. 

In Omaha Hi Lo rules, players will only use 2 cards from their 4 hole cards along with the 3 community cards from the 5 available on the board, to create the best 5-card poker hand. Moreover, you also need to understand the most interesting rule of the game. 

The pot will be splitted into the best hand for high and the best hand for low. This is obviously where the name Omaha High Low gets its name from. In addition, the players can use different combinations of their private cards to create a high hand and a low hand.

However, you must know that in each hand you can use only 2 cards from your private cards and 3 cards from the community cards. 

Basic Omaha Hi Lo Rules

To become a master in this game, of course, you need to learn the structure of the game. Basic Omaha Hi Lo rules are divided into various rounds. Here, we explain to help you improve your gambling journey at the best live casino Malaysia sites.

1. The Blinds

As the game starts, the player that is positioned clockwise from the dealer button must post the small blind. In Omaha Hi Lo rules, blind or the forced bet is a crucial part of the game. 

The player clockwise from the small blind must post the big blind. The amount of the big blind is 2x of the small blind. However, the amount of the blinds can vary, depending on the stakes as well as the betting format of the game. 

Furthermore, the big blind remains of the similar amount as the small bet. The blind is generally half of the size of the big blind, however, sometimes it can be more also, as per the stakes in the game. 

Moreover, if the players get their 4 hole or private cards, they will need to begin with the betting action as per the clockwise direction around the table. The player “under the gun” or seated clockwise from the big blind must start. 

2. Pre Flop

The next Omaha Hi Lo rules, when the player gets to see their hole cards, they can decide either play the hand by taking one of the following action:

  • Raise – Players can raise the big blind. To raise the bet amount, they need to add some more amount of the pot
  • Fold – Player can fold in poker or discard the cards and quit that round

Those actions will proceed clockwise around the table. Betting continues to the next round and all active players who haven’t folded can make bets in the pot.

3. The Flop

Another Omaha Hi Lo rules, here comes another betting round. In the flop, players will be dealt cards face-up on the deck. In this round, they get to see the first 3 community cards. Then, the betting will start when players seated clockwise from the button begin creating bets and raises. 

4. The Turn

After the flop round is completed, comes the second last or the “turn” round. At this time, players will be dealt another community card face-up on the deck. The active player from the button begins the betting of this round. 

5. The River

When the turn round is over, comes the final river round in Omaha Hi Lo rules. In this round, players will be dealt the last community cards face-up on the deck. The betting occurs with the active player positioned clockwise from the dealer button. 

6. The Showdown

And, this is the final part of the game and the most important one. If more than one player is remaining in the game after the final round of betting, the last player who bet must reveal the cards. In case of a bet in the last round, the player who is seated clockwise from the button must show the cards first. 

Omaha High Low Hands

In Omaha Hi Lo rules uses 8 or better qualifiers. That is why this variation is also called Omaha 8 at times. This way, the low hand requires 5 different cards which must be ranked 8 or below. It is when the cards can win the low part of the pot. With the absence of any low hand, the high hand will win the entire pot. 

Omaha High Low also uses the “Ace to Five” format of ranking low hands. A low hand is ranked from the highest card and then it will go downwards. In addition, the straights and flushes are not considered in your low hand. 

Therefore, if you create a qualifying low hand which is either a straight or a flush is the strongest hand, which can win high as well as the low half of the pot or “scoop”. 

Omaha High Low Stakes

Omaha Hi Lo rules are the same for Limit, Pot, and No Limit. These are the stakes in the game that depend upon the type of the game. 

Limit Omaha High Low

In Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, the betting is predetermined. While in the pre-flop and the flop round, the bets and raises will remain of the similar amount to the big blind. However, in the later rounds of turn and the river, the amount of the bets and raises will be doubled. 

In Limit Omaha Hi Lo rules, as many as 4 bets can be placed in each round of betting (bet, raise, re-raisem and final raise). 

Pot Limit Omaha High Low

In Pot Omaha Hi Lo rules, the minimum bet is similar to the amount of the big blind. Players may place bets up to the pot’s size. In addition, the raise amount can be the amount of the previous bet or raise. 

The maximum raise amount can be as much as the size of the pot in PLO. The size of the pot is the entire amount in the active pot along with all bets on the table. In this stake, there can be any number of raises. 

No Limit Omaha High Low

In No Limit Omaha High Low, the minimum bet will remain similar to the size of the big blind. Players will be able to bet as much as they wish. The minimum raise amount requires to be at least the previous bet or raise, while the maximum raise can be the number of your chips on the table. Still, you can do as many raises as you want. 

Final Words

Now, you already know the Omaha Hi Lo rules with hands and stakes. If you are a beginner, it is not too late to learn about this poker variation. You can still be a master in the game, build your own strategy, and increase your chances of winning. In the end, Omaha Hi Low is as fun as Texas Hold’em. So, you will not get bored while placing a bet! 


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