What Does Fold Mean in Poker: A Winning Strategy

When it comes to the card game, it is important for you to figure out what does fold mean in poker. When you fold the cards in this game, then you are no longer involved in the hand and lose all of your money that you have invested in the pot up to that point. 

Once the cards go into the “much”, the hand will be over for you. While you can’t win the hand, you also can’t lose any more money or chips until the next hand. Read more below to get more idea of fold in poker game. 

Fold Poker

What Does Fold Mean in Poker Actually?

What does fold mean in poker, it is a term means to give up your cards and surrender the game. You can do this in the game at any point. In other words, the fold in poker meaning remains the same in any types of poker, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, four-card poker, and others. 

Moreover, the fold is the final move that a player can make in a game. After you fold your cards, you can no longer continue in the game and also lose any of the bets you raised and any money you put in.

Furthermore, to give up your cards or to fold them, you can simply toss them face-down into the “muck” (a term used for the pile of cards that are no longer in game). 

That term refers to folding a hand as “mucking your hand” or “mucking your cards”. You can also say “fold”, which is a binding comment, and then throw the cards into the muck. When you toss the cards in the muck, your hand is dead and you can’t win the pot anymore. 

If the community cards then come out advantageous to your hand, sadly, you can’t ask the dealer to give back the cards. Never have what is called “fold remorse” that is when you get upset over folding as you will have ended up hitting a big hand. You can’t guess which cards will come out. 

Then, you need to focus on making the right long-term decisions, not about the hands you missed out on.  And now, did you get the idea about what does fold mean in poker?

When Should You Fold the Cards in Poker?

After knowing what does fold mean in poker, you must be wondering when you should do it during the game. Well, there several conditions (9 if-s) when you can fold your cards, such as:

  • If the cards dealt to you and your hole cards are useless. In what does fold mean in poker, if there are no high cards, consecutive cards, and no cards of a single suit, the odds will be against you. Then, you can fold before you add chips to the pot at the start of the game.
  • If you think your cards were somewhat good, but your opponent raised the stakes before the Flop.
  • If the cards dealt in the Flop are also not worth a combination hand for you and the opponents are increasing the stakes instead of checking. 
  • If you think your hole cards and Flop can make a combo, then the opponent has ‘Tell’ that says they have a better hand. 
  • If the fourth and fifth street cards provoke the opponents to raise when you are still doubtful about your cards. 
  • If you have a low-ranking hand and the opponent has a high-ranking one.
  • If your community cards have a better combination than your hole cards. 
  • If you don’t have faith in a Draw hand.
  • If you think you aren’t good enough to beat the opponent. Go with your gut and fold before you lose your money. That is why you need to know what does fold mean in poker.

A Secret: Folding is Part of Any Winning Strategy

What does fold mean in poker is not only about giving up your cards actually, but also a winning strategy. All it means is that you don’t have any other winning options. In fact, a fold is nothing more than a way to cut your losses when everything fails. In the course of play, one will often be faced with aggression like betting or reraising you. 

When this happens, you usually have 3 options: you can either reraise, call, or even fold. An experienced poker player will go with his or her options and decide if reraising or calling is possible, or wins money over the long term. If both of those options are losing plays, then the only thing that can be done is fold. 

It is Impossible to Win Every Hand in Poker

Before you know what does fold mean in poker, you might think you can win every hand. Have you ever heard the term “maniac“? Well, it is for calling crazy people at your table who seem to bet and raise every single time it is possible, refusing to fold until they lose their money. 

Sometimes, these players will compile big chips stacks and strike fear in the hearts of everyone at the table. However, as the saying goes, “easy come easy go”, maniac players always end up crashing and burning, once the good players at the table adjust to them. In fact, our favorite opponent type is the one who has a hard time folding hands. 

In the end of what does fold mean in poker, winning poke decisions all come down to a question of maximizing the expectation in every decision we make. It is all about making a choice that either wins the most or losses the least. 

When you should be looking to make the play that wins the most over the long play, what you should not be doing is trying to win every single hand you play. There lies the difference.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, figuring out what does fold mean in poker is very important for all players. It is a term for giving up your cards when you think there is no way to win the game.

Before losing your money, it is better to surrender. However, folding the card is not only about giving up in the game, but also a winning strategy. You can play online poker at the best online casino Malaysia that also offers big bonuses!


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