What is Roulette Snake Bet, Features, Pros and Cons

Have you ever heard of roulette snake bet? If you have never heard of it, you are lucky to be here as we will introduce you to this type of outside bets

Another curious gambling trick is the snake bet roulette strategy. It was made to be better than the difficult probabilities theory. Playing the European Roulette, is a great idea to use various tips and this one can put you in victory. 

Even though roulette is almost impossible to predict, you can only really depend on your intuition within the constraints of your bankroll. Keep reading to see how the snake bet in roulette looks like. 

Snake Bet in Roulette Meaning

Understanding Roulette Snake Bet

A roulette snake bet, also known as red snake is a type of betting strategy that involves betting on a group of 12 red numbers that, when linked, form an “S” shape or a “Snake” shape. Moreover, the numbers need to be straight bets only, with no splits, and every bet will be created of the similar amount. 

For instance, when you are betting MYR 10 on the first number, you need to place that similar MYR 10 on all the other numbers. In addition, the numbers need to strictly be 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.

Some of the best live casino Malaysia may have this option already customized, while others might require you to manually place each bet on the numbers. 

Payout Average2:1
Payout for Single Number35:1
Probability32.43% (European Version), 31.58% (American Version)
Units Betting12
Total Numbers12
Numbers Covered1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, 34

The Distinctive Features of the Snake Bet in Roulette

Roulette snake bet is similar to dozen bet, which has some basic differences compared to the original. The numbers of columns and dozens involved in its composition are set in such a way as to match the shape of the snake. The bet has solely sectors of red. Snake bet is made of the numbers, and with those numbers that are not part of the snake, it doesn’t intersect. 

Moreover, the size of the roulette snake bet is adjustable as the player wishes. Some online casinos will have a special button to create the red snake in one click. However, this button is not available in all casinos, but you can always make the snake manually. 

Remember that in the American version payout for roulette snake bet will be about a less percentage. Yes, you can play in online casinos where there is a special button for this type of outside bet or bet manually, however, in already proven casinos. The land-based casinos don’t offer a special space for the snake. 

For those who are wishing to make such a bet there is a special case, based on which you need to put on the corner 31/34 the number of bets, a multiple of 12. The casino can change this case, so before you play, you must clarify all the requirements. 

Where Did the Snake Bet Actually Come from?

Honestly, we couldn’t find the exact data of the origin roulette snake bet. However, you can find many casinos and bettors all over the world claiming to be the founder of the snake bet. You don’t have to be too clever to notice that there is a zigzag pattern of red numbers starting with the number 1, and will end at the number 34. 

We would assume the bet had been placed in many different casinos before it became widely and more usually known as the snake or red snake. Therefore, it is not like you can assign this bet to one casino like you can with the French call bets. 

Chinese Popularity

Even though we have no reason to believe the Chinese invented the roulette snake bet, it is more popular amongst Chinese roulette bettors. There are two reasons behind this case:

  • The color red in Chinese culture indicates fortune and joy
  • The snake is included in Chinese zodiac animals. Therefore, the “Year of the Snake” will come around every 12 years.

With these two reasons, you have got a very attractive name for a roulette bet in Chinese culture

Pros and Cons of Making Snake Bet in Roulette

Is the roulette snake bet will always be lucky? Or in other words, does it have a higher chance of winning or offer a more attractive house edge? Hmm… Unfortunately, not. The reasons are:

  • You have the same chance of winning with the snake bet as you will with any 12 randomly placed straight bets. In terms of chance of hitting, there is no difference between making 12 units across a snake bet than there is to making 12 units on a dozen or column bet
  • The house edge will also remain the same at 2.70% (or 5.26% when you are playing double-zero roulette)

Therefore, from a winning-money perspective, the snake bet is neither better nor worse than any other roulette bet. However, some other pros and cons of roulette snake bet might be:

Looks very attractiveWill take a while to set up the bet
Potentially a more interesting and enjoyable bet to placeNeed a big number of betting units, which will be costly when you don’t have a big bankroll

When you like the look of the bet, then by all means will go for it. You can place bets in any pattern or form you choose because the whole point of roulette is to have fun. The red snake just appears to look pretty cool. 

Will the Snake Bet Increase Your Chances of Winning in Roulette?

The answer is no, the roulette snake bet will not increase your chances of winning. Betting on 12 numbers has a similar winning chance whether you place one of the dozen bets or follow the red snake strategy and place 12 straight up bets. 

Another thing to remember is that while the snake bet can potentially be profitable, you can also stand to lose a lot more money since you are placing bets on a dozen single numbers. Therefore, the payout if you win is potentially more than red and black bets, but your possibilities of winning are smaller. 

Final Words

The most crucial thing to do when playing roulette snake bet is to remember that it is a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Therefore, keep in mind that no betting strategy can guarantee a win, over time, the house edge will always win. 


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