Betting on Red or Black in Roulette and Increasing Profits

Do you think when you are betting on red or black in roulette is just a 50/50 coin flip? You should reconsider it. With the right roulette red and black strategy, you can increase your odds and win rate. Specific betting systems can help you boost the winning chance of red or black bets up to 67% of the time. 

In this article, we will explain everything you need to understand to maximize the roulette red and black bets. So, keep reading to become a luckier player when entering your favorite casino

Betting on Red or Black in Roulette Strategy in Action

Here are some steps you need to follow if you want to use the strategy in betting on red or black in roulette:

  • Place a bet of MYR 10 on red
  • Continue your betting MYR 10 on red until you lose twice in a row
  • After that, start betting MYR 15 until you win or lose two times in a row
  • If you win on two occasions in a row, lower the bet to MYR 10
  • When you lose twice in a row, increase the bet to MYR 20

The progression will work with any bankroll. Malaysian players might set any amount and color. For players who have limited budgets, we suggest you start small so that you prolong your session.

The Expected Value of Red and Black in Roulette

The expected value in betting on red or black in roulette is an advantage concept not only for bankroll, but also for betting decisions. It will show the median gain or loss from an event when repeated several times.

If you factor in the house edge for even money bets, you can make more realistic expectations regarding how much you can afford to lose in a gaming session. 

  • In European Roulette, the expected value is -0.027 or 2.7%, while in the American Roulette is -0.053 or 5.3%
  • In the long run play, for every bet of MYR 100, you will lose MYR 2.7 in the European Roulette and MYR 5.3 in the American Roulette

However, the expected value in betting on red or black in roulette is not the value that you will always get. It will not be used proportionally to every case. You might lose more than the expected value, just as there is a possibility you can profit more. For instance, by getting some straight-up bets right in a row.

Placing Bet on Roulette Red and Black is Still Better

The table below is brimming with options in betting on red or black in roulette, some with better payout than the classic even money bet

  • The straight-up bets will offer 35:1 odds and 37:1 odds on
  • The split bets give 17:1 odds
  • Corner bets will appear at 8:1

Such bets might seem attractive, however, they pay out so well as the probability of getting them right is pretty low. Statistically, a straight-up bet will land home once every 36 spins. That is why predicting the correct number hitting on any spin is such a challenge:

  • It is reflected in the chance of 2.70%, while the split bet will offer a 5.41% chance of winning
  • The columns bet and dozens bet are much better, with a 32.43% chance
  • However, nothing can beat the red and black bet with a 48.65% probability

It gives the best probability of winning, which indicates why Malaysian players should prefer it.

Red and Black Odds in Roulette Explained

Yes, in the casino games, odds and probabilities are linked but not interchangeable. 

The Standard Format

Accumulating the odds in betting on red or black in roulette is done by dividing the probability of a spin outcome occurring by the probability of the event not happening. 

In the European variant, the probability is 48.6% for an even money bet. Because of the additional number in the American Roulette, the probability here equals 47.4%. In both cases, the house edge calculates for the remaining percent for a good 50-50 chance. 

Understand Your Odds

Odds in betting on red or black in roulette get expressed in fractions and show how much you can win with every bet. For black and red, the odds remain 1:1. It means that you will get back your bet plus another time your bet should the stake fit the actual game outcome. 

The Origin of the Read and Black Bet House Edge

The house edge is the benefit that new online gambling holds over players. It is built into any casino game to ensure consistent winnings for the casino. However, it can’t be regarded as a form of cheating.

In roulette, the house edge will be achieved with the help of the green pocketed zero. The table has 36 numbers, with 18 black and the remaining 18 red. The casinos offset this balance by introducing a green space with a 0 in European variant and two additional numbers, 0 and a 00 in American variant. 

These extra numbers will change the balance, giving a 2.7% house edge in European Roulette and a 5.26% house edge in American wheels.

The Red and Black Strategy

Well, there is no guarantee that the outcomes in betting on red or black in roulette will alternate with each wheel spin. Even though the odds on paper are close to 50 to 50, this probability is only an indication, offered the house edge. Experienced players consult statistics to understand mathematical patterns that might influence their betting decisions positively. 

However, be aware of the gambler’s fallacy everytime betting on red or black in roulette. You may be tempted to think that, after 10 red spin outcomes in a row, the ball is more likely to hit on a black number. 

That is an example of flawed logic popular as the gambler’s fallacy. Every spin outcome unfolds independently of the one before it. Therefore, you should not depend your bets on such reasoning.

Final Thoughts

While roulette might seem totally random, the right betting on red or black in roulette strategy can change the odds in your favor. However, no system is foolproof against the house edge. So, manage your bankroll wisely, set your limits, and use multiple strategies. Most importantly, you need to have fun! 

Roulette is still a casino game of chance, so you must bet responsibly and see the roulette strategy as a tool to boost your enjoyment, not guarantee profits. 


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