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6 Tennis Betting Strategy to Increase Odds 90%!

By knowing the tennis betting strategy, it can help you increase the winning. Well, tennis is one of the sports that runs throughout the year, with the short breaks between the seasons. 

It covered multiple tours, which means the volume of games you can bet on is essentially bigger than most. In this article, we will show you how to bet on tennis and have included the betting strategies to help you win more. 


  • Wide range of tennis betting options
  • Strategies to help you win game and gain the winnins
  • Increasing analysis skill for predicting winner

Types of Tennis Betting

Before we show you tennis betting strategy, we need to learn the types of this sport first. The bigger the game, then the more options there are. For the biggest range, target games from any majors as these have the biggest interesting prop bets out there. Therefore, we have included a range of types below, along with the information about how each of them will work for you.

Wide range of betting optionsUnpredictability results
High frequency of matches in the gamePlayer injuries
Individual sportLimited tournament depth
Live betting chances
Accessibility and coverage

Outright Winner (Tournament)

The outright winner is based on predicting the player who will win an entire tournament. Rather than betting on individual match outcomes. you can pick a player to emerge as the tournament’s overall winner. 

This sports betting provides a long-term perspective, commonly available before the tournament starts and until a certain stage. Moreover, the odds for outright winner bets vary according to the player’s current from, historical performance, rangking, and the competitiveness of the tournament. Therefore, you need to learn tennis betting strategy. 

Match Betting

Match betting is where you bet on the winner of every individual match. This is the most common bet in tennis betting strategy, with dozens of matches held every time. It is a pretty simple bet in that you must choose the winner of the match regardless of the score. 

The odds will represent the chance that every player has of winning. In tennis, there can be lots of games where the odds are heavily favored by one player over the other, especially in the first round. Therefore, you must work hard to find the value. 

Set Betting

Next, set betting is where you must predict the game’s total score in terms of sets and the correct results. For instance, if you use a tennis betting strategy to bet 2 – 1 sets to player A, the scoreline needs to be exact for the bet to win. If they lose the game or win by any other scoreline, then the bet will lose. 

This sport offers more specific betting options, enabling players to capitalize on their knowledge of a player’s strengths, performance, and weakness in different sets. Moreover, the odds for set betting are higher than match betting as it will increase accuracy and complexity required in predicting the specific set outcomes. 

Handicap Betting

Offering one player a virtual advantage or disadvantage before a match starts is what handicap betting involves in tennis betting strategy. It can be in terms of sets or games. The main goal is to level the playing field and give more balanced odds. 

For instance, a -15 set handicap means that favored players have to win by at least 2 sets for the bet to win, while a + 1.5 set handicap means the underdog can win the match or will lose by just one set for the bet to win. This sports betting will allow players to find value by increasing the skill gap between players and gives alternative betting options out of outright match winners. 

Over Under Betting

The over under betting in tennis betting strategy involves predicting whether the total number of sets or games that are played in a match will be higher or lower than a specified set by the bookmaker. 

For instance, if the over under betting line is set at 21.5 games, you can bet on whether the total number of games played will be over or under. If you choose to bet on the over and the match ends with a total of 23 games, your bet will be successful. Over under betting will allow players to focus on a match’s overall intensity and duration rather than guessing the match winner. 

In-Play Betting

In-play betting or also recognized as live betting will allow players to place bets on matches while the game is in progress. It gives the flexibility to react to changing match dynamics and adjust strategies respectively. 

For instance, you can bet on the next game winner, the final number of games in a set, or even the result of the current point. In-play betting in tennis betting strategy offers an interactive and dynamic experience, allowing players to analyze the flow of the match, player performance, and other factors to make informed betting choices in real time. 


A parlay bet which is also known as an accumulator or combo bet, it combines multiple individual bets into a single bet. To win a parlay bet in tennis betting strategy, all the individual options within the best must be correct. 

For instance, you can combine 3 match winners into a parlay. If all 3 players win their respective matches, then your parlay will be successful. Parlays give the potential for the higher payouts as the odds of each option are multiplied together. However, if any of the individual options within the parlay are incorrect, the total bet will be lost. 


The futures are bets placed on long-term events that will be determined in the future, commonly out of the immediate tournament or match. These types of betting are often placed on results such as tournament winners, Grand Slam champions, or even year-end rankings. 

For instance, future tennis betting strategy includes guessing the Wimbledon Men’s Singles champion before the tournament begins, guessing the year-end world number one ranked player, or betting on which player will win the upcoming US Open.

And a chance for significant payouts, the future bets need a longer-term investment as the results are determined over an extended time. 

Tennis Betting Strategy for Increasing Odds

As a part of our article, we will show you more tennis betting strategies that you can incorporate to become a more successful player. 

1. Match Winner Betting Strategy

This tennis betting strategy involves the player you believe will be the winner of a match. It is a simple approach that is suitable for new players, focusing on predicting the total outcome rather than specific details. 

2. Head-to-Head Analysis Strategy

This strategy is researching head-to-head records between players and can give valuable insights. Think about the pattern like player dominance of favorable matchups when making betting decisions. 

3. Surface Specialization Strategy

Different tennis players on different surfaces. In this tennis betting strategy, you can familiarize yourself with players’ preferences and their performance on different surfaces (hard courts, grass, clay). Betting on players with a good record on a particular surface can be beneficial. 

4. In-Play Betting Strategy

Monitor will match live and identify momentum injuries, shifts, or player performance fluctuations to capitalize on changing odds. This in-play betting strategy will allow you to react to the evolving dynamics of a match and find valuable chances.

5. Statistical Analysis Strategy

Use advanced statistics like player serve percentages, return of serve efficiency, and break point conversion rate. Moreover, analyzing the detailed statistics can provide a deeper information of player strengths and weaknesses, aiding in more accurate predictions. 

6. Value Betting Strategy

Look for the variations between your calculated odds and bookmakers’ odds to find value bets. According to your research and analysis, assess the probability of results and compare it to the odds offered. Betting when the odds provide value can yield long-term winnings. 

Final Words

Yes, we love live betting on tennis and it is another area that can bring you a lot of winnings. With so many matches available, constant swings, unique markets, you have all the recipes you need for making money. Of course, you also need a tennis betting strategy! If you are ready to place a bet, then choose your favorite online sports betting Malaysia on our list! 


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