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What Does Spread Mean in Betting, Basic Rules, etc

Understanding what does spread mean in betting is an important part of sports betting. By offering one team or player an advantage from the outset, it is possible to even up the most lop-sided of encounters, making for an interesting betting experience. 

In this article, you will find the spread betting explained. We will look at the details of this type of betting. So, make sure you read them carefully.

Spread Betting Meaning

Understanding What Does Spread Mean in Betting

One question you often heard of recently is “what does spread mean in betting”. The spread is a concept applied in sports betting that refers to the artificial handicaps made by the sportsbook in an attempt to even out a matchup between the opponents. 

Spreads are important oddsmakers giving the bettors an estimate of what the margin of winning or defeat will be in a game. 

SpreadTotal (Over/Under)Moneyline

In the example above, the Philadelphia Eagles are favored on the moneyline (-125) and are expected to win the game or projected to have a higher winning chance of the game. This is all related in the spread where they are being given a -1.5 handicap to show their status as favorite, and the side more likely to win. 

Moreover, the Kansas City Chiefs are the underdogs and their spread is set in positive points (+1.5). As the underdog, the Chiefs are predicted to lose the game, or at least project with a higher probability of losing.

This is also related to their spread where their handicap is giving them an additional +1.5 points, showing their status as the underdog and the side less likely to win.

Basic Rules in Spread Betting

All sports betting will have house rules for wagering, and specifically of what does spread mean in betting. The basic rules at most sports betting are typically the same. The following are a few more common terms and conditions:

  • The odds may adjust after you have placed your bet. Regardless of how the odds move, your spread bet will be settled with the odds you accepted
  • If the game is a tie after the spread has been used and it is a two-way spread bet, the outcome of the bet will be a push and your stake will be returned
  • If the game is postponed or even canceled, you bet will be refunded
  • The bets are settled with the official league data. Sportsbooks don’t allow any disputes regarding this data

You must ensure that you understand all terms and conditions of what does spread mean in betting before placing a bet.

The Importance of Spread Betting

As you already know what does spread mean in betting, it is often the case that sporting events are incredibly one-sided. This implies that putting a moneyline bet is meaningless since you will either bet on an extremely unlikely event or an incredibly low-odds event. 

When games are one-sided, the spreads even them up. Importantly, spread betting will make any game into a close event. This not only will make a game worth betting on, but also will increase the excitement of watching the game. 

Moreover, spread betting is also a great place for bettors to show their knowledge. It is easy to guess when a strong team will beat a weak team, however, figuring out how much they will win is a more difficult task.

Are Spread Bets Suitable for Parlays?

Besides what does spread mean in betting, yes, they can be in parlay betting. It means the parlay bets are wagers included of two or more individual bets. For the parlay to win, all portion bets must be the winners. 

It makes parlay bets riskier than the standard bets, however, also offer higher reward. If you are looking for parlays and spread betting example, they would look like this:

  • Atlanta Hawks +5.5 to against Miami Heat -115 each
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +5.5 to against New Orleans Pelicans -115 each
  • Phoenix Suns -7.5 to against Los Angeles Clippers -105 each

If you made MYR 10 on all these bets individually and they all won, you will win back MYR 56.92. However, if you rolled them all into a parlay and bet MYR 30 on it, you will win back MYR 170.75 if all 3 teams won. 

As you can understand what does spread mean in betting, combining it into a parlay can really increase the amount you can win. However, if just one selection loses, you will win nothing. 

Spread Betting Tips 

After knowing what does spread mean in betting, we assume you are ready to take further steps into the tips for making bets of this type online. 

1. Search for the Best Odds

Online bettors can easily look through the odds at various sportsbooks. By doing so, it can ensure that you will always get the best odds. Moreover, it may not make much of a difference for one bet, however, the additional money you can win over time is considerable. 

2. Stay Informed

If you are going to place spread bets, you have got to stay up to date with all the newest goings on in your chosen sport. It is impossible to know everything about every sport. As a result, a lot of serious bettors will decide to focus on just one sport. 

3. Know the Key Numbers

This tip of what does spread mean in betting, is suitable for football fans. Most games are determined by 3 or 7 points, the values of a field goal and a converted touchdown. It means that the best bets are common those close to a key number, such as 3.5 and 6.5. Therefore, you need to look for these margins when spread betting. 

4. Consider Doubling Down

When you make a spread bet and the price moves to a better one, you can consider placing a second bet on the similar result. For example of what does spread mean in betting, if you have bet on the Dolphins at -5.5 and it will move to -4.5 with the similar odds, this advantages you and can be worth an extra bet. 

5. Bet on the Underdog Late

Some people will start placing bets on the favorite closer to the game day. As these bets are placed, they can tip the odds, making a bet on the underdog more interesting. Therefore, when you are looking to bet on the underdog, it is often best to wait and see when the market moves first.

Final Thoughts

Now, you got the idea what does spread mean in betting. It is an important part of sports betting, which offers one team or player an advantage from the outset.

If you are ready to place spread betting on the best online sports betting Malaysia sites, take your time to do your research and analyze the team or player you will place the bet. It will help you increase the winning chance!


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