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5 Casinos Where to Bet on the Super Bowl Online

You must be curious where to bet on the Super Bowl online. Well, it is one of the biggest events in the USA. It is the culmination of the NFL season. In this article, we will explain where and how to bet on the Super Bowl online. 

We have also included other information that will help you increase your odds of winning. So, keep reading!

Example of Super Bowl Betting

Before we jump into where to bet on the Super Bowl, it is good if we start from the example of this sport event. The accessibility for betting on the Super Bowl is big. All best online casino Malaysia will have coverage in come from, however, it is worth remembering that some will cover it better than others. 

Super Bowl bets are typically split into two categories. The first one is the futures market, where you can bet on the winner before the game even starts. The second one is the game market, where you can dive into bets once the lineup has been even confirmed. 

Moreover, the process of placing a bet is similar to finding any NFL matchup to bet on the over under of the game.

Super Bowl Betting Example

Most online casino sites will have dedicated sections, so bettors can decide where to bet on the Super Bowl for the main NFL section. For instance, you have bet MYR 100 on the under, priced at -110. So, when the total points of the game is under 47.5, you will secure a winning of MYR 90.91.

If you had placed a wager before the Super Bowl, you would have been able to place bets on future games beginning before the game began. Moreover, you can bet on the winner of the NFC, the AFC, and even the Super Bowl matchup itself. While the odds are long, they can be very interesting!

Where to Bet on the Super Bowl Online?

Below, you will find the best sites where to bet on the Super Bowl. We also provide some detailed information about the online casino to help you find the best place to bet on. Check them out!

1. BetMGM


BetMGM is the best online sports betting Malaysia and it is popular for football fans who want to bet on the big sporting event. This online casino offers an advanced feature-rich interface, with hundreds of betting options offered in a user-friendly format. 

Moreover, the odds are very competitive, and it is simple to compile similar-game parlays and browse alternate lines.

Recent Bonus CodePLAYLSR
Sports Betting Rating10/10

2. Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino

Caesars is the next place where to bet on the Super Bowl for bonuses. This online casino offers a big range of odds increases on the big game, along with the bonus bets and events. 

Moreover, this is recently the only licended online sportsbook that features live NFL streaming, with lots of options available. It also has big betting limits for VIP players, along with good customer service and fast withdrawal.

Recent Bonus CodeLSR1000
Sports Betting Rating10/10

3. FanDuel


Another site where to bet on the Super Bowl is FanDuel. It is the most popular betting site, with the market leading position in most countries that have legalized online sports betting. 

In addition, this online casino offers a very user-friendly sports betting interface that makes Big Game betting easy and quick. There are a number of markets available, and some great features and big bonuses. 

Recent Bonus CodeNone Required
Sports Betting Rating9/10

4. DraftKings


DraftKings is another excellent place where to bet on the Super Bowl. It is locked in an intense battle with FanDuel to become the Number 1 online sports betting. This online casino offers new football bettors with a No Sweat First Bet up to $1,000 (MYR 4,700) Welcome Bonus. 

If you lose your first bet, DraftKings will pay you back with a freebet of equal value to your bet. In addition, there are free-to-play pools and other promotions for Super Bowl bettors too. 

Recent Bonus CodeNone Required
Sports Betting Rating9.5/10

5. BetRivers


BetRivers is another place where to bet on the Super Bowl. This online casino offers a lot of prop bets, all sorts of alternate lines, loads of the similar game parlay options and a very comprehensive in-game betting section. 

Moreover, you can also browse the pre-game stats at this sports betting site to make astute Super Bowl picks. 

Recent Bonus CodeLSRRIV
Sports Betting Rating8/10

How to Bet on the Super Bowl Online This Year

After knowing where to bet on the Super Bowl, you can be ready to bet on this sport event this year in a matter of minutes. Here is what to do to place a bet:

  • Choose the most reputable online sportsbook – As you know, the Super Bowl is the largest betting event of the year for legal sportsbooks. 
  • Understand the Rules – You have to be of legal age and follow the terms and conditions event of playing on the gambling site. 
  • Register a New Account – To bet on at an online casino, you will have to register a new account, which typically takes just a few minutes. n
  • Deposit Money to Your Account – Choose a deposit option and add funds to your casino account.
  • Decide What You Want to Bet on – After knowing where to bet on the Super Bowl, you can place the available options by clicking on the NFL or Super Bowl tab. 
  • Decide Your Stakes – Deciding how much you want to bet is a personal decision, however, there are two rules of thumb to follow: Wager with your head and never over it, and never bet with money you can’t afford to lose comfortably. 
  • Place Your Bet – Click on the odds that match with your selection to add it to your betting report, and in the amount that you want to bet, verify that everything is correct and click to place the bet. 
  • Withdraw Your Winnings – Based on whether you have chosen a fast-paying sportsbook, the withdrawal time might vary. You can wait between a few hours to 3 business days for the most payment methods. 

Final Words

Now, you already get the idea where to bet on the Super Bowl online. Most importantly, you need to choose the most reputable online casino. Before placing a bet, we also suggest you to try a little research of the team that you expect to bet on. 


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