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What is 1×2 in Betting and Its Types

Do you know what is 1×2 in betting? For those who are new to the sports betting world, 1×2 is the easiest way to get into soccer betting. We have put together this handy to guide its term to help you increase your betting winnings. You can read more below to find out what it means for you in a simple way. 

1×2 Betting Meaning

What is 1×2 in Betting Actually?

So, what is 1×2 in betting? It is also known as match result, which is related to betting on the result of a certain game. In other words, your main objective is to predict whether the match finishes in a home win, away win, or draw. 

Moreover, “1” illustrates the home win, “X” stands for a draw outcome, and “2” illustrates the away win. In addition, a bookmaker will provide football betting odds for every of these 3 options. 

Quite logically, the 1×2 betting market is available only in sports with 2 possible results like soccer. For instance, if Manchester City and Chelsea play at the Etihad Stadium, the Citizens will be illustrated by “1” in the betting market. 

Meanwhile, Chealsea will be illustrated by “2” since it is the away team. And the last, “x” refers to a draw.

1×2 Bet Types

From what is 1×2 in betting, it has various types of bets that you can use to make your profits. These bet types are 1×2 First Half, 1×2 Second Half, and the 1×2 Handicap. 

As a bettor, you need to consider the terms and conditions for the different bet types since each has its own rules. Here are some details on bet types available in 1×2 betting you should know. 

1×2 First Half

In what is 1×2 in betting, the 1×2 First Half primarily stands for the betting result for any event, however, it is used only for the first half of the play. The bets will become void when the match is left before the end of the first half. For the matches left during the second half of the game, the bet placed is still valid. 

Therefore, the 1×2 First Half primarily uses the game from the beginning to its halfway point. At this stage, betting means you are placing your predictions on the first half of the gameplay. 

1×2 Second Half

In what is 1×2 in betting, the 1×2 Second Half is the same with the 1×2 First Half, however, primarily used in the second half of the match. As a player using the 1×2 Second Half option, you must place your bets on your predictions of the result of the gameplay after the first half. 

In addition, the second half of the game has to be finished, however, you risk losing any full-time and second-half bets if left. They will be void and you will not be able to make any winnings from them. The 1×2 Second Half bet doesn’t have any other overtime you can include in the match event.

1×2 Handicap

In what is 1×2 in betting, the 1×2 Handicap is part of the 3-way betting. It is primarily used when one of the teams is overpowering the other one. With this, betting sites balance the winning chances on the teams involved. You can use this factor to make your prediction of the winning team. 

For the Handicap, both positive and negative sides exist. Since they are placed on the predictions on teams that will probably lose you can take advantage from the number of goals even if your selected team loses the match.

Moreover, the 1×2 Handicap type is simple to bet on and has lower risks of losing in any event. 

Most Popular Types of Sports for 1×2 Betting

What is 1×2 in betting is inclusive of a variety of sports that a lot of players like betting on. Some of the most popular sports include soccer, ice hockey, and rugby.

Those games have the structures to allow 3-way betting, so 1×2 betting is possible. Below are some games that you can consider next time using this system for betting. 

1. Soccer

Soccer is unquestionably the most popular sport that 1×2 betting is known for. The process and the sports format make it easy to include 1×2 betting, among other types. Since you have 3-way betting for soccer, the 1×2 betting will increase your options for the betting and your winning chances. 

With soccer, you can bet on the first half of the game, the second half, and the whole game. In addition, the handicap is a good option to bet on and still get some advantages, even when there is a loss.  

2. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another popular sport in which what is 1×2 in betting is effective. Players have more winning chances using 1×2 when betting in this sport than other betting options. The predictions for ice hockey may be tricky, however, using 1×2 betting will make it much easier to make winnings. 

The process is easy, and players can make winnings within the 3 types of 1×2 betting. The option of this kind of bet for ice hockey is primarily based on the teams playing.

3. Other Sports

There are a lot of other sports that are popular for what is 1×2 in betting friendly. These sports include basketball, cricket, and even Formula One. The options for sports are endless as more are being inclusive with the time. 

In addition, sports are taking advantage of the fact that 1×2 betting is an easy option for most players, making it the most popular type in the online sports betting Malaysia market. The more sports involved in 1×2 betting, the higher the betting industry becomes. 

Final Words

The meaning of what is 1×2 in betting is one of the best betting markets within the industry. It is the most flexible and offers so much more compared to other betting types. It is useful for both beginners and experienced bettors. 

As a player, you will enjoy the journey and benefit from the good payout. Since it is simple to understand and make bets from the simple predictions, 1×2 betting is the best way to make big winnings without spending too much money. 


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