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What Does PK Mean in Betting with Pros and Cons

What does PK mean in betting is a question you may have asked yourself if you have ever spent five minutes at a sports betting website. This straightforward betting strategy can be used to increase poor early moneyline odds, bolster a parlay, or back a likely favorite with more acceptable odds. 

We will explain the PK betting meaning. So, make sure you keep reading to find everything you need. 

PK in Betting Meaning

What Does PK Mean in Betting Actually?

Many bettors might think what does PK mean in betting refers to wagering on penalty kicks, however, that is not the case. PK stands for “Pick’em”, “Zero Spread”, or “Pick”, which refers to the betting on a point spread market where the bookie doesn’t have a favorite or an underdog. 

It means the odds for both results are exactly similar and the spread between the two teams is zero. This generally happens when the result is truly too close to call, or the betting line has come out early and there is not enough to give accurate spreads. 

A crucial element of what does PK mean in betting is the similarity of odds. Zero margins happen all the time, however, the lack of a favorite or underdog is what makes a PK bet different.

How a PK Works in Betting?

Now, we can move to how this different bet works. A PK in betting will generally turn a spread bet into a moneyline. With the spread at exactly zero, a bet on either side needs that the team wins the game for the bet to be a winner, similar to a moneyline. 

However, this type of betting differs from a moneyline as the lines for a PK bet will be similar, while a moneyline bet will have different odds. There can be a different advantage to a PK in betting, where the odds for the favorite are more valuable than the moneyline. 

Examples of a PK Bet

As you already know what does PK mean in betting, let’s take a look at this type of bet in a few different sports to best explain how this became popular. It is a few days before an NFL event between Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons.

The moneyline odds differ with slight favorites priced at -190 and the underdog at +155. Nevertheless, the spreads have also been announced with both teams priced at -110 with zero spread. 

Moreover, the favorite has a -4.5 spread while the underdog has a +4.5 spread. It means that whichever team will be the winner, the game will win the spread, regardless of the margin as the winner always covers the spread. 

And, what about the NBA? For the Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks game, a bookmaker has lowered its early odds and lines. In addition, the moneyline is -125 vs +105, however, the point spread is a perfect example of what does PK mean in betting

Both the teams are priced at -110 with a zero spread. Then, the team you bet on simply needs to win for your bet to be a winner. 

Tips and Strategies in PK Betting

Now that you have seen the explanation about what does PK mean in betting, you can start to consider a few more advanced tips and strategies. It is a fairly simple bet type, however, using these tips below will specifically aid in your ability to spot the perfect Pick’em chance. 

Use Your Knowledge

Just because a game is classified as even odds with zero spread doesn’t mean a team will not win by a landslide, your PK bet can be ruined when your team doesn’t cover the spread as they will lose by a big margin.

Valuable Moneyline

You will often find what does PK mean in betting is slightly more valuable than the moneyline. Backing the PK line can offer a higher payout than when you just took the moneyline bet. 

Follow the Line

You can wait until the game is live and watch the line movement of a market that looks great for PK betting. For example, if a clearer underdog is found early in a game, a zero spread with customisable odds of -110 and -115 may change quickly to -110 and -125. 

Bet with Your Head

Be sensible of what does PK mean in betting. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and control your losses. It is up to you to make sure you follow Responsible Gambling practices on best online sports betting Malaysia to ensure they remain fun. 

Bet Big

Less a trick and more so a bit of advice. You will rarely get PK betting odds better than -110 and +110 that means you have to bet big to turn sizable winning. Alternatively, you can go for multiple little winnings over time too.

Pros and Cons of PK Betting

Of course, no single bet type or betting strategy will always be perfect. Even from what does PK mean in betting has both pros and cons. So, check out the best reasons to try PK bets on sports betting and a couple of the unlucky disadvantages.


  • Can work as a more valuable moneyline bet on the favorite
  • Good way to introduce beginner bettors into spread betting
  • A variety of sports and events are suitable for PK bets
  • Takes benefit of soft lines before the line eventually moves


  • You can still lose with the incorrect team or a lopsided scoreline
  • The bets need to be high to see a big profit from a single bet

Final Words

Then, what does PK mean in betting? It is a simple, accessible betting option that needs you to choose the winner of a game. It offers a great starting point for new bettors and a simple betting option for those who prefer simplicity in their sports betting strategies.

Keep in mind, no matter how complex or simple the bet, figuring out the sport and teams involved is important in making informed betting decisions. So, stay informed and most importantly enjoy the interesting world of sports betting.


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