What is 3 Bet in Poker, When to Do and Avoid it?

Do you know what is 3 bet in poker? If you are still not familiar with this term, don’t worry. We will give you an explanation about 3 bet that are included in the poker game. 

The 3-bet in this game was not very popular in the early days of the sport. When players will keep it for the strongest starting hands like pocket Aces. As the game became more popular, many players realized they could expand their winnings by increasing the frequency and widening the range of the 3-bets. 

Alright, let’s learn together when to use this betting strategy, along with the example to help you figure it out. 

3-betting in Poker


  • Definition 3-bet in poker game, especially in Omaha and Texas Hold’em
  • The perfect time to use 3-betting strategy
  • The difference of 3-betting and 4-betting

What is 3 Bet in Poker Game?

Let’s define what is 3 bet in poker game actually. A 3-bet is the third bet in a poker sequence, in which a player re-raises after the first pre-flop, or 2-bet (the blind payment is the initial bet in Omaha and Texas Hold’em). 

In addition, the 3-bet is an aggressive move that represents a very strong hand. It is one you will commonly encounter, whether you are playing online poker, whether in tournaments or in cash. 

In Texas Hold’em, it is one of the strongest betting strategies used. The 3-bet will force other players to fold, making weak players isolated and holding the initiative. Moreover, the strategy can also help you to build the pot and boost the size of your payouts. In the end, they are important to any winning poker strategy. 

Types of 3-Bet Poker Ranges

After knowing what is 3 bet in poker, let’s move to the types of these betting ranges. 

1. In Position

Being in the position of 3-betting strategies means you will get to see your opponent act before making a decision. With this advantage, a medium sized 3-bet is enough to put your opponent on the defense. 

For example, let’s assume you are playing a game MYR 10 or MYR 20 No-Limit Texas Hold’em. You are on the button with an ace of hearts and a king of hearts. Other players fold up to the player at the cut-off, who increases the bet of MYR 60. 

You 3-bet MYR 180, and your opponent calls. The flop will come with a 9 of spades, a jack of hearts, and a 5 of diamonds, and your opponent will check to you. You bet MYR 240 and they fold. By figuring this out you will understand more about what is 3 bet in poker. 

2. Out of Position

To give you more idea about what is 3 bet in poker, a 3-bet made out of position needs a different strategy. For example, you use the same stakes, you have a king of hearts and a king of clubs in the big blind. 

Everyone will fold except the player on the button, who bets MYR 60. You 3-bet MYR 260 and your opponent decides to fold. In this case, being out of position guarantees a bigger 3-bet. 

By betting MYR 26 instead of MYR 18, you are making your opponent pay more to capitalize on their position, which will increase the chances they will fold and leave you with the pot. 

When You Should 3-Bet in Poker Game?

After knowing what is 3 bet in poker and the ranges of it, you must be also wondering when to actually do it. The 3-bet is an effective way for building pots. Play more aggressively when you want to get as much value as possible from your strong hands. 

New players might be worried that aggression will cause everyone to fold, and they will lose any chance of winning, however, this might not be the case. Regardless of how good your hand is, it will lose equity if you let other players limp into the flop. Instead, 3-bet on hands you are likely to win, you can build pots, and boost your winnings over the long time. 

A common strategy in types of poker games is blind stealing. Some players will open raise from the late positions with just about any hand to steal the blinds. You can use the 3-bet to counter this and defend the blinds. 

If you are in one of the blinds and use this strategy, you can challenge the other player with a 3-bet, making their aggression more aggressive. Even if your plan doesn’t succeed, the player will think twice about stealing your blinds on the next hand. 

When You Shouldn’t 3-Bet in Poker Games?

Even though you already know what is 3 bet in poker and when to do it, you should be selective when using it as it can devalue a good hand. For instance, 3-betting a marginal hand might force other players to fold their weak hands, however, with a tighter calling range is a problem. 

Generally, a winning 3-bet should force a weaker hand to call and force a stronger hand to fold, or cause drawing hand with the poor odds to call. 

Therefore, you need to avoid 3-betting if you don’t think it can create one of these outcomes. Your decision will depend on what information you know of other players. You can try to put a range on the player who has raised, and ask yourself what kind of hand they are likely to have and whether your 3-bet forces one of the outcomes. 

How to Play a 3-bet in Poker Game

After we focused on the term of what is 3 bet in poker, let’s move how to play it. Here is a step-by-step on how to play 3-bet in poker game. A new player should read these carefully!

Decide the Size of the 3-Bet

The first thing a player needs to know is the size of their 3-bet. As a rule, prevent making minimal 3-bets as it will give the other players good odds to call with a wider range of hands. 

Moreover, the smallest 3-bet you need to make is twice the amount of the open raise. However, re-raising by a factor of 3 is a good idea if you are betting in position. When you are out of position, your 3-bet sizing should be closer to the 4 times the open raise. 

Tighten Your 3-Bet Range

As you know what is 3 bet in poker, if you use this strategy from any position except blinds, there is a good opportunity you will scare away the players who haven’t acted, and you are likely to end up in a better position post-flop. 

One said, the earlier your position, the more likely it is that a player behind you has a good hand. Tighten your 3-bet range based on your position. The worse your position, then the tighter your range. 

Watch the First Raiser

Lastly, you need to pay attention to the position of the first raiser. Your 3-bet is an aggressive re-raise of this player’s raise. When this player has a strong position, consider the strength of their hand before responding using 3-bet. Always be mindful of the other players and how they are playing their hands. 

3-Betting vs 4-Betting in Poker Game

After what is 3 bet in poker, and what about 4-bet? 

Well, a 4-bet is when a player re-raise a 3-bet. Offering that a 3-bet is an aggressive second bet on a pre-flop raise, a 4-bet is even more assertive and is commonly at least twice the size of the 3-bet. 

This pattern of betting will go further. The 5-bets and 6-bets are possible, even though usually rare. Once bets come to these levels, players will likely bet their entire stakes by going all in. 

Final Thoughts

Then, what is 3 bet in poker? It is a third bet in poker game, in which a player will re-raise after the first pre-flop, or 2-bet. This is an effective way for building pots. You can play more aggressively when you want to get as many values as possible from your good hands. In the end, you can take advantage of this strategy, but you need to learn the situation in a poker game before deciding to use it. 


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