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What is A Lucky 15 Bet with Example, Pros and Cons

Do you want to know what is a Lucky 15 bet? Well, the bet takes its name from the number of bets included. Obviously, that is 15, and there are 4 options required to form the bet. Anyway, you can guarantee 15 bets in a Lucky, however, you can’t always be sure that they also will be lucky ones. 

Lucky 15 Bets Meaning

Understanding What is A Lucky 15 Bet

For those of you who don’t know about what is a Lucky 15 bet, it consists of 15 different bets, covering every possible combination that comes with backing 4 options. The 15 bets are:

  • 1 fourfold accumulator
  • 4 trebles, with every treble excluding one of your selections
  • 6 doubles, covering every possible combination
  • 4 singles

The 4 singles that differentiate what is a Lucky 15 bet from a Yankee, which only involves the first 11 bets. The occurrence of a Lucky 15 is that it provides many more ways to win than a conventional accumulator. 

Yes, if a bookmaker offers you Acca insurance, then you can get money back as a free bet when one pesky side will let you down. However, the Lucky 15 will build a level of insurance into the bet itself.

A Lucky 15 will use both your Acca and your singles as well as producing trebles and doubles that award you for correctly calling 2/4 or 3/4 of your selections. To cover the 15 separate bets, a Lucky 15 will use your 15x. When you were to place $1 on a Lucky 15, you will be stacking in total across the various bets.

Example of Lucky 15 Bet

A simple way to think of what is a Lucky 15 bet, is to imagine choosing 4 teams: A, B, C, and D. Your Lucky 15 bet will consist of the following bet combinations:

  • A, B, C, and D as Straight Bets
  • AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, and CD as Double Bets
  • ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD as Treble bets
  • ABCD as Four-fold accumulator

Most online sports betting Malaysia sites offer a bonus when one and only one selection wins. A usual bonus is 2x those bets. Some bookies offer 3x that is a great benefit to have if placing your bet.

Imagine even odds on all 4 selections, and imagine a 2x bonus when one team wins, when just Team A wins, you will get paid 2 units, netting a loss of 13 units. 

When Teams A and B win, you will win the two straight bets, as well as one of the double bets (one unit plus 2 units, for a total of 3 units), for a payout of 5 units. 

When Teams A, B, and C win, you will get 3 straight bets (3 units), 3 of the doubles (9 units), and one treble (7 units), for a total payout of 19 units. 

Moreover, when 4 teams win, you will get paid on all of the bets, which will net a payout of 65 units (4 units for single bets, +18 units for the doubles, +28 units for the trebles, +15 units for the fourfold accumulator).

How Do You Place a Lucky 15 Bet

Now that you understand what is a Lucky 15 bet. The bookies’ bet slips, however, have several sections included in. Therefore, there is no need to bet on singles, doubles. trebles, and a fourfold individually. 

You can simply add your four options to the bet slip and you can choose the Lucky 15 option. This is commonly found under the multiples tab or drop down. Moreover, Lucky 15 can be combined across all sports on the matches, outright market, races or whatever markets bettors desire. 

Pros and Cons of Lucky 15 Bets

One of the main pros from what is a Lucky 15 bet, is they will offer a return when just a single selection requires. Obviously, that will need to be a good price to cover the bet, however, it still pays when only one choice wins. 

Another benefit is that not all selections must win to protect a good return. When two or 3 selections are successful a good profit can be returned, and if betting each-way, it is possible to hit a nice profit with 4 selections just making the frame. 

However, from what is a Lucky 15 bet, you are splitting your bet across a number of bets and it can reduce the returns. When you place a 10 cents Lucky 15 it will total a $1.50 bet. When all 4 selections were to win, the returns were far smaller than when a straight $1.50 accumulator was placed. 

Remember that the singles aspect from what is a Lucky 15 bet also need consideration. When the 4 selections are all priced at around 20-1, 25-1, 33-1 or 50-1, obviously a single win will produce a good return. 

Nevertheless, when they are odds-on shots, the singles almost become a wasted part of the bet, offering the small return they are likely to bring. Bettors need to consider when the single part of the bet is worth the increased bet.

The Importance of Lucky 15 Bet

Understanding what is a Lucky 15 bet is a great choice to take up when you have 4 selections in 4 separate events that you assume will win, however, you want to have some insurance for the bet. 

Multiple combinations (6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a fourfold Acca), mean that you are covered in every way possible to win big, while the singles mean you need at least get some return even if they don’t all win. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are really feeling a hot streak coming on, nothing against what is a Lucky 15 bet. If you can hit all 4 selections, your payout will be big. Even if only one out of 4 teams wins, you still will get some money back.

The right spot will come when either 2 or 3 teams win, which will happen a good percentage of the time, and will result in a good payout.


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