What is a Royal Flush in Poker, How to Get It with Strategy

As part of poker card rankings, we bring you an article about what is a royal flush in poker, including definition, probability, and other important things. Well, you probably know about royal flush from the straight flush. 

To flashback from our previous article, a straight flush is when you have any 5 cards of the similar suit in numerical order. And, a royal flush is similar, however, far more valuable. Poker players with all of the experience levels dream of getting a royal flush. Keep reading to figure out more about this poker hand ranking. 

Royal Flush Meaning

Understanding What is a Royal Flush in Poker

To answer what is a royal flush in poker, it represents the strongest hand you can possibly make in a game types of poker. However, it is mathematically the rarest made hands which you can draw from a 52-card poker deck. 

The official meaning of royal flush is a 10-to-Ace straight with all 5 cards of matching suits. A regular poker deck will yield only 4 ways to make a royal flush, as it stands as the rarest of poker hands. Yes, the hand appears so uncommonly. In fact, you can play thousands of poker hands and never make a royal flush.

Apart from what is a royal flush in poker, only 4 ways to make this poker hand ranking.  You can make it in any of the 4 suits (spades, diamonds, hearts, or clubs), however, all 5 cards must be the similar suit for the hand to qualify as a royal flush. 

Moreover, the royal flush will stand as the best possible straight flush you can create. A straight flush can be made of 5 sequential cards that are all similar suits. All other poker ranking hands are ranked lower than the royal flush, which is at the extreme of the possible straight flush spectrum.

What Can Beat a Royal Flush?

As you know from what is a royal flush in poker that it is the strongest in poker hand rankings, now you must be wondering what hand can beat it. Well, no other created hand can beat a royal flush in games that use the regular poker hand rankings.

This hand marks the best possible hand in variations like Texas Holdem Poker, Pot Limit Omaha, Caribbean Stud Poker, Short Deck Holdem, and so on. 

In variation with a hi-lo split, it is possible for the best qualifying low hand to chop the point with a royal flush. In addition, the games that use hi-lo split rules include Omaha 8 or Better, Stud 8 or Better, and a few other poker variants. 

Nevertheless, the royal flush will always be an unbeatable high hand. In Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Holdem, it is impossible for 2 players to use their hole cards to make a royal flush in the similar hand. 

How Can You Get a Royal Flush?

There are a few things of what is a royal flush in poker that you need to get this poker ranking hand. Firstly, you have to find a deck of cards. Next, you have to shuffle the deck of cards. Third, you have to deal yourself 5 cards. 

Fourth, you have to look at your hand and see when you have a royal flush. When you don’t have this hand, then you need to discard the cards that don’t make a part for the royal flush and draw new cards until you get a royal flush.

When you have a royal flush, you will almost win the hand. From what is a royal flush in poker, here are some tips on how to get this hand:

  • Play high-stakes poker variants. The higher stakes, the most likely you will see other players with high-value hands like a royal flush
  • You can play at online casino that offer progressive jackpots for royal flushes. These can give you millions of dollars. Therefore, it is obviously worth trying for one of these big payouts
  • Moreover, you can use a strategy of what is a royal flush in poker to help you identify which cards are most likely to result in a royal flush. It will give you a hint over other players who don’t know this information

Probability of a Royal Flush

A regular poker deck will yield only one different way to draw a royal flush. About what is a royal flush in poker, multiplying that by the 4 suits, there are 4 total possible ways to make a royal flush. 

When you draw 5 random cards from a 52-deck, you would have an 0.000154% chance of creating a royal flush. This probability can be also represented as 649,739-to-1 odds against drawing a royal flush. 

In Texas Holdem, your main objective is making the best possible 5-card hand out of 7 total cards (two hole cards + 5 community cards). Here, you will have a 0.0032% chance of making a royal flush (30,939-to-a odds against).

Strategies in Royal Flush Betting

To make what is a royal flush in poker clearer, it is exceedingly rare for a player to get a royal flush even once in their poker careers. In fact, you will have to play more than half a million hands of poker before you will find a royal flush.

If you are playing 7 card stud or Texas Holdem, the odds are a bit more in your favor than when you are playing 5-card draw, however, they are still pretty small. 

According to the statistical probability of getting a royal flush, you have to be wise to come up with other, more likely strategies as you play. However, when it seems like a royal flush is coming together for you, you must definitely see it through. 

Final Thoughts

As you know from what is a royal flush in poker, it is the ultimate poker hand that all players expect to get someday. As it is the strongest and rare hand, you will always feel confident that the hand is yours, when you have got a royal flush. 

If for some reason two players get this poker hand ranking in the same game, the result will almost always be a draw. You will split the pot and both go home relatively happy.


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