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5 Ways on How to Bet Football Online for Beginners

You must be very eager to learn how to bet football online. As you already know, football remains the number 1 choice for betting in Malaysia, attracting 40% of all bets placed. The total number of matches worldwide offers bettors a diverse range of markets to explore, and betting sites further entice gamblers with attractive offers and competitive odds. 

It is important for bettors to have a deep understanding of these markets in order to make smart decisions. This article will explain a comprehensive manual for football betting, offering bettors with important knowledge to place a bet in football sports betting. 

Understanding How Does Football Betting Work

Understanding the rules of the game is the first step on how to bet football online. Making better, more knowledge, bets on players and teams based on their propensity to play the game successfully might be facilitated by being aware of many things. 

In addition, being aware of the types of bets you can make that you will dive into below, will give you that additional edge. Even when you have never watched a game, football is rather simple to hold, so you can choose the ropes pretty fast to get started sooner rather than later. 

How to Bet Football Online for Beginners

Are you wondering how do you bet on football for beginners? Well, we will explain to you from the very start until it finishes. So, make sure you keep reading to get detailed information on how to place a bet in a football sport.

1. Choose the Most Trusted Online Casino Malaysia

The first thing you need to do is to find the best online sports betting Malaysia site. Yes, you can find a hundred online casinos on the internet. However, choosing the most trusted one is like a difficult task. Therefore, you have to pick the best one that is licensed by many reputable gambling authorities like PAGCOR and UK Gambling Commission. 

2. Sign up for a New Account

The next thing you need to do on how to bet football online, head over to your chosen online casino’s main page, then click the Register or Join Now button. You will have to enter your email, new preferred username and password. After that, you can click Create Account. Don’t forget to accept the rules of online gambling and fill out the form. 

3. Make a Deposit to Your Account

After completing your registration, the next step on how to bet football online is make a deposit. You can head to the cashier and choose to make a deposit. In addition, you can also claim the Welcome Bonus at this time as most online casinos will offer it. 

After that, choose a preferred payment method, enter your promo code, nominate your deposit amount, and follow any prompts to complete your transaction.

4. Choose Your Bet and Amount

The next thing you should do on how to bet football online is choose your bet and amount. With money in your casino account, it is time to go and find your first football bet.

You can choose to bet on the NFL or NCAAF that is offered in your chosen online casino. From there, choose the game and bet type that you wish to bet on and it will occur on the right hand side in your bet slip. 

5. Place Your Bet

On how to bet football online, with your bet placed in the bet slip, the time has come to pick your amount to risk and lock in the bet. Once you are set and ready, hit the button to send your wager to the system. 

Odds in Football Betting

After knowing how to bet football online, now it is your time to know the odds of this type of sports betting. Remember, odds will work as a representation of the relationship between your bet and the winning potential for a specific result. These odds are determined by the bookmakers. In addition, if you decide to bet on a particular result, you will use these odds to calculate your potential payout.

Generally, odds will be presented as fractions (like 2/1), however, they can also be shown as decimals (3.0 is equivalent to 2/1 as a fractional fee). Then, the bookmaker will allow you the flexibility to choose how odds are represented. 

For example, if the odds on how to bet football online are 2/1, you will receive MYR 200 for every MYR 100 you bet, to having your first bet returned. Otherwise, placing the similar bet with decimal odds of 3.0 means that you will get a total return of MYR 300 for every MYR 100 bet. 

Various Bet in Football Betting

Let’s look at your possibilities before you get started to place a bet. Yes, football betting possibilities are plentiful at the top online sportsbook, so it is important to figure out which bets will fit your betting style the best.

1. Moneyline Bets

This is a simple wager on how to bet football online. The bookmakers will take into your account the advantages and disadvantages of both sides before releasing moneyline odds on who will win the event. 

2. Point Spreads

One of the most crucial bets to understand, not only in football, but also in other sports, is the point spread. The bookmakers will determine a point spread for each game by providing an advantage to the side that is perceived to be more dominant and a disadvantage to the team that is perceived to be weaker. They will offer comparable odds on both teams covering it.

3. First Half or Half Time Bets

This can be used for either a moneyline bet or a point spread bet. However, it is applicable to either the quarters or halves of the game. 

4. Over Under or Total Bet

Over under on how to bet football online is made based on how many points each team will score overall. For example, when you believe the clubs will score at least 47 points combined, you may bet on over 46.5.

5. Parlay

You can pick two or more football games combined in a parlay. For example, if you bet on Arizona State, Akron, and Kansas State all to cover the spread. The parlay will only win when every selection is accurate. Your overall winning will be increased as the prizes from every accurate selection, or “leg” carry over the following pick.

Final Words

Well, those are some steps on how to bet football online. Remember that this type of betting is based on luck. To help you better with the potential winning, you can start by researching how the last performance of teams you expect to bet.

You need to make sure that your chosen teams will win the event. After you are confident to bet on, you can find a reputable online casino and start to place a bet. 


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