What is Double Down in Blackjack: A Winning Strategy

How to play blackjack at a casino is simple actually, however, you need to also know what is double down in blackjack before playing. It is because you have to beat the dealer by either making them bust or beating their score without 21. However, when you look a little closer, you will notice that there are a few things that you can do to increase the chances of winning. 

In some cases, you may choose to double down on your hand in blackjack. By doing so, it can potentially help you get closer to beating the dealer, but you have to think very carefully before you do this. Then, if you get your doubling down strategy wrong, things can fastly go pear-shaped. Therefore, we will try to explain more about double down in blackjack. 

What is Double Down in Blackjack You Should Know?

Cat is Playing Blackjack

What is double down in blackjack, it is one of the most exciting moves in blackjack. It enables you to double your bet in the middle of a hand in exchange for getting just 1 card. Yes, it is a risky gamble, as it commonly ends your betting, you can’t hit again even if you get a specific low second card. 

This will lead you to more afraid players avoiding the double bet, and more adventurous players making it far too often. It is important to try and strike a balance between safe play by using a statistical strategy and risky double downs to increase your potential winnings. 

When to Double Down in Blackjack?

After knowing what is double down in blackjack, you must be also wondering when to do it in the game. Well, basic strategies for blackjack have been precisely mapped using mathematical probability. It is designed to tell you certainly when it is best (in the long run) to double down. 

There are 3 conditions when it is best to double down. In all of these conditions, you can’t go bust and are in the most likely position to finish with a high hand, while statistics show that the dealer is in the most likely position to lose the hand. 

Hard 9 Against the Dealer’s Low Cards

If you are dealt a total of 9, double down when the dealer reveals a card between 2 and 6 (any card below 7, not including the Ace). It must be a hard 9, meaning there are no Aces in your own hand. Then, the combination can be 2 – 7, 3 -6, or 4 – 5. When you have A – 8 (a soft 9), it is the best to stand, regardless of what the dealer reveals. 

Soft 16 – 18 Against the Dealer’s Low Cards

As you know what is double down in blackjack, if you have an Ace and either a 5, 6, or 7, offering you a “soft” total of 16 to 18 and the dealer reveals a card from 2 to 6. It is a great time to double your bet. With an Ace and a lower card (2 to 4), it is better to just hit, as you are less likely to end with a high hand. 

Hard 10/11 Against Any Lower Dealer Card

By knowing what is double down in blackjack, a hard 10 or 11 puts you in a strong position. It is with any two cards, not including an Ace, that make 10 or 11 (2 – 8, 2 – 9, 3 – 7, 3 – 8, 4 – 6, 4 – 7, 5 – 6). When the dealer has a lower total, it is time to double down. 

When to Not Double Down in Blackjack?

As you know what is double down in blackjack, even though it can be a great move if you use it wisely, you may also encounter cases when you are better off to avoid it. One of the main conditions when you should not double down is when your hand is higher than 11, however, you don’t have an Ace. In this case, doubling down can highly increase your chances of exceeding 21 and busting. 

Another case when doubling down might not so right be when you have already done so many times in a game. First of all, many live casino Malaysia sites might limit the number of times that you are enabled to double down. By doing so, it will be useless beyond a certain point. However, even if you are enabled to, you run the risk of your strategy no longer being as effective as it previously was. 

In addition, you should also remember that doubling down too often, if you are not careful, increases your losses. As a result, you can find yourself out of the game faster than you will have liked. Then, you will need to think logically about whether doubling down in a specific situation is worth it or not.

Can You Double Down in Offline and Online Blackjack?

Based on the explanation on what is double down in blackjack, doubling down is, in and of itself, a simple concept to figure out. However, at the same time, the rules for when you are enabled to, and how often you can, will differ based on where you play. If you play at an online casino, you may find that the rules for doubling down are more easy. 

By having said that, enabling players to double down is not necessarily universal for all online casinos in Malaysia. Thus, before you start playing, you need to make sure that you are enabled to do so by depositing. 

Unfortunately, many land-based casinos will not let you double down when you play. As a result, you will need to think more carefully about the ways that you try to win against the dealer. In addition, you can also do some research beforehand to understand whether you are enabled to double down at a casino. 

Final Thoughts

By knowing what is double down in blackjack, it can help you to increase the chances of beating the dealer. It is also incredibly effective when you maximize your efforts. However, many offline casinos will not let you double down, and you may find that your online casino doesn’t let you either. 

Moreover, the concept of doubling down is somewhat simple. You can do it but make sure that you don’t break any rules, as you may not be able to use two in the same game. 


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