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What is Slingo, How to Play, and 6 Special Symbols

If online slots are your favorite, you must be interested to figure out what is Slingo. This is a casino game that combines slots and bingo. Hmm… How so? Though, there are hundreds of these interesting games available to play online, so you can take your time and enjoy! 

But first, you need to know about what Slingo is, how it works, and other important things you should know to become a master in this game!

Slingo Definition

What is Slingo Actually?

You might know that Bingo is a number of lottery games, but unless you are familiar with online gambling options, you might not yet know “Slingo Bingo. To answer your question about what is Slingo, it is a hybrid online game that combines some features of classic bingo within a slot game. 

This game was created by a New Jersey businessman, and launched on the AOL platform in 1996. Slingo became an unexpected success when it was found that players found this easy-to-play game exceptionally exciting. 

Moreover, Slingo is a cross between 75-ball bingo and a 5-reel slot game. You will play on a 5 x 5 grid that looks like a bingo card, except there are also reels placed just underneath it. Only one space on every reel is available. 

Rather than having a caller to tell the numbers as you do in bingo games, they are offered to you by the reels underneath the card. Every spin shows 5 numbers or feature symbols that can be crossed off if they appear on your card.

Most of Slingo games have an automatic daubing feature that will mark them off for you. We bet you now found out what is Slingo actually. 

Slingo vs Slots and Bingo

After knowing what is Slingo, you must be wondering what the differences are between slots and bingo. There are a few differences that you must aware of before you play:

Less Reel Space

There is much less reel space visible when compared to a slot game. Because the slot reel is placed at the bottom of the card, you can only see one space on every reel, while you can see 3 or more typical slots.

Game Symbols

There are symbols on the bingo card as you know. While in classic bingo you can only see the numbers on the cards, in Slingo some of the popular slot symbols are also used in the bingo card. Except to see jokers, gold coins, free spins, and more on the bingo card. 

Single and Multiplayer

Interesting point about what is Slingo, this can be single-player like a slot machine or multiplayer like bingo. You can find the flexibility in this game, it means you can decide the Slingo game that best suits your mood. There is a thriving social side to multiplayer, with chat rooms that are the same as online bingo. 

How to Play Slingo

Slingo is an exciting simple game to play and you don’t need to learn any strategies like you play Caribbean Stud Poker. You will get a pre-set number of spins on the reels (between 10 and 20), and within that time the main purpose is to increase points by matching up as many numbers or symbols on the reels with those on your card. 

You will generally have a time limit after every spin in which to manually daub your card, so you will need to pay attention. Once you have reached the end of your spins, you will have the option of buying more. 

The winners are chosen based on the points system. To win the game, you have to calculate the highest number of points. The points are rewarded for different actions after a spin like marking numbers off your card. The lines on what is Slingo also worth more points and clearing all card will give you a big boost, depending on how many spins it will take you. 

Moreover, you can also earn points for spinning specific symbols like jokers or coins. When you play solo, you will be given a pre-set score that you need to beat. With the multiplayer-game, you will compete against the other players to see who will get the highest score. 

Unlike bingo, Slingo can be played with a number of special features like powerups, multipliers, and free spins to help you increase your points score. 

Special Symbols in Slingo

As you know what is Slingo, this game has symbols like in slot games. It has a number of special symbols. If you land these on the reels, you will be able to collect more points or unlock the special features. While every Slingo version is slightly different, the main symbols you are likely to find are:

  1. Coins – These are great as they will give you additional points and also activate the free spins
  2. Devils – These are not great. When you land a devil, your score will be cut in half and will lose a potential number on your cards
  3. Cherubs – This will cancel out the devil and shoot him with an arrow. It is more interesting to figure out what is Slingo, isn’t it?
  4. Jokers – These are the Wild cards, and you can use it to daub any number in the top column
  5. Super Jokers – These are basically the similar to the joker, however, you will be not confined to marking off a number in the same column, you can use them anywhere on the board
  6. Free Spin – Get an additional spin on the reels without having to pay

Because of the variation between different games, it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the different features and special symbols every time you want to play a new version of Slingo. 

Tips for Playing Slingo for a New Player

As you know what is Slingo, winning this game is all about calculating points. It is mostly a game of chance, so there are a few things you can do to help increase your chances and give yourself the best likelihood of a good result. 

1. Save Your Multipliers until the End

If you are allowed to save your 3x and 5x multipliers, better use them as late in the game as possible. It is most likely you will be completing lines and maximizing the points you can get with them. 

2. Make us of Powerups

The one thing you don’t know about what is Slingo, there are powerups which are things like extra spins and extra time. They can help you to get more points if the variang od Slingo you are playing offers them. Moreover, if you use more than one at a time, make sure that the powerups you choose will work together as some will not.

3. Pay Attention to the Instructions

While the basic premise about what is Slingo is the same, every version is slightly different. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the different features and powerups before you start. It will help you to get the opportunities of collecting as many points as possible. 

Final Words

With the simplicity of what is Slingo, great payouts, and special features, it is no wonder that this is fast becoming one of the most popular casino games around. If you like to play bingo, there is a good chance you will love Slingo too,why not give it a try at your most favorite best online casino Malaysia?


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