What is the Dragon in Baccarat with Odds and House Edge

Understanding what is the dragon in baccarat is beneficial for all players. It is one of the most interesting bets in any table game. This bet can help take your baccarat experience to the next level. Online baccarat casinos make it easy to understand this side bet and learn the ins and outs of the baccarat dragon bet.

Some casinos offer bonuses that you can use while you apply this side bet. Keep reading to get a clear understanding about dragon bonus baccarat in this article. 

Dragon Bonus in Baccarat Meaning

Understanding What is the Dragon in Baccarat

To answer the question of what is the dragon in baccarat, it is a side bet, independent of the main game, that will let you bet on the number of points a specific hand wins by. 

If you predict the correct result, it pays out accordingly. The bigger the disparity in points, the better the payout. Take a look at this example of a winning dragon bonus bet:

  • You will bet on the player hand to win
  • The player hands ends with 7 points in the game
  • The dealer hand ends with 5 points in the game
  • Your bet on the player hand will win
  • The gap between the player and dealer in 2 points
  • You get a payout for a natural 2-point winner

The bigger the gap between hands, of course the bigger the payout. Your total payout for the baccarat dragon bonus based on the paytable the casino is using for that game.

How Does the Dragon Bonus Work in Baccarat?

After you understand what is the dragon in baccarat, figuring out a little more about how the scoring works becomes important here. At most online casinos, it is a natural win when a 2-card hand adds up to an 8 or 9.  In addition, the dealer will typically stand on 6s and 7s, but will draw a 3rd card if the hand’s value is 5 or under. 

Due to its payout format and thrilling twist on the base game, this Asian side bet is now popular at many casino tables around the world. Nowadays, you can find the option at many land-based casinos or at the best online casino Malaysia

How Do You Play the Dragon Bonus Bet in Baccarat?

From what is the dragon in baccarat, when you place a bet, you are betting on which hand will win and how many points it will beat the other by. For instance, when the player’s hand is an 8 and the dealer’s hand is a 3, it is a 5-point difference. For a payout, you must wager on “win by 5” accordingly. 

You can also apply the dragon bonus to bet on the opposite hand of your main bet. It is therefore possible to wager “win by 8” on the dealer’s hand and make a standard wager on the player’s hand. This way, when you lose your regular bet but occur to win the dragon bonus, you still get a good payout. 

Moreover, the odds of winning a dragon bonus can vary based on how many decks are in play. Let’s look at the payouts of what is the dragon in baccarat and an example of the winning odds of each bet based on an 8-deck shoe.

Dragon Bonus Side BetGeneral PayoutOdds for Player HandOdds for Banker Hand
Natural Win 8 or 91:116.259%16.259%
Win by 41:13.737%4.024%
Win by 52:13.324%3.147%
Win by 64:12.826%2.385%
Win by 76:11.792%1.591%
Win by 810:10.682%0.566%
Win by 930:10.368%0.308%

The Strategies for Dragon Bonus Bet in Baccarat

As you already know from what is the dragon in baccarat, this game is luck-based. So, there is not any amount of skill strategy that can impact the result of the cars. Still, our experts team recommend a few things that might help you play your best.

  1. You can start by paying attention to the odds and house edges. Some side bets are not worth making. For example, the “win by 9” dragon bonus bets will payout a whopping 30:1, however, your chances of getting it right are pretty small. In addition, if you bet that on the dealer, the house edge is even worse
  2. Select your bets wisely
  3. Another useful tip of what is the dragon in baccarat is to manage your bankroll. You need to make a plan how much you expect to spend before you start gambling and stick to it, so you will not have any regret and always gamble responsibly

Odds and House Edge of Dragon Bonus in Baccarat

In the regular game without side bets, baccarat has one of the best odds. The player bet is at 1.24% house edge, and the dealer is as low as 1.01%. The wager with the worst house edge in the game is the tie at 14.36%.

Yes, side bets generally heavily favor the casino. Therefore, adding the dragon bonus into the equation will change things. The house edge for the player side rises up to around 2.65% and the house edge for the dealer of what is the dragon in baccarat goes up to a lofty 9.37%.  

Baccarat HandStandard GameIncluding Dragon Bonus
Player’s Side1.24%2.65%
Dealer’s Side1.01%9.37%

Clearly, the smartest bet you can make of what is the dragon in baccarat is to take the dealer in the standard game and avoid the side bets. However, it is worth mentioning that some baccarat tables will charge a 5% commission fee on dealer wins to compensate. 

The commission-free tables of what is the dragon in baccarat do exist, even though there are restrictions, too. Generally if you bet on the dealer and the hand wins with a total of 6 points, you will only receive half your bet back. You can have the dragon bonus table with a commission fee and without. Therefore, be sure to read the rules before you play. 

Final Words

In conclusion of what is the dragon in baccarat, it is very much about luck as it depends on skill. However, the points system adds a different dimension to it and it can be very interesting to play. We have already shown you the importance of the dealer’s hand and the player’s hand, that you are very much at the mercy of the banker.


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