How to Predict Baccarat Result 60%+ Dealer Wins

Learning how to predict baccarat result is important for all players, especially if you are new in gambling world. Baccarat is one of the oldest and popular casino games in gambling history. Fast-paced gameplay and simple rules will make it a great choice to spend your evening gambling. 

And, if you know how to predict the results of a baccarat, it will increase your winning odds, and the game becomes even more fun! In this article, you will learn how to predict the outcome while playing blackjack online or in land-based casinos. 

Is It Possible to Predict a Baccarat Game?

Before we jump into how to predict baccarat result, you must be wondering if it is really possible to predict the results. Well, basically, baccarat is a pure chance casino game. Whether the strategy will work or not depends mostly on luck. 

In all cases, the baccarat charts and strategies will give you some edge over the house. Therefore, even though there is no guaranteed winning formula, our advice will significantly improve your winning odds.

How to Predict Baccarat Result 60%+ Banker Wins (Still Testing)

We are testing a method of how to predict baccarat result that we have learned from an expert player in Reddit. So, we have been looking at we believe 6 deck baccarat, around 50 – 60 hands a shoe. We have collected the data for a few dozen shoes already in the last recent shoes. Well, nothing conclusive, but definitely a lead. 

In 3 different shoes when the beginning (has to be the first 10 to 20 wagers) was 60 – 80% in favor of the player, the banker will have a 4+ banker streak, and 60 – 80% banker win rate right following it. 

We think when you play 10 shoes, you might get 3 shoes that have a majority of low cards in the first 10 – 15 bets giving a benefit to the player, after the low cards are eliminated. 

It will help the banker. We assume the way we hit the system is the banker and the elimination of low cards will give the banker a 60% edge. Some example from 3 shoes in a row that follows roughly 60% player win rate on how to predict baccarat result are:

Shoe 1

First 13 hands: 10 player, 3 banker. 77% in favor of the player. 14th to 21st bet = 7 banker losses in a row. Remaining hands including 7 banker losses = 12 player, 29 banker. 70% banker.

Shoe 2

First 17 hands: 11 player, 6 banker. 64% in favor of the player. 15 losses in a row from the 18th to the 23rd wager. Remaining hands including 5 losses = 15 player, 21 banker 58%.

Shoe 3

First 17 hands. 11 players, 6 bankers. 64% to the player’s advantage. Six losses in a row from the 18th to the 24th bet. Remaining hands with six losses equal (15 player, 26 banker, or 63%).

Total banker wins is 76 of 118 = 64 banker wins. Then, the nature of the immediate switch from the player to banker wins is the same as the optimal outcome when counting cards in blackjack. On how to predict baccarat result, over 10 – 50 games we can get a better read on it, however, we still can’t pinpoint why yet. 

Baccarat Bets

On how to predict baccarat result, you should know there are only 3 main bets, the banker, the Player, and the Tie. The latter has the largest payout of 8:1 and might seem interesting to beginners. However, the house edge of this best is 15% and it will win quite rarely. 

Tha banker is the safest bet since it has a house edge of 1% and the banker will win most of the baccarat hands. In addition, many casinos withhold 5% from the winnings, which seems like a kind of rip-off. Respectively, you will need some other bets to combine profiting and entertainment. 

Advance Baccarat Betting Strategy

When you come close to the table of a baccarat game, you need to have an Ace up your sleeve via a baccarat winning strategy. In addition, since the professional players will not place random bets, however analyze their scorecards, it is reasonable to follow their example. 

1. Golden Eagle Strategy

This is an effective way on how to predict baccarat result that can use the offensive mode to boost the likelihood of winning or the defensive mode to reduce the overall number of defeats. To make this low buy-in betting system work, you can keep track only of whether the previous bet was on the banker or the Player. 

You can buy 22 chips of any denomination you feel comfortable gambling with and get ready to play 5 overall buy-ins. As a result, you can spend 110 chips overall, however, with the 25 chips in the long run (that is 22.7% winning on every buy-in). 

The importance of this strategy on how to predict baccarat result is to use the winning streaks that are much longer in baccarat than in blackjack. You have to know all the streaks and patterns that might happen during this casino game. 

If you have a winning streak, you will switch to the offensive mode and increase your bets. Once the streak ends, you will return to the defensive mode, play at the minimum stake, and wait for another winning streak.

2. Silver Tiger Strategy

Another strategy on how to predict baccarat result is Silver Tiger. This strategy will allow you to win faster than the Golden Eagle strategy, yet is riskier. This has a unique betting sequence and rules you should follow to make it work. 

For example, you need to place roughly 16 chips in any denomination you can afford, not forgetting that 4 buy-ins are yet to come. Overall, you have to bet 64 chips during the Silver Tiger session. In the end, you will have won at least 6 chips in every buy-in. 

Final Words

We have described the most effective ways on how to predict baccarat result. Of course, they don’t imply cheating and are based on our common sense and mathematical calculations

However, always remember that none of them can guarantee you a win. There is no foolproof way of guessing the outcomes of a baccarat game. You can practice the game in the demo version to improve your prediction skills.


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