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5 Tips of What to Wear to a Casino Night

Still can’t find the best idea what to wear to a casino night? Don’t worry, because we are here to help you dress for an amazing night at a casino. 

A casino night with your friends or relatives is a good chance to make memories, bonding, and also win money. However, the problem for many people is, some casinos have dress codes that can be pretty restrictive. 

If you don’t follow these dress codes, you might find yourself denied entry and missing out on the fun. In this article, we will help you to find the best suit for your casino night. Most importantly, you will be dressing appropriately. 

Find What to Wear to a Casino Night

Fortunately, more and more casinos are recognizing the need for change. Even if they could still ask you to wear nice clothes, they will gradually do away with current requirements like wearing a long dress or a tuxedo suit to play a few rounds of your preferred casino games. 

This change in attitude towards dress code appears amidst the rise of online gambling that offers a different kind of freedom. Online casinos offer the convenience of playing from your own space with no dress codes to worry about. So, these are some recommendations for what to wear to a casino night.

1. Casual Dress Code

Casual Dress Casino

In the Genting Casino dress code, most people inside the casino dress casual. There is a perfect explanation. Almost every casino in the world has a hotel. Now, you can imagine you have booked a room in the hotel.

Then, you decide to have a fun time by playing some slots before you come back to your room. It is unlikely you will show up in a suit unless you are really into formal dress. 

For men, the most usual casual wear features blue jeans or khaki pants and T-shirts or casual shirts. And for the shoes, loafers and sneakers rules. For women, casual dresses or pants are a great choice. 

Yes, you can always discuss with your friends to find what to wear to a casino night they will be wearing. There may not even be a dress code, especially for a casino which is hosted by one of you.


To find what to wear to a casino night, look at pictures of people inside casinos to get an idea of what everyone is wearing. You need to consider your movement inside the gaming venue to make sure you wear the appropriate shoes. 

2. Elegant Dress Code

Classy Dress Casino

For what to wear to a casino night, elegant dress means classy and sophisticated. It is a popular dress code for European casinos like in Monte Carlo. In the Monaco-based casino, you need to look elegant regardless of the time of the day. A classy outlook commonly means a tuxedo suit for men. 

In addition for women, what is elegant to one person might look tacky to another. The main purpose is to wear a dress that will bring out your beauty elegantly.

For instance, you can wear a long, full skirt with teh buckle belts when you are plus sized. However, don’t wear skirts that are too tight even if you want to expose your figure. 

A classy outfit needs to fit the appropriate class. This is why men wear black suits. As a woman, you can choose with red if you want to look vibrant or blue for an amazing appearance. 

3. Semi-Formal Dress Code

Semi Formal Dress Casino

For the next idea of what to wear to a casino night, a semi-formal dress code is obviously what it sounds like. It is not too casual and yet it is not too formal. It is what many people wear while at work, or something you can wear during your friend’s wedding. 

Semi-formal dress code comes in a wide range of options.  For beginners, you can put on silk, sating or cashmere. Pants and a blouse, jeans and a top, or you can also put on a jumpsuit which is great for the semi-formal dress code. 

Other options include a patterned dress, a pencil skirt, and an off-shoulder. As it is for what to wear to a casino night, a sheath dress might look classier than your typical beach wear. What is considered semi-formal for men? 

Well, suits are the best option. However, choose for a gray, blue, or even patterned suit over a black one. Black will look formal on many occasions. You also don’t want to look too stiff on a casino night out with friends.

4. Business Casual Dress Code

Business Dress Casino

Business casual dress of what to wear to a casino night means one thing for men: no ties. It also means that you don’t need to wear a suit. So, what should you wear? The best ideas are a pair of khaki suits and a polo shirt or cotton parts paired with a sweater that falls into this dress code. 

For women, business casual can mean different things in different cities. Generally, it means that you have to avoid short skirts, shorts or jeans. Instead you wear a cocktail dress or a pair of pants. 

Blazers are not a good option for both men and women. Colorful blazers will stand out for what to wear to a casino night. After all, most people choose for gray, blue, or black outfits in these dress codes. For the shoes, of course sneakers are a bad look. You can put on loafers instead. Women also can wear high-heels. However, you can wear comfortable shoes. 

5. Formal Dress

Formal Dress Casino

It is unlikely your friend will ask you to wear formally of what to wear to a casino night they are hosting. However, this is a dress code that required for some casinos. It involves three-piece suits, ties, and black shoes.

For women, you can wear a business-style dress or a skirt combines by a classy blue. A dress with a fancy jacket is also a great option during a cold evening and so are stockings. 

Sometimes, a formal dress code might also include what is required. For instance, it may be black a black-tie-event. In this case, you are allowed to tap on your creativity as long as you show up in a black tie.

Final Thoughts

Well, there are many styles of what to wear to a casino night. You can choose a dress code recommended by the casino you are planning to visit. If they don’t have a dress code, discuss what to wear with your friends. 

Commonly, casual, business, and semi-formal are good options. They will make you look classy and comfortable. In addition, these are the most usual dress codes at casinos.


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