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6 Tips on How to Tell If a Poker Chip is Real

There are still many people who don’t know how to tell if a poker chip is real. Casino chips or also known as casino tokens are small discs that are used in terms of currency in casinos. As these chips hold real monetary value, the possibility for fake tokens to infiltrate the gambling world is a serious thing. 

Yes, fake chips can compromise the integrity of casino games, make mistrust among players, and ruin the reputation of the casino industry as a whole. Well, in this article from Garuda Casino, we will explore how to spot fake casino chips to participate in a fair gaming environment. 

How to Tell If a Poker Chip is Real with Legit Characteristics

Fake casino tokens can often be spotted by a number of signs that will differentiate them from the real ones. Here are some key characteristics to look for on how to tell if a poker chip is real:

1. Material Characteristics 

Fake casino tokens are usually made from cheaper, low-quality materials. On the other hand, real chips use high-quality materials like ceramics or clay. The materials used in fake chips can lead to differences in texture, feel, or even sound when handled compared to the authentic tokens. 

2. Weight Differences

On how to tell if a poker chip is real, you can look for the weight. The real casino chips have a specific weight, generally falling between 8.5 to 10.5 grams. Meanwhile, fake chips may have weight differences, being either too light or even too heavy that can make them stand out to those familiar with the real tokens. 

3. Design Flaws

Fake poker chips name may show imperfections or inconsistencies in their design, color, or logos. The counterfeiters may find it difficult to imitate every detail included on the real casino chips, leading to small variations that will reveal that they are fake. 

4. Inaccurate Denominations

On how to tell if a poker chip is real, some fake tokens might have incorrect or inconsistent denominations. It could lead to confusion and suspicion during the game. 

5. Bad Constructed Edges

The precise edges used in the creation of real casino chips give them a polished and clean appearance. On the other hand, because of the poor materials and manufacturing techniques used, counterfeit casino tokens may have sharp or uneven edges.

6. The Absence of Security Features

Real casino chips mostly incorporate various security features like UV markings or RFID tags. However, fake chips generally lack these features, making them easily detectable by the casino staff and security systems.

Why You Have to Avoid Fake Casino Chips?

Casino chips are a convenient alternative in using real money on the gaming floor, however they are a target for many fakers outside. Of course, using fake chips in a casino is not only unethical, but also illegal. 

As you know from how to tell if a poker chip is real, the casinos have to honor their chips’ value once a player wants to cash out. Casinos will lose significant profits if they are unwittingly exchanging fake tokens for real currency. Using the fake chips can result in several legal consequences like prosecution and criminal charges. 

Therefore, being caught with fake chips can also lead you to casino cans, even being blacklisted from all gambling establishments, including online casinos. 

It’s Difficult to Create Fake Chips Casino

Real casino chips include complex characteristics and signatures that can be highly challenging to copy. Casino chips usually consist of molded plastic or clay, as we have already discussed. On how to tell if a poker chip is real, you can look for the differences of weight, style, design, and color from one casino to another casino. 

However, there are more shades of each of these colors than you ever think. Painting a casino chip the correct shade with no altering the weight or feel is not straightforward. Replicating the strip colors, UV markings, and complex inlays with logos, denominations, and safety features (like holograms) is also important.  

Many high-value chips are even made using RFID tech which are often found in high-limit gambling rooms. 

The Technology Used by Casinos to Measure Anti-fake Chips

You must be wondering how to tell if a poker chip is real for a casino. A variety of technologies are used by real casino chips to prevent fraud and guarantee the integrity of their use. These technology can be used to detect fake casino chips:

RFID and UV Markings

Real casino chips frequently have UV-activated ink and radio frequency identification, or RFID. Casinos like Genting Casino will be able to track, authenticate, and manage their token inventory more effectively and safely thanks to these technologies.

Unique Mold Designs

Real casino tokens frequently have unique mold designs that are difficult for counterfeiters to accurately replicate. Real chips may be different from fake ones because of these complex and distinctive molds.


On how to tell if a poker chip is real, real chips are made by casinos using a technique called micro-printing, which makes use of incredibly tiny text or images that are challenging to duplicate without specific tools. 


Real casino chips can also have foil inlays or holographic pictures inserted in them to provide a visual security feature that is difficult for counterfeiters to match.

Serial Numbers

Serial numbers may be found on real casino tokens, which makes it simpler for casinos to keep track of and validate their chip inventory.

AlpVision Fingerprint

The AlpVision Fingerprint on how to tell if a poker chip is real is a cost-effective solution for casinos that will detect fake chips at a detailed level. This technology can identify flaws in plastic mold and compare them to determine if any similar microscopic inconsistencies exist.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is important for players to be careful on how to tell if a poker chip is real. Learning about the technology behind real chips, becoming familiar with the characteristics of counterfeit chips, and figuring out how to verify the legitimacy of a token. 

By doing this, you can also help stop the increase of fake poker chips. Additionally, you’ll have a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.


Garuda Casino is the Malaysian independent online gaming authority, providing trusted online casino news, guides, reviews and information.

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