What is a Column Bet in Roulette with Odds and Payouts

Another thing you should know before placing a bet is figuring out what is a column bet in roulette. One of the things you should not take for granted in column betting is that you are able to win at least once each 3 spins of the wheel. 

It would be great if your win-to-lose percentage doesn’t decrease below 3 to 1, however, no strategy can ever guarantee you that. In this article, we would like to introduce you to column bet in roulette. Keep reading to enhance your knowledge and profit.

Column Bet in Roulette Meaning

Understanding What is a Column Bet in Roulette

To answer the question about what is a column bet in roulette, it is a form of outside bet. It is a popular bet for roulette players as it comes with a great payout but also pretty decent odds. 

One of the first things you will see when looking at a roulette table is that the 36. Nevertheless, you should remember that the number sequence is not consecutive. The columns will be separated into the following numbers:

Column One147101316192225283134
Column Two258111417202326293235
Column Three369121518212427303336

Regardless of whether you are playing European or American roulette, the columns remain the same as they will not be affected by the zeros. At the bottom of each column, there is a box which is labeled “2 to 1”. Playing your bet in one of these boxes means you are betting on the result of the ball landing on any number within that column. 

Odds and Payouts for Column Bets

After knowing what is a column bet in roulette, let’s figure out the odds and payouts in this form of outside bets. The payout for winning a column bet remains 2 to 1. The probability of column bet will be even 3rds if the zeros didn’t appear, however, this is not the case. 

In European Roulette, the house edge on a column bet is 2.70% and the winning odds are 32.43%. It is considerably better than American roulette, where the house edge is 5.26% and the odds are 31.58%. Moreover, a column bet is the most played bet for roulette players after red or black, and needs no strategy or previous gameplay knowledge to place. 

The result winning of what is a column bet in roulette, like all bets in roulette, is dependent on luck. While winning a column bet is not as probable as other outside bets like red or black or odds/evens, it will offer a good way to increase your bankroll with no taking high risk. 

Where to Start Column Bet in Roulette?

As you already know what is a column bet in roulette, the only thing that can make a difference would be where you play it. One of the best live casino Malaysia sites can really make it a beneficial experience for you with their bonuses and remuneration systems. 

We could say this as you are bound to make mistakes no matter what roulette column strategy variation you might pick, so it will be simpler to take a hit when there is a good bonus supporting your bankroll. 

A tone more things come into play when you are considering the result of the next spin of the wheel. However, if you have got a handle on the basics, you will at least put into motion a roulette column betting strategy. 

The things we conclude of what is a column bet in roulette are the mathematical odds, the odds the casino offers you, and the betting limits of the table. You have to look at all these separate components one by one and decide if your strategy is worth it. For example, you can also switch it up with something like a roulette corner betting system.

Strategy Approaches for Column Bet in Roulette

From what is a column bet in roulette, there is not just one but at least two strategy types you could try, based on how big of a risk you are willing to take. You have the most classical one column bet, and then you have the two column bet system.

Each of them has its pros and cons, however, what the two share in common is that both of them are made to offer you a chance to build your bankroll steadily.

1. One Column Bet

About what is a column bet in roulette, this is the option that most players opt for. The majority of the time, players will take their odds and choose one of the 3 columns. However, this is just a mathematically derived number. You need to always allow for the possibility of a losing streak.

Covered Number12
Payout2 to 1
Odds in American Roulette31.6%
Odds in European Roulette32.4%

The winning odds differ based on the roulette variant you are betting. With this bet, European Roulette will pay you 32.4% of the time and American Roulette about 31.6% of the time. 

2. Two Column Betting Strategy

As you understand what is a column bet in roulette, you may want to boost your winning chances by covering more than just 12 numbers. Then, how about staking a bet on more than one column? 

With it, you need to remember that the payout can change to 3 to 2. When you staked an equal amount on both columns and one of your columns hits, your winning will be equal to the amount of just one of the bets. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of what is a column bet in roulette, it is popular outside bets that will give you a 32.4% winning chance (especially in European Roulette). However, the big disadvantage is that these bets payout at a ratio 2:1. 

These numbers alone can tell us that solely betting on columns over a long time will almost have adverse effects on your bankroll. But yes, they can be mixed with any other outside bet or inside bet, as well as a variety of betting strategies you are playing.


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