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Gambling in Genting Malaysia: What You Need to Know

Most foreigners are looking for the gambling in Genting when they have a plan to travel to Malaysia. Genting Highlands is one of the most popular destinations for tourism in Malaysia. Not only because of the beautiful view, but also for the gambling center of the country.

We recommend that if you have a plan to visit Malaysia, Genting Highland and its Casino has to be on your trip planning. But for now, we will focus on the topic of gambling when you visit Genting Highlands.

Genting Highlands Casinos: The Introduction

The first gaming space in the Genting Casino at Genting Grand Hotel was created in 1971. They have many varieties of slots, classic games, and more table games. Moreover, the most worthy feature is the Casino de Genting, or known as SkyCasino. This newly established gaming area stands as the largest casino in the local area, integrated into the Resort World Genting situated atop a picturesque hill resort.

According to Keith Ooi on The Edge Malaysia, the number of visitors to Resorts World Genting surged significantly, rising from 7.1 million in 2021 to 22.2 million in 2022, more than doubling within that period.

Furthermore, SkyCasino boasts an elegant and modern design, providing an exciting gaming environment. For gamblers who want to gambling in Genting, it is akin to a cozy retreat with a relaxing atmosphere that enhances the calm ambience during gambling.

SkyCasino has become the flagship casino in Genting, Malaysia, with its luxury facility. The Casino De Genting is a place for over 3.000 slot machines and 400 E-Tables. The casino provides many games, like Baccarat, Blackjack, and even Roulette. The casino itself is also divided into several modes and sections to bring more exciting gaming experience.

Another interest when you gambling in Genting Highlands Casino is for the exclusive gambler as there are VIP and international gaming rooms.  This exclusive gaming zone is available at level 3, and only possible entrance for club members by invitations only. Also, there is a 24 hour dining facility available.

How to Entrance to the Casino De Genting

From Kuala Lumpur, you need to drive away to Genting Highlands for about an hour. Genting SkyCasino located in the Sky Avenue Shopping Mall. To get there, you need to get into the Awana Skyway cable car.

For information, only non-Muslims and foreigners are allowed to enter the place and must be 21 years old. If you are Muslim Malaysian citizen, sorry but you are not allowed. Besides that, foreigners are required to show their passport (not copy) on arrival.

In terms of dress code, SkyCasino has a rule to wear smart casual styles. For the important rule, any electronic gadget, cameras, or backpack is strictly prohibited. You can not bring them inside the Casino.

This casino is open 24/7, even for holiday. Means, you can visit whenever you want. However, if you try to visit at the peak hour or holiday season, prepare to wait for long queues to enter.

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Gambling in Genting Casino (SkyCasino)

Next, if you are already inside, you will see the wide range of Casino Games. In the SkyCasino, the wide range of casino games: Classic slot machines, French Boule, Blackjack, Texas Hold em poker, Russian Roulette, and everything you need in the casino are available.

Surprisingly, SkyCasino is also known as the first Casino in the region that features Blackjack at Electronic Table Games. It offers up to 3 hands at the single game. If you like to try this game, the minimum bets start from RM 10. One of the advantages of gambling in Genting is the feature of e-cash or simply called a cashless feature without any physical contact. But, you must have the Resort World Genting app to use this feature.

Our Tips for Gambling at SkyCasino Genting

It’s much different when you bet on online gambling sites.. Before you play for the first time at SkyCasino, we will give you some tips for gambling in Genting Casino to help you avoid ignorance of the rules:

1. Playing Slots or Roulette First

This first step only if you are a newcomer gambler and do not have enough experience with complex table games, you can play slots or roulette first. The slots are obtained by RNG (Random Number Generator), and the outcome is completely random but easy to play. You do not have more experience in gambling to play this game.

In the other way, if you are used to playing at Casino, you can gambling in Genting by playing Baccarat. It is a card game in line with the form of Blackjack but with a flexible limit. 

3. Commission for the House

Please note that 5% of commission is allocated to the house for bets placed on the banker side. The winning hand is the one with the highest point or at least closest to 9. Bankers and players are able to draw a maximum of each three cards.

How Many Casinos in Genting Highlands?

There are 2 main Casinos in Genting Highlands, The Genting Casino at the Genting Grand Hotel in Resort World Genting and Casino de Genting or called SkyCasino at Sky Avenue Mall. You can access both with certain rules.

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Using Cash in Genting Casino

For the first time experience, you might be wondering, can we use cash in Genting Casino? The answer is yes. You can use cash to play. To use cash, you can go to the cashier to turn your cash into chips. Another way to exchange is using self-service kiosks. This is located throughout the Casino.

Final Words

Genting Highlands in Malaysia must be your main destination to seek both breathtaking views and best gambling experience. The flagship SkyCasino at Genting offers a luxurious and modern gaming environment that is worth visiting and playing in. This is the information of gambling in Genting. Wish you luck!


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