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Latest Genting Casino Opening Hours, Location, Dress Code, etc

Before you go, it is better to know the Genting Casino opening hours. It is the most popular casino in Malaysia. Whether you like table games (blackjack, baccarat, or roulette), slot machines, poker, or sports betting, you will find something good to suit your taste and budget in this casino.

This clearly provides a very different experience, when you play online casino

Of course, it is very important to know some information, such as the opening hours, the location, the dress code, and the requirements and admission process to enter this gambling place. No need to be worried because we will explain them to you in this article. 

The Genting Casino Opening Hours

One the first thing you need to know before you go is Genting Casino opening hours. The good news is, this casino in Malaysia operates every day of the year, except for the first day of the Lunar New Year. It means, you can enjoy all the casino games and entertainment any time you want, as long as you are above 21 years old. 

Genting Casino opens at 10 AM and closes at 2 AM, giving you 16 hours of non-stop gaming entertainment. However, some sections of the casino might have different opening hours, depending on the type of casino games they offer. For instance, the poker room opens at 12 PM and closes at 6 AM, while sportsbook normally opens at 11 AM and closes at 11 PM. 

We recommend you to check the specific opening hours of every section on the Genting Casino website. You can also ask the staff at the casino while visiting it. 

Genting Casino Location

After knowing Genting Casino opening hours, you should also need to know where the location is. It is located in the Genting Highlands Resort, a hill resort that is about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. The resort is at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, making it a cool and refreshing climate all year around. 

In addition, the resort also has a variety of attractions, such as theme parks, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and also entertainment venues. To get to Genting Casino, you can take a car, a cable car, a bus, or even a helicopter. The most convenient and affordable option is to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur or other cities in Malaysia. 

There are many bus operators that offer regular and express services to reach the Genting Casino opening hours, with cost from MYR 10 to MYR 35. You can also book the bus tickets online or at bus terminals. Alternatively, you can take a cable car from the Awana Skyway station, which is about 15 minutes away from the casino by car. 

You can enjoy the scenic views of the rainforest and the mountains. This cable car operates from 7 AM to 12 AM daily. Want to go with a helicopter? Then you can take it from the Subang Airport or the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The helicopter ride takes about 25 minutes and costs MYR 3,000 per person. You can book your helicopter tickets online or by calling the Genting Helicopter Service. 

What’s the Dress Code Should You Wear to Visit Genting Casino?

Besides Genting Casino opening hours, another thing you need to know is the dress code. This casino has a smart casual dress, that means you should dress neatly and appropriately for the occasion. You need to avoid wearing any clothing offensive, vulgar, or even revealing like shorts, ripped jeans, sandals, slippers, sunglasses, or hoodies. 

You should also avoid wearing any clothing that is associated with gangs, such as leather jackets, bandanas, or tattoos. The casino has the right to refuse entry to anyone who doesn’t follow the dress code rules. If you are unsure about what to wear, you can contact their staff from the website. 

Requirement Documents to Enter Genting Casino

To enter the place on Genting Casino opening hours, you need to show a valid identification document that proves your age and nationality. You must be at least 21 years old to enter the casino, regardless of your citizenship. In addition, you need to pay an entry fee of MYR 150 per person (only valid for 24 hours). You can pay the entry fee from online or at the casino counters.

The required documents you need to show include passports, national identity cards, driving licenses, or any other official documents that have your photo and date of birth. You have to keep your identification document with you at all times while you are in the casino, as you might be asked to show it by the security staff or gaming staff. 

However, if you are a local, you also need to show a Genting Rewards card. It is a loyalty program that offers various benefits and rewards for casino visitors. You can apply for that card online or at the casino counters. Make sure you provide your identification document, a recent photo, and an email address. The card is free and you can start earning points and redeeming rewards as soon as you activate it. 

How to Enter Genting Casino

Once you have your identification document, your entry fee, and Genting Rewards card, you are ready to enter at Genting Casino opening hours. First of all, you need to go through a security check, where you will be scanned by a metal detector. At the same time, your belongings will be inspected by the security staff. 

You are prohibited to bring harmful items, such as weapons, alcohol, drugs, cameras, recording devices, or electronic gadgets. You are also not allowed to bring any food or drinks into the casino. After the security check, you need to scan your identification document, your entry fee, and the Genting Rewards card at the entrance gate. 

You will get a receipt that shows your entry time and your expiry time. Always keep that receipt with you all times, as you will need it to exit the casino or to re-enter the casino if you leave temporarily. Now, you are free to explore the casino and enjoy the casino games and entertainment. 

You can play from over 3,000 slot machines, 400 table games, 30 poker tables, and 40 sports betting terminals. In addition, you can also watch live performances, shows, concerts, and events at the casino. Find more information about the casino games and entertainment in the Genting Casino opening hours. 

Final Words

Having fun in Genting Casino opening hours is a great thing to do. However, you need to figure out some important information before visiting it, such as the location, the dress code, the entry requirements, and admission process. We also suggest you figure out every rule in casino games (slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, poker, etc).


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