How Much Is Queen Worth in Blackjack and the Origin

Of course, understanding how much is queen worth in blackjack is important for all players. It is no secret that blackjack is the favorite casino game of millions of gamblers. 

In addition, this is no accident as the game attracts its atmosphere, intrigue and simplicity. To become a winner in blackjack, all you need is a deck of 52 cards, a few chips and the basics of the rules. 

While the first and second are commonly no issue, knowing the rules is often important, especially for new players. Therefore, in this article, we will start with the simplest one and look at the value of the cards, as well as figure out the value of the queen in blackjack. 

The Origin of “Queen” Face Card

Before we explain how much is queen worth in blackjack, it is a good idea if we start from the origin of this one of playing cards. Playing cards itself were introduced to Europe in the male-centric, early 1400s. 

Face cards firstly only have Kings, Knights, and ‘Knaves’ or also known as Jacks. In the 1440s, Queens appeared to make their introduction in Germany at first, and held a desired place among the cards ever since. 

Queen of Spades: Pallas Athena


In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, inspiration, courage, law, and justice, just warfare, strategy, strength, mathematics, arts, and skill. 

Queen of Hearts: Judith


In The Book of Judith, Judith is the fictional heroine, from the Old Testament of the Eastern Orthodox Bible. The story is about a brave and stunning Jewish widow who, by killing General Holofernes, rescues Israel from Assyrian oppression.

Queen of Diamonds: Rachel


As another biblical figure, Rachel was the mother of both Benjamin and the popular Joseph, who led Israel’s tribes in refugee from Egypt. 

Queen of Clubs: Argine or Argea


Before knowing how much is queen worth in blackjack, some argue that her name is an anagram for “Regina”, and Latin for “Queen”. Some believe the Queen of Clubs illustrates Lady Argea, the mythological mother of Argus, who built the “Argo” ship from the story of Jason and the Argonauts in Ancient Greek.

Understanding How Much Is Queen Worth in Blackjack

Now, let’s discuss how much is queen worth in blackjack. Ye, blackjack is a popular casino card game. The main objective of this game is to get close to 21 without going over or “busting”. 

Blackjack can be played with 1 or more decks. It is commonly played against the dealer, and the player wins when their hand is closer to 21, than the dealer’s or goes bust. 

Blackjack card values are easy to learn and remember. Face cards are important in this game as they are worth 10, that is a significant number. If you are curious how much is queen worth in blackjack, then the right answer is 10. 

The queen is a face card, along with the king and jack. They are all worth 10 in blackjack. Meanwhile, the Ace is worth either 11 or 11, depending on what is best for the player’s blackjack hand. 

Moreover, the queen in blackjack displays its value when paired with an Ace to create a blackjack hand. When this happens to you, you have a natural blackjack and will get a payout of 3:2 on their bet. When the dealer also has a blackjack, it is a push, and you will get your money back. 

The Value of a Split Queen in Blackjack

After knowing how much is queen worth in blackjack, splitting is also available when the player’s hand has two cards of equal value. You can choose to split your hand into two separate hands, with every hand getting an extra card. Then, you play each hand individually. 

When you want to split, you must place a second bet for that round with the similar value as your first bet. For instance, when you bet MYR 10 and get two queens, you can choose to split your hand. As you know how much is queen worth in blackjack, it means placing another MYR 10 and playing every hand with MYR 10. 

When you split queens, they are importantly starting new blackjack hands. This case means that every blackjack queen’s value is 10 rather than 20. While this might seem a disadvantage, you can use it to the player’s advantage. 

For instance, you can split the queen and have positive odds of receiving 2 natural blackjack hands when both of their queens draw Aces. When the player hits 21 with both hands, you will be paid 3:2 on your bet, just like with a natural blackjack. 

There are some cases where it is better not to split in blackjack. It is better to keep the 20 and play it as a single hand. This way, the dealer has a 12.2% chance against you. Another case where it is better not to split is if you have a pair of 5s. 

You should double down and get one more card. This way, you will have a total of 10, that is a good hand against the dealer’s up card. We bet you can understand more how much is queen worth in blackjack and how to split it. 

The Value of a Hard Queen 16

As you know how much is queen worth in blackjack, let’s move to a hard queen 16. Well, a hard queen in blackjack is a hand that totals 16, without Ace or two Aces. It is one of the most common misplayed hands. When a queen is worth 10, then a hard queen will be a hand with 6 and a queen. 

A hard queen has 3 playing options: hit, stand, or surrender. The right blackjack strategy is important when dealing with this hand since players will lose money from the wrong play. Moreover, this type of hand can be challenging to play as you are at risk when you hit. 

When the dealer’s upcard is a 7 or higher, you should hit in hopes of getting a lower card and preventing busting. When you have a hard queen, you should stand if the dealer’s upcard is a 6 or lower. This way, you have a good opportunity of winning the hand. 

Besides how much is queen worth in blackjack, it is never a great idea to hit on a hard 16 in blackjack. Therefore, it is best to surrender as your winning chance is meager.

If you decide to surrender, you will give up half of your bet and end the hand. This option might seem like a bad idea, however, it is better than risking losing your total betting by hitting and going over 21.

Final Words

Knowing how much is queen worth in blackjack is an important role in the game. So, now that you know the value of this face card, you can use this information to your advantage. Use the queen’s value as your benefit by splitting or doubling down if the situation demands it.


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