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Latest Guide – How to Earn Genting Points in Casino 7 Steps

As a gambler, you should understand how to earn Genting Points in Casino. Genting Points itself is a valuable reward system offered by many Malaysia Casinos, including the renowned Genting Casinos. 

These points can be earned and redeemed for a range of exciting benefits, such as complimentary meals, hotel stays, show tickets, and more. If you’re looking to earn more Genting Points and make the most of your time at the casino, this article will guide you on to earn effectively.

What are Genting Points?

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Genting points is owned by Resort World Genting by Genting Group. Alpa Aggarwal and Tushar Mohata, analysts at Nomura, said that according to a record, Genting has improved performance from 4.9 million to 5.4 million visitors this 2023 quartal.

Furthermore, these points are rewards that can be earned with a Genting Rewards Card to purchase some stuff, such as food, transport, entertainment, or even hotel rooms. Moreover, this rewards programme has 4 membership tiers: classic, silver, gold, and platinum and each tiers has varying levels of privileges.

7 Steps How to Earn Genting Points in Casino

Earning Genting Points in a casino requires active participation and a strategic approach. It’s not like getting a promo when betting on an online gambling site which works automatically.

Here are some methods to help you how to earn Genting Points in Casino:

  1. Sign up for a Genting Rewards Card

    Before you start earning the points with how to earn Genting Points in Casino, you will need to sign up for a Genting Rewards Card. This card will serve as your identification within the casino and allow you to track your play and accumulate points. 

    Visit the membership desk at any Genting Casino to sign up for a card. It’s a simple process that typically requires completing a simple form and your identification.

  2. Play More Casino Games

    The primary way to earn Genting Points is by playing casino games. The more you play, the more points you are able to earn more. Different casino games contribute to the point accumulation at varying rates. In addition, slot machines tend to offer the highest point accumulation rate, followed by table games such as e-Tables, slots, and live table games.

  3. Understand the Points System

    It is important to familiarize yourself with how to earn Genting Points in Casino and the specific points system used by the casino you’re visiting. Each casino may have its own unique rules and calculations for awarding Genting Points. 

    Typically, points are awarded based on the amount of money wagered, the length of time spent playing, and the type of game being played. Moreover, some casinos may offer bonus points or multiplier promotions on specific days or during certain hours.

  4. Participate in Promotions and Tournaments

    Many casinos, including Genting Casinos, bring regular promo and tournaments that provide additional opportunities to earn Genting Points. These promotions could include special events, drawings, or competitions where you can earn bonus points or win prizes. 

    Stay updated with the casino’s promotions calendar and take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible. With participation in promo or tournaments you can increase more reward or Genting Point faster.

  5. Utilize Genting Rewards Card Benefits

    Genting Rewards Cards often come with many benefits and privileges beyond point accumulation. These benefits may include discounts on dining, entertainment, hotel reservations, or exclusive access to VIP areas. 

    By utilizing these card benefits and understanding how to earn Genting Points in Casino, you not only enhance your overall casino experience but also earn additional points on eligible purchases.

  6. Join the Genting Rewards Program

    In addition to the Genting Rewards Card, consider joining the Genting Rewards Program if available. This program is designed to reward loyal and frequent casino visitors with exclusive perks and privileges. 

    If you have become a member, you may gain access to personalized promotions, dedicated customer support, and other exclusive offerings that can enhance your point-earning potential.

  7. Keep Track of your Points

    Regularly monitor your Genting Points balance to track your progress and ensure accuracy. Most casinos provide various methods to check your points, such as through their website, mobile app, or at self-service kiosks located within the casino. 

    By staying informed about  how to earn Genting Points in Casino and your point balance, you can plan your redemptions effectively and take advantage of the rewards you’ve earned.

How to Check Genting Points Balance

To check your Genting Points balance is really simple. You simply need to insert your card into any kiosks or electronic gaming terminal. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

How to Cash Out Genting Points

Once you make the decision to withdraw your Genting Points after playing slot machines or other electronic games, your money will be automatically transferred to your card. All you need to do is visit the cashier at the cash desk, and you will receive your payment in the usual manner, as if you were redeeming tickets or chips.

Final Conclusion

Earning Genting Points in a casino requires active participation, strategic play, and taking advantage of the rewards program offered by the casino. 

By signing up for a Genting Rewards Card, understanding how to earn Genting Points in Casino, playing casino games, participating in promotions, and utilizing the benefits of your card, you can maximize your point accumulation.

For additional information, Genting Points are not earned on Live Tables at The Crockfords, Colony Club, and The Palm Beach Casino.

Reference: Genting Malaysia Sees Profit Rise In 2Q23 Thanks To Return Of Foreign Tourists


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