How to Play Magnum Life 4D Malaysia (A Guide)

Winning the jackpot might seem impossible, however, with the tips on how to play Magnum Life, it is easier than you think. For those of you who are tired of getting loose in the game, then you are in the right place! This article is provided to help you increase your chances of winning the 4D Lotto. Make sure you read all of this carefully. 

What is Magnum Life?

What is Magnum Life

Before we reveal how to play Magnum Life, it is a good idea if we learn together from the basics. Magnum Life or Magnum 4D Lotto is a popular lottery game in best online lottery Malaysia that has existed since 1968. The game has become a key in the lives of many Singaporeans who eagerly wait for the weekly draw results on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

In addition, players must predict a 4-digit number from 0000 – 9999. They can pick from the various bet types, including the Big and Small forecast, to increase the chances of winning.

The Big forecast itself needs the player to correctly predict all 4 digits, while the Small forecast enables the player to win by correctly guessing any 3 of the 4 digits in the right order. 

While the chances of winning on how to play Magnum Life are relatively low. The top winning for the game can reach up to millions of MYR for picking their number, such as using birth dates or lucky numbers. 

How to Play Magnum Life for Beginners

Becoming a winner on how to play Magnum Life is actually a simple task. You just need to pick 8 numbers from a pool of 36 and match them to the respective numbers drawn. Single entry into this lottery game costs MYR 1, but variations do exist.

1. Standard Play (Straight Play)

In this game, you can either play for your own set of numbers or opt for Lucky Pick. It is a situation in which the 8 numbers on the ticket will be chosen randomly by the software. 

For each single drawing, there will be 8 main numbers and 2 extra numbers drawn. They will be determining for the top prize and the additional Magnum Life winning tiers. 

2. System Entry

The Magnum Life system includes 9 or more numbers. When these are picked, all possible combinations of 8 numbers will be generated. So, a Magnum Life system can result in more than 1 winning, and it also increases the chances of winning. In addition, a system entry of 9 costs MYR 9 to submit. The biggest possible system has 15 numbers, and the price of entry is MYR 6,435.

Magnum Life Rules

Magnum Life has 3 drawings in one week, commonly on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Depending on the week, a special extra drawing may be announced. Whenever such a drawing appears, it will be scheduled on Tuesday. 

In addition, the game is characterized by an immersing winning structure and multiple tiers. The odds of winning are beneficial in comparison to other numerical games. These are the reasons why Magnum Life is popular among Asian players. 

On how to play Magnum Life, you need to bet at least meet the minimum Malaysia gambling age, which is 21. You can get the tickets from the licensed retail venues on any given day. Furthermore, sales close at 7 PM on the days when a drawing is scheduled to take place. 

At the time being, Magnum Life players can’t get the tickets online. If you are in another country, you can’t participate in the best online lottery Malaysia. To follow how to play Magnum Life, you can try it in this country only. 

Magnum Life Winnings

After knowing how to play Magnum Life, the winning structure is probably one of the most immersing characteristics of the game. It sets the game apart from other jackpot-styles lotteries like Grand Dragon Lotto. If you are lucky enough to match 8 numbers, then you will win MYR 1,000 per day for the next 20 years. 

Winning Structures

Here is the table that will give you a more detailed idea of the Magnum Life winning structure:

Winning TierNumbers to MatchPrize (MYR)
Grand Prize81,000/day for 20 years
27 + 11,000/day for 100 days
46 + 1600
65 + 130
84 + 15

If there are more than 4 jackpot winners for the respective drawing, the total amount is equal with the 4 grand winnings that will be divided equally among all those who have matched the winning tier. For the winning categories from 3rd to 8th, there is a payout limit of MYR 5 millions. 

Winning Payouts

This might seem too good to be true, but it is not actually. Stated on how to play Magnum Life, the Magnum Corporation guarantees the 20-year payout via online transfers through one of the local Malaysian banks. Moreover, the payments will take place every single day until the terms of the winning are fulfilled. 

If something unexpected happens to the winner (death), and there is still a sum to be paid out, it will be given to heirs in the form of a lump sum. There is also a similar condition that applies to the payment or the second winning. 

Anyone who has won the grand prize from how to play Magnum Life, will need to get in touch with Magnum Corp. It is to discuss the conditions of getting the daily payments. A second winner needs to visit the respective state office to start the payout immediately. 

The first and the second winners can’t opt for a lump sum payment instead of the daily installments described in the lottery rules. All of the other Magnum Life winnings can be collected either at a Magnum state office or at an authorized retail venue. Yes, the payment will be immediately payout. 

The winning from how to play Magnum Life can be claimed on the business day following the day of the drawing. The winners have 6 months from the drawing date to collect the amount. If a player is late, the payment will become impossible, and the sum will be added to the fund that Magnum dedicates to supporting charitable initiatives. 

Final Words

If you are interested in the results on how to play Magnum Life, then you can start by watching the live draw. Take your time to see how players place a bet and the winning results in the requirement days. Most importantly, this game is based on luck and number. Therefore, you need to be careful as there is no strategy to guarantee your chances of winning. 


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