Sports Toto Has How Many Digit Games? Here is the Truth!

Welcome to Garuda Casino, a place where you can figure out the Sports Toto has how many digit games. While most types of gambling are not strictly permitted in Malaysia, however, this game is perfectly legal. 

Sports Toto has a long history with attractive evolution over the years, making it one of the top 4-digits lottery providers in the country. Therefore, this article will provide a detailed overview of Sports Toto. So, read carefully to maximize your winning soon. 

The Introduction to Sports Toto

Before we move to Sports Toto has how many digit games, let’s open this article from the introduction. Sports Toto Malaysia or known ad STM Lottery was founded in 1969. The first was a venture of the Government of Malaysia and was based on the idea of making 4D commercial as the lottery games in the country. 

In August 1985, the Malaysian government sold the journey to a business tycoon Vincent Tan in a non-tender proposal scheme. After that, Vincent Tan merged STM with his business partner, the Berjaya Group, a multi-sector corporation in Malaysia. 

And today, STM is a wholly owned part of Berjaya Sports Toto. It is based in Kuala Lumpur and is popular in Toto betting, gaming, and number forecasting in the country. The platform itself is the biggest number operator in the country in terms of the products provided and its number of outlets. 

The Sports Toto Malaysia platform’s logo was inspired by the Greek amphitheater, while their mascot is a parakeet, the Toto bird that is an original element of its brand identity. The STM lottery has around 680 outlets that provide 8 different types of games.

Sports Toto Has How Many Digit Games Actually?

To figure out Sports Toto has how many digit games, you need to know their products first. While other platforms in Malaysia are prioritized on 4D games mostly, STM also runs 5D and 6D games. The operator provides a total of 8 games, such as 4D Toto, 4D Toto Jackpot, 4D Zodiac, 5D Toto, 6D Toto, 6/50 Star Toto, 6/55 Power Toto, and of course 6/58 Supreme Toto. 

1. The 4D Lottery Games at STM

Sports Toto has how many digit games in 4D Lottery, of course, the product has 4-digit numbers, which is a fixed-odds game. In the regular version, a player plays by choosing any number from 0000 to 0000. A Total of 23 winning numbers are drawn every time, and if one of the digits matches the one bought by the player, they win the prize. Then, a draw is carried out to pick the winning numbers. 

These 4D games come in unique gameplay variations, including the regular and I-Perm methods. For those of you who don’t know, I-Perm is an Insurance Permutation that offers more chances to win with smaller bets, and every variant costs MYR 1. 

Another important aspect of this is the system entry in Toto, that implies betting on all possible variations of a 4-digits number. For example, 1234 has 24 variations. There is also the option to play 4D in roll format in which the 4D roll changes any of the 4 numbers with the letter R (e.g R123, 123R, etc). 

In this case about Sports Toto has how many digit games, R represents all numbers from 0 – 9, and it also represents 1 number only. For instance, if you choose R234, you have bought 10 entries: 0234 to 9234.

To know Sports Toto has how many digit games, the other two variants of the 4D lottery are 4D Zodiac and 4D Jackpot. The 4D Zodiac game includes choosing 4 digits and then any one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. 

The Jackpot comes in regular, I-Perm and System Play formats. For the System Play, you need to have over 2 sets of straight 4-digit numbers. It will allow you to cover all probable sets of 4D straights bets from at least three 4D sets up to no more than 20 sets. 

2. The 5D, 6D Toto at STM

To figure out more about Sports Toto has how many digit games, the 5D and 6D lotteries include choosing 5 or 6 numbers, instead of the regular 4. Unlike other lottery operators, STM’s 4D, 5D, and 6D games didn’t have small or big forecasts. While the first winning for the 6D is MYR 100,000, the first winning for the 5D is MYR 15,000. 

For the 5D lottery, if you have the last 2, 3, or 4 digits of the number match the first winning number, you will still get a winning, Similarly, for 6D, if the last 2, 3, 4, or 5 digits of the number match the first winning number, you will get a winning. 

3. The 6/50 Star, 6/55 Power, and 6/58 Supreme at STM

In Sports Toto has how many digit games, this operator also features lottery games that are similar to the ones commonly found in Western sites. Of course, these include the 6/50 Star, 6/55 Power, and 6/58 Supreme. 

The last number in these games shows the highest number. The 6/50 Star needs players to pick numbers from 1 – 50, for the Power Toto, it is still 55, while for Supreme, the number is 58. Supreme 6/58’s System Play is similar in concept to Pau in 4D lottery. 

You have to pick 7 to 15 numbers of your choice to cover all the possible positions. Thus, the more numbers you play, it will bring to more sets of numbers and increase the chance of winning too. 

In addition about Sports Toto has how many digit games, the EZ-bet version of these offers players more chances to win with smaller bets. You can pick EZ-bet for these games for systems 9 – 5. Then, the more numbers you play, the more sets of numbers you will have and your winning chances will be higher. 

Moreover, the minimum bet winning for the Supreme 6/58 is MYR 84, while the first prize is more than MYR 8.8 million. However, since the game style has more numbers, the probability of winning is also lower. 

Final Words

To conclude about Sports Toto has how many digit games, it depends on the type of games you will choose to play. Like in the 4D games and 4D Jackpot, of course, you have to choose 4-digit numbers. If you want to give the game a try, you can check our best online lottery Malaysia site that also offers big bonuses.


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