How to Win Grand Dragon Lotto Big Jackpot and Legitimation

After knowing the Perdana 4D from which country, you must also be curious about how to win Grand Dragon Lotto. This game is available in several Asian countries, which is based in Malaysia. It offers a unique gameplay that brings together 3D and 4D options. 

If you have never gambled in the Grand Dragon Lotto before, but you would like to give it a try, then you should follow our guide in this article. We will help you with a good explanation and some tips to increase the chance of winning, making gambling a piece of cake. 

The Introduction of Grand Dragon Lotto

Before we jump into how to win Grand Dragon Lotto, it is a good idea if we start from the introduction. Well, this game is available in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. According to historical sources, this game is the first 4D-style game. The origin of this game can be traced back to the early 1950s ever since its popularity has grown rapidly.

Today, Grand Dragon Lotto is somewhat different from other 4D-style games as its unique drawing methods. This impressive characteristic has turned it into a pas-Asia phenomenon that has the chance to grow even bigger in the future. 

Dragon Jackpot 6 + 1D & Bonus Jackpot

We are just finished with the introduction, and now moving on to the tips on how to win Grand Dragon Lotto. Many players have thought to themselves of winning the lottery and also quite a big number of them that don’t have the idea how.

Before we serve you the main dish, you need to know what the Dragon Jackpot and Bonus Jackpot are and how it is different from the ‘jackpot’ you can win from 4D or 6D. 

1. Dragon Jackpot 6 + 1D

Similar to the other games on how to win Grand Dragon Lotto, it is a daily game with the new winning numbers that are offered by 4D Malaysia. Actually, it used to be a weekly event until it got popular quickly and has overwhelming feedback to turn it into a daily event. 

Grand Dragon Jackpot 6 Lotto

Not only if you have a chance to win daily now, but also the amount you can win the next day if there is no winner on the day itself will just become bigger. For Dragon Jackpot 6 + 1D on how to win Grand Dragon Lotto, the entry fee is FREE. 

The only interesting thing is that you will have to play another GD Lotton. To be honest, it looks like a steal. Being able to play one of your daily favorites and stand a chance of winning from both sides, you will not see this often anywhere else. 

Well… Just stopping you for a moment here. Have you ever struggled or spent a long time deciding on a number? Especially a longer one with 7 digit numbers? If you have, ease that worry from your mind as your entry to the Dragon Jackpot 6D + 1 will all be randomized. This will also ensure that there will only be one Grand Winner. 

In addition, the winner will take all MYR 40,000 by themselves. Even if you don’t get the lucky Jackpot number that hits all the 7 digit numbers. You will still stand a chance to get MYR 2,000 when you hit the last digit in the 6 + 1D game. 

To start the game, you will only have to spend a minimum of MYR 12 on any other games on how to win Grand Dragon Lotto. Then, in every multiple of 12, you will get 1 free entry to the Dragon Jackpot 6D + 1. Of course, the more you enter, the higher your chances are as all entries are unique. 

2. Bonus Jackpot

On how to win Grand Dragon Lotto, the bonus Jackpot is won differently. Just like Dragon Jackpot 6D + 1, you will be given a set of numbers for FREE when you meet the requirement for it. However, for 1 entry, you only need to spend MYR 4 on any other games if needed (MYR 4 = 1 entry, MYR 12 = 3 entries). 

In addition, there will be 23 total different positions to be drawn to pick 13 Special Prizes and 10 Consolation Prizes. Landing on the Special Prize as compared to the Consolation Prize will automatically reward you with more money. 

However, it is not all there is to it as there is a chance of your Special Prize’s reward being multiplied if it is secure on the top three positions, such as Bonus Position, Big Bonus, and also Super Bonus. 

That is the wonder about how to win Grand Dragon Lotto as they are very big when it comes to giving out rewards. Like the Dragon Jackpot 6D + 1, the total winning pool for Bonus Jackpot is also brought forward to the very next day, with the note there are any remainings. Receiving the top three prizes is impressive as you will be able to get 30%, 50%, and even 100% of Bonus Jackpot respectively. 

How to Win Grand Dragon Lotto with a Big Jackpot

We know how to win Grand Dragon Lotto might seem a bit confusing due to the very specific style that the game has. There are 13 winning positions shown by a letter from A to M. You have a few betting choices to pick among. The bet will be determined by the odds, as well as the actual size of the winning you will claim. 

The 4D Digit Number

The 4D Big has you picking 4 digit numbers. On how to win Grand Dragon Lotto, your 4D number will be matched with all of the 23 winning numbers drawn. Just like for all other bets, the size of the winning for this one will be based on the amount you decide to place on the bet. The minimum amount to play is MYR 10. 

In addition, the 4D A option has the player choosing a 4 digit number in the range from 0000 to 999. The letters form the alphabet in the range from A to Z. Thus, the bet will look something like this – 4317 D. To win the top prize, you will have to match both the 4 digit number and the letter. 

The 3D Digit Number

The 3D ABC is the next betting option on how to win Grand Dragon Lotto. In this case, you will pick a 3 digit number in the range from 000 to 999. A letter from A to Z will also have to be picked and included in the bet. 

To be a winner, you will have to match both the number and the letter drawn for the particular bet type. The 3D A is similar to the 3D ABC. The bet is placed in the same amount, however, the drawing procedure and the winning distribution are both different. 

You should remember that the Grand Dragon Lotto drawing features a 4D number selected. To get a win, you will have to match the last 3 digits of the 4D for the specific winning tier. In addition, the predictions on how to win Grand Dragon Lotto can be made on the numbers already drawn in the past. 

For every drawing, there will be a first, second, and third prize single number, as Special and Consolation Prize numbers. Hence, over 20 4-digit numbers will be drawn each time. 

Is Grand Dragon Lotto Actually Legit?

After knowing how to win Grand Dragon Lotto, you must also be curious if it is actually a scam or not. And the fact is, this game is anything but a scam. There is even an official website that you can check out to learn more about the history of Grand Dragon, GD Lotto live drawings, and the available winnings. 

In addition, this game also has an extensive retail network across all of the countries where the game is available. Therefore, you can learn a bit more about how the game works, the legitimacy, and the certifications that the local entity has had to use to be a legal operator. 

GD Lotto can be played in several Asian countriesThe game format can be somewhat confusing for new players
There is an official and legitimate websiteThe payout is not that big if place a small bet
The betting is flexible and it is up to you to choose how much you will spend on a ticketOnline ticket-buying options are not available
Several betting options will be determined by the amount you will win
Great odds characterize GD Lotto

Final Words

In conclusion, learning how to win Grand Dragon Lotto forces you to explore the unique gameplay format and the betting options it offers. This game, which has spread throughout several Asian nations after starting in Malaysia, blends 3D and 4D gameplay features to give players a variety of options. If you want to give the game a try, play it at our recommendation of best online lottery Malaysia.


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