How to Read Baccarat Charts with 2 Easy Ways

Do you want to know how to read baccarat charts? It is one of those games that are straightforward to play but also hard to master, just like roulette and blackjack. Yes, a great way to increase your chance of winning is to figure out the charts.

Also known as scoreboards, charts in baccarat will give players valuable insight into the previous rounds. We will guide you in learning how to read them below!

Types of Baccarat Charts

In this following section, we will go through each of the charts in more detail. Then, you can fully understand how to read baccarat charts with high efficiency and impeccable timing. Let’s figure it out together!

1. Bead Road

Bead Road or Bead Place is the simplest type on how to read baccarat charts. It uses a fairly big area of the game’s window and is among the first things players will notice. Here is what it looks like:

It is generally a big table with 6 rows and more than a dozen columns. The most standard info provided is the winner of the previous round (blue is player and red is dealer). However, depending on the game you are playing, Bead Road may show extra information such as the winning points, naturals, and also pairs. 

2. Big Road

The other type on how to read baccarat charts, you will recognize the Big Road as it is the wildest one on the screen. It is different from the Bead Road as it shows the consecutive wins on either end of the playing field, dealer or player. Here is the Big Road chart looks like:

3. Derived Roads

Derive Roads exist to predict the result of upcoming rounds, based on the information derived from the Big Road. There are 3 different derived roads in baccarat:

Big Eye Boy

The Big Eye Boy is all about predictability and chaos. The red is for predictability and blue is for chaos. To find the marking for every of the main bates in this type, you need to go to the Big Road last result. Move one field down and one to the left, then compare the two vertical outcomes. 

If they are similar, it is red for predictability. If they are different (blank space and player), it is blue for chaos. 

Small Road

Small Road symbols go two steps to the left instead of just one. Everything else is the same. You can navigate to the Big Road, find the last round, find the winning hand and go one down, two to the left. 

In addition, you can compare the field you are on with the field above it. If they are the same, the Small Road symbols will be red for predictability. However, if they are different, it will be blue for chaos. 

Cockroach Pig

The Cockroach Pig on how to read baccarat charts goes 3 rounds to the left and is marked with color-coded lines instead of circles. The process is pretty similar to the previous Derived Road. Just like them, this is also based on the Big Road chart. 

How to Read Baccarat Charts: A Guide

How to read baccarat charts is actually quite simple. But first, you need to address the table! Like in the Bead Road, the first recorded round shows in the top left corner. The second round appears in the second row and they will go all the way to the 6th and final row of the table. The 7th round will go into the first row, second column, the 8th right below it, and so on. 

Meanwhile, the Big Road also begins in the top left corner and marks winning streaks, however, marks the streak’s end by opening another row. In the following example, the first round (top left) will mark a player win, followed by a dealer win, a draw, and then two more dealer wins. 

The two main roadmaps on how to read baccarat charts will show the results of all previous rounds within the current shoe. In addition, the Bead Road will focus on the main bets, player or dealer wins, while the Big Road focuses on extra factors (pairs and winning streaks). 

1. Identify the Basic Markings

  • Blue color is player
  • Red color is dealer
  • Green color is tie

On how to read baccarat charts, different games have different ways of describing extra gameplay factors like pairs and natural wins. Like in the Big Road example image, the dealer pairs are marked with a mini red circle in the upper left corner. In addition, player pairs are marked with a mini blue circle in the lower right corner. 

If there is a tie, the Big Road chart will mark it with a green line positioned on the result of the last recorded round before the tie was down. If the first round is a tie, then the green line will be marked down first, followed by the outcome of the following round. 

2. Identify the Patterns and Trends

The most common pattern players on how to read baccarat charts is the Big Road Dragon. Here is what it looks like in the baccarat game:

A Dragon’s Tail is a pattern that is created after the 7th consecutive win on either end of the field. In the example above, you can see 7 consecutive dealer wins, with the 4th one also having a player pair. 

The players love chasing the dragon, even though we would personally recommend opting for the completely opposite approach. If you see a dragon tail appearing, you can bet against it! The chances for 8+ wins, especially if the player hand is the winner, are extremely low. 

Moreover, another way to bet on the trends is via the Cockroach Pig. If you find 4+ chops (the red line followed by blue line), you may want to bet on the chop to keep going. To do so, you need to analyze the Big Road by going down the last round and 3 to the left to find out the Cockroach Pig line for every bet. 

Final Words

In the end, baccarat is gaining more and more attention from people around the world. The popularity is almost at the level of massively popular in live casino Malaysia. If you combine the gameplay with the ability on how to read baccarat charts, then you have a good combination that is going to provide hours and hours of pure entertainment!


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