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Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia – Laws and Rules

Before some online gamblers visit Malaysia, they often ask: is online gambling legal in Malaysia. Online gaming popularity increased in Malaysia, offering to every player to access effortlessly in their home.

However, the legal status of online gambling is different for each country, with jurisdiction having its own regulations and license. In the case of Malaysia, the legality of online gambling is a topic of debate and confusion. This moment, we will delve into the answer of online gambling legality in Malaysia.

Laws of Gambling in Malaysia

If we talk about the legality of gambling in Malaysia or just asking: is online gambling legal in Malaysia, it has a complex legal landscape. Most Malaysian citizens are Moslem, and Islam is the official religion there. That means, gambling is generally considered as illegal under Islamic law.

Under the Betting Act in 1953, gambling is totally illegal to operate or involve in any form of betting, unless for some licensed forms of gambling. It includes horse racing and lotteries which are regulated by legal institutions.

Gambling legality in Malaysia is a gray area. The Betting Act 1953 does not specifically address online gambling. Means, there is no clear and explicit permit or prohibit online gambling in Malaysia. 

But, In May 2020, the government was thinking about allowing some changes in online gambling to attract customers who are Non-Moslem. They wanted to do this because they were losing a lot of money in taxes to illegal gambling websites, said Zahidi on

The authorities have implemented measures to curb online gambling activities, including blocking access to online gambling websites and imposing strict penalties on those involved in such activities.

Also for the ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Malaysia are required to block access to websites that offer online gambling services. Additionally, the authorities carry out periodic crackdowns on illegal online gambling operations and take legal action against those involved.

Consequences and Penalties of Online Gambling

If you wonder is online gambling legal in Malaysia but still involved in illegal activities with online gambling, the official authorities will freeze your bank account and seize your assets related to the illegal gambling process.

It is worth noting that these penalties target the gambling operator or facilitator, rather than individual players. We recommend you to be more aware of the illegal risk associated with online gambling in Malaysia.

Rules to Playing Online Gambling in Malaysia

Before you start playing online gambling in Malaysia, there are some important things you should know to avoid engaging in illegal gambling activities.

1. Choosing a Online Casino

When you decide to play online casinos in Malaysia, it is important to pick only trusted online casinos. Here are 5 factors to consider: License and regulation, security measures, game selection, payment options, and customer support.

2. Look for Age Restrictions

To play online gambling in Malaysia, players need to know is online gambling legal in Malaysia and meet the minimum age requirement. 

The legal gambling age in Malaysia is typically around 21 years old, although some offshore online casinos may accept players who are 18 years or older. Please note, It is important to verify the age restrictions imposed by the online casino and comply with the applicable laws.

3. Compliance with Local Laws

When playing online gambling in Malaysia, it is important to comply with the local laws and regulations. Avoid accessing unauthorized gambling websites or participating in illegal activities. Engaging in illegal online gambling activities can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

Best Online Gambling Site in Malaysia

If you already know is online gambling legal in Malaysia and start to play with a legal and trusted online gambling site, we recommend you to play on this online casino:

1. FW8

Most recommended place to play online gambling in Malaysia is on FW8. This place is officially licensed and regulated by PAGCOR and Gaming Curacao. This site also brings every member more bonuses than any other online gambling site in Malaysia.

2. PLAE8

Next we have PLAE8 as the second recommendation. One of the reasons why PLAE8 is popular is because they have a diverse online game, like Slots, Live Casino, Poker, Lottery, Fishing, Sports, E-Sports. You can also play with the online mobile app that they provided.


KINGCLUB99 is another reliable online gambling site for players who ask: is online gambling legal in Malaysia. As a new member, they will give you a 100% welcome bonus for playing Sportsbook.


For the last, WE1WIN is the best choice online casino for gambling in Malaysia. If you are a foreigner, they provide Paypal payment and are regulated by the local government. Unfortunately, they only have a few games.

Final Concussion 

If you are considering engaging in online gambling in Malaysia, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications and potential consequences. The Malaysian government has taken a strong stance against online gambling and has implemented measures to restrict access to online gambling websites. 

Moreover, to ensure a safe and legal online gambling experience in Malaysia, it is recommended that you choose reputable and licensed online casinos. Factors to consider when selecting an online casino include the presence of a valid license, security measures, game selection, payment options, and customer support. This is why it is important to know is online gambling legal in Malaysia.

Reference: Malaysia Confirms Talks On Online Gambling Liberalisation


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