Blackjack Card Values Explained (Numbered, Ace, Face Cards)

For some players, blackjack card values explained may appear as one of the simpler terms of casino games out there. In this article of blackjack guide, we will go over the different starting hands and what they mean for you.

Then, we will also review the best starting hand and go through to the worst hand. So, keep reading to have a better chance of winning in blackjack!

The Blackjack Card Values Explained

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Calculating blackjack card values explained is essential for getting the most out of the game; yet, it is a simple technique to understand, so don’t be worried about it.

To begin with, players have to consider each card and become familiar with how the different cards are scored, most are intuitive but some are not. 

1. Numbered Cards Value

Blackjack hand values for the numbered cards are simply what the number says. For instance, a number 3 card has a score of 3, while a number 9 card offers a score of 9.

Since the numbered cards in a regular deck are all within the 2 – 10 range, and there are 4 suits. This means that a deck contains 36 numbered cards. 

2. Face Cards Value

Now, you can consider the face cards. These are Jack, Queen, and King. Each of these will offer a value of 10. With 4 sets of 3 cards in this range, there are a total of 12 face cards in each deck. 

3. Ace Card Value

Lastly, the blackjack card values explained are Ace. The Ace in blackjack is unlike any other card, as it has two possible values. These values are either 1 or 11. In most cases, the player will get to choose whether an Ace in their hand counts as 1 or 11. 

Moreover, Aces are important in Soft Hand totals that will be covered shortly. There will be 4 Aces in any deck. It should be remembered that suits in blackjack don’t affect a hand’s total value. 

Player’s Hand in Blackjack

The main objective of the player’s hand in blackjack card values explained is to beat the dealer. This can happen in a few ways. If the player gets the desired score of 21, one of two things can happen: he or she will draw a 21 or receive a natural consisting of an Ace and a 10 value card. 

That is also called a “blackjack”. Another way is by the dealer that will go over 21. This is called a bust, however, this can be done by both the dealer and the player. If the player does this, they will automatically lose. 

Moreover, scoring 21 is possible through the right combination of card scores. As mentioned, this can be completed with the first two cards each player is received.

It is impossible to go over 21 with these two cards, however, players can hit the score precisely with an Ace and a card value at 10. It can be an Ace and a Face card, or an Ace and a 10. 

In either case of blackjack card values explained, the combination is the best hand in the game. If they don’t get a blackjack with the first 2 cards, the player will find themselves pitted against the dealer. 

In this case, both are playing to reach a score of 21. Here, the player can keep requesting other cards to reach their target. Well, the process of getting another card is called “hit” in blackjack.

Dealer’s Hands in Blackjack

When a round of blackjack starts, every player receives 2 cards. Based on the blackjack card values explained, the dealer will receive one face-up cand one face-down card, or even just one face-up card. It offers the player some indication of what the dealer’s total may be. 

After the players make their decisions, it is the dealer’s turn! The dealer will show their face-down card when they have one and then play by a predetermined set of rules. Based on the rules on how to deal blackjack cards, players are required to hit until they score at least 17 and then stand. 

Moreover, the player will win the game either by having a higher score than the dealer, or when the dealer busts. Any Ace of the dealer has automatically counted as scoring 11 when this brings the dealer’s score over 17. Well, we assume you can understand more about blackjack card values explained. 

Soft Hands in Blackjack

From the blackjack card values explained above, we have mentioned about “Soft Hands”. Well, this term refers to a condition when an Ace in a player’s hand can be scored as 11 points or 1. For instance, the following combinations will be considered Soft Hands are:

  • An Ace and a 4
  • An Ace, a 4, and a 3
  • An Ace and a 9

Soft Hands in blackjack can be considered advantageous to the player as they will give flexibility that the next hit will not result in a bust. However, it doesn’t mean that players should always hit.  

Hard Hands in Blackjack

The opposite of Soft Hands in blackjack card values explained, Hard Hands have no varying Ace value in them. When a Hard Hand appears if a player, either has an Ace that must work as a single point as it will otherwise cause the player to bust, or no Ace at all in the hand. The following conditions are all examples of Hard Hands are:

  • An Ace, a 5, and an 8
  • An Ace, a 3, and a Jack
  • An Ace, a 5, and a 6
  • A 7, a 10, and an Ace
  • A 10, and a 7

From those examples, the first 3 of these cards started as Soft and then became Hard Hands if the player crossed the 10-point threshold. Once past 10, any Ace will act 11 points will have caused a bust, so it must instead be calculated as 1.

Final Words

Keeping this information of blackjack card values explained in mind, you have enough understanding to start working and memorizing the common hand values. Now, you can find a reputable live casino Malaysia site online that will shock you with their benefits.


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