How to Deal Blackjack: 7 Tips to Become a Dealer Master

Whether it is at Genting Casino or online live casino Malaysia, understanding how to deal blackjack is important before you place a bet. This casino game is actually easy to play and one of the most exciting card games. 

In addition, you have a good possibility of winning money due to the game’s high Return to Player. By implementing good bankroll management and blackjack strategy, you will ensure always get the best outcome!

How to Deal Blackjack: A Complete Guide

It is one thing to play blackjack. However, being a blackjack dealer is a bit more difficult to learn. Not only do you need to know the blackjack rules better than everyone at the table, but you also need to be focused on the game the entire time. 

Becoming a master croupier and dealing blackjack games at SkyCasino will take months of experience. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the basics of dealing in blackjack.

If you don’t really have an idea of the game, the first step is to understand the basics on how to play blackjack at a casino. Here are some steps on how to deal blackjack you need to follow to become a master dealer:

1. Shuffle the Deck

The first thing you need to do on how to deal blackjack, you have to ensure a fair playing field. The deck of cards must be shuffled. If you are using more than one deck card, then make sure that you shuffle all the cards and use techniques to ensure randomness. 

When you play online blackjack, shuffling is simulated through the use of RNG or Random Number Generator. It will guarantee that the hands dealt are completely random. However, in a real game, you will have to keep your cards random by yourself. 

Once you are satisfied that you have fully shuffled all the cards, now you are ready to do on how to deal blackjack. For those of you who are using a shoe, you can place cards in a face-down position ready for you to pull them out once you start dealing. Moreover, if you want to take shuffling to the next level, you can buy a card deck shuffling machine that will do this step for you. 

2. Call Players to Place Their Bets

Before dealing begins, the first round of betting commences. All players will place their bet in the betting box. Once all bets are in, then the dealer has to announce that no more bets are allowed. The players who have not placed any bets will not be able to join in at a later round. In addition, they need to wait for the round ends before they can join in on the fun. 

3. Begin Dealing the Cards

Now let’s learn the real moment on how to deal blackjack. The dealer will start dealing with each player on the card in the face-up position. It will start from left to right. You can take out a card and place it in the face-up position in front of all players. 

You will have a bit of room to add your own “spice” to your dealing technique here. However, the most common technique is to slide it to the player and flip it over in front of them. Moreover, you will repeat this until every player has one card. 

4. Deal to Yourself and Finish Dealing to All Players

Next tip on how to deal blackjack, you will then deal yourself one card face-down in the dealer’s box. You can deal the second card to the players. Again, in the face-up position and slide it to the players so that both card values are shown up. Once every player has two face-up cards, you can deal yourself one card face-up. This card is called the dealer’s up card. 

5. Call for Blackjack Insurance and Bet Collection

Another way on how to deal blackjack, if the dealer’s up card in an Ace, you can proceed by asking whether they will take insurance. Blackjack insurance or side bet is equal to half of the first bet made by the player in the starting round. After all side bets are finished, show the face-down card to reveal whether you have a blackjack hand. 

If you have a blackjack card, then you will payout the insurance bets 2 – 1. If another player has blackjack card together with the dealer, then the player protects their money or known as a push. If you don’t have a blackjack hand, then you can collect the side bets and continue to the next step. 

6. Call for Players to Split, Double Down, Hit, or Stand

Still on how to deal blackjack, starting from left to right, every players’ hand is now on the table and they are offered the opportunity to take an action. Every one of them is likely to take an action depending on the strategy they are using. Players might either surrender, double down, stand, or even hit. 

7. Finish up the Round Game

The last step on how to deal blackjack, as this game is against the dealer, the highlight is now on you. After every player has played their good hands, the dealer will turn over the down card and will push the hand to their right. 

In addition, the dealer will deal more cards to the left of their hand until the value of the hand is higher than 17. The rules for the dealer hand are easy. If the hand is lower than 17, they will hit. If it is higher than 17, then they will stand. If the dealer’s hand busts, then everyone with a live bet on the table will win the game!

However, if the dealer doesn’t bust, then the players’ card will be compared against the dealer’s hand. If the player has a higher number than the dealer, they will win. If a lower number, then they will lose. Moreover, if it has the same value, then it is a push and bet is not lost. 

Final Words

Now, you already got an idea on how to deal blackjack and you can collect all the cards and start the process again. If you are still feeling a bit confused about the rules and stages of the betting round, we suggest you look at some blackjack tips for beginners. Don’t give up! Every master comes from the down part.  


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