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What is a Junket Casino, 3 Parties, and Requirements

Do you know what is a junket casino? Or, are you still wondering about it? 

Well, wouldn’t it be fun to head off to a resort casino and not have to pay for the accommodation or meal? If you are prepared to spend a few hours a day playing variety games and other casino games, you might qualify for a casino junket. 

Casinos hire employees like slot host and concierge, to engage people to take an opportunity on lady luck. The big resort casinos also use the services of third-party to get gamblers through their doors. 

Known as casino junket operators, these third parties will be responsible for a fair chunk of casino revenue as they tempt high rollers to casinos with promises of free travel, accommodation, and the like. If you are interested to know more about this term, continue reading the article below. 

Casino Junket Definition

What is a Junket Casino Actually?

To answer the question “what is a junket casino”, it is a leisurely trip for travelers which they don’t need to pay for. In the casino and hospitality industry, “casino junket” refers to times when high rollers and VIP members are enticed to specific gambling establishments with promises of free or big discounted travel costs, accommodation, food, and drinks. 

This part of the casino business has since become an industry of its own, leading to the establishment of casino junket operators. They are a mix of semi-banking companies, a travel agency, and VIP hospitality services. Junket operators have special relationships with the casinos, requiring them to recruit and send VIP members to the establishment. 

The Parties Involved in the Casino Junket

Parties in a Casino Junket

With the explanation about what is a junket casino, there are generally three parties involved: the resort casino, the junket operator, and the gamblers. Let’s take a look at below.

The Casino

While resorts make money by renting rooms, the casino itself makes its revenue mainly when the gamblers place bets. This is why integrated resorts mostly have local casinos as it is part of the attraction for guests to stay and gamble. 

Besides the regular guests, some casino operators also rely on the junket operators to bring in high rollers and VIP members that can increase the casino’s revenue. In fact, these members are valued so much that the casino even offers various benefits, such as free luxury accommodation and free food!

In Asia (like Genting Casino), junket casinos have a crucial role of attracting high rollers and VIP members across the region. That is why you should know what is a junket casino.

The Junket Operator

To give you a clear understanding of what is a junket casino, most junket operators are independent who act as the go-between for players and casinos. They build itineraries and schedules for gamblers who are interested in the junket casino experience, whether for individuals, couples, or even big groups. 

Based on the region, many operators are contracted with the several resorts, casinos, transportation, airlines, and tour group companies. Then, they will attract people to choose for the junket travel options offering opportunities to gamblers. 

As part of the agreement, many gamblers are obliged to gamble in rooms overseen by the junket operators that are located within the confines of a casino. 

Besides getting commissions from casinos, some junket operators like those Macau also have the option to make “vig”, through the loans they offer to gamblers who have used up their bankroll and want to keep placing bets. Others will enter into revenue sharing agreements with the casino they promote. 

The Gambler

As you know about what is a junket casino, the gamblers interested in this benefit must also meet the requirements, such as committing to getting a specific amount throughout the stay. This will offer the casino the chance to recoup their cost of offering free accommodation and food, along with the chances to make a profit. 

Moreover, that is only possible when you commit to gambling at a casino like SkyCasino. Many players are expected to gamble a set number of hours a day within a minimum bet level. For instance, the terms might be to play blackjack at a minimum or MYR 25 per ebt for 4 hours a day during your stay. 

Besides junket operators, you can also get the attention of the casino when you gamble enough. In some casinos, this will automatically qualify you for comps like food, free rooms, and entertainment if you collect Genting Casino Points through the membership card. Now, we bet you understand more about what is a junket casino. 

What are the Requirements for Casino Junket?

As you know from the explanation what is a junket casino above, the operators don’t offer fully-planned-and-paid trips without expecting something in return. Therefore, gambles are commonly needed to meet specific requirements when using junkets, such as:

1. Make a Deposit

To qualify for a casino junket trip, gamblers need to make the first deposits. This deposit size is generally based on your expectation of the trip: best service with expensive vodka and limousine transportation needs deposits of up to MYR 50,000.

For a standard gambling experience, you can deposit around MYR 15,000 and still have a fun-packed trip. 

2. Minimum Bets

From the explanation of what is a junket casino, the junket operators generally have set the minimum bets for gamblers. It means you have to place bets worth a certain amount when playing types of poker, jackpot slots. and blackjack. 

Of course, without this requirement, the operators and casinos will lose money, which is no way to stay in business. The operators usually will send out reminders when you are not betting at the agreed level. If these reminders are neglected, you might lose some or all your entire deposit.

3. Gamble for the Specific Times

The last requirement of what is a junket casino, you need to gamble a specific number of hours daily as a form of payment for your trip (commonly 4 or more hours). 

Once you have fulfilled this requirement, you can explore other attractions. Playing for the times requirement usually benefits the junkets and the casino. You might stand a chance to win more money or at least recover your losses. 

Advantages of a Casino Junket

While most people love traveling, the prospect of planning the accommodation, dining and entertainment, can put some off the whole idea. From what is a junket casino, it makes the entire process much smoother by organizing the trip for you. 

They will also use their own money to pay for the vacation, however, you need to make a first deposit. Well, here are some of advantages of the casino junkets:

  • Go on a wonderful trip without much effort
  • Go on trips at little to no cost
  • Save time

Disadvantages of a Casino Junket

If agreeing to deal with a casino junket seems too good to be true, then it probably is. In return for planning and playing for your wonderful trip, the junket operators set the perimeters for your bets during the period. 

It means that if you are told to bet MYR 500 for every baccarat hand you play, regardless of what your normal bets might be, you are expected to comply with the junket operators. 

For what is a junket casino, the junket usually doesn’t afford gamblers much freedom and you are expected to play for long hours every day and bet on a or above the minimum bet requirement. This remains similar even if you lose big amounts and use it in casino games. 

Final Thoughts

And now, you already understand what is a junket casino. Yes, it is more than just a gaming event, it is an experience! Exclusively for VIP members, this invitation-only offers luxury, networking, and the fun of casino gaming. If you are interested, start your journey by connecting with a junket operator. 


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